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Training Log Archive: Jacko

In the 7 days ending Apr 17, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike (Commute)5 3:03:54 46.88(3:55) 75.45(2:26)
  Bike1 2:28:40 48.88(3:03) 78.66(1:53)
  MTB1 2:06:50 25.88(4:54) 41.65(3:03)
  Paddle2 1:33:56 7.77(12:05) 12.51(7:31)
  Run2 1:31:42 4.97 8.0 70
  Windtrainer1 43:00
  Strength/Core2 40:00
  Orienteering1 20:11 2.24(9:00) 3.61(5:35)
  Boxing Training1 20:00
  Total7 12:48:13 136.63 219.88 70

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Saturday Apr 17, 2010 #

Paddle 50:00 [3] 7.7 km (6:30 / km)
shoes: Aussie Spirit PRS

Out to Sandy Island and back from Hillarys with a motley crew

Bike 1:14:58 [3] 30.54 km (2:27 / km)
ahr:142 max:167 shoes: Avanti Montari

Nice ride to NavDAsh with Dolf and Tooms who met up with us at Powis street and pushed a pretty good pace.

Orienteering 20:11 [3] 3.61 km (5:35 / km)
ahr:175 max:187 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Ran cautiously to 1 given my passed few efforts of completely stuffing up the first control. Got to 2 and saw the control but then read the description which said top of stairs. Didn't realise there were stairs below the control so headed up the stairs to the right looking for the control. Eventually looked back down just as Tooms hit 2 below.... Bugger. After that tried to stick with Tooms while still keeping an eye on the map. Managed this till 12 then lost him running to 13. Got mixed up in the building between 13 and 14 and a cheerful voice from Tooms helped me out to 13. After that stuck within view of Fletch till 19 after he came past but was starting to pay for the extra running effort. Looked at HR after 25 and was at 98% of Max.

Was clean then till 27 which I ran a little past then had a melt down trying to find a square plantar box for 28......

Main positive today was managing to keep up with Tooms for a short while.

Bike 1:13:42 [3] 29.9 mi (2:28 / mi)
ahr:136 max:158 shoes: Avanti Montari

Ride back with Dolf.

Tooms conveniently took a car home, shame the poor old man gets so tired so early these days.

I think he had rug over his knees for the drive home too..;-)

Friday Apr 16, 2010 #

Bike (Commute) 24:31 [3] 10.0 km (2:27 / km)
shoes: Avanti Montari

Windtrainer 43:00 [4]
ahr:135 max:172 shoes: Trek Road Bike

10 mins wu
5x (3mins on 2 mins off)
10 min cd

Thursday Apr 15, 2010 #

Bike (Commute) 24:52 [3] 10.6 km (2:21 / km)
shoes: Avanti Montari

Tried hard this morning but just couldn't seem to get going.

Strength/Core 20:00 [1]

2 x core curcuit

Boxing Training 20:00 [3]

Bike (Commute) 27:00 [3] 10.6 km (2:33 / km)
shoes: Avanti Montari

This may well be my slowest commute ever

Run 50:00 [3] 8.0 km (6:15 / km) +70m 5:59 / km
ahr:150 max:169 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Night trail run with Dolf.

Wednesday Apr 14, 2010 #

Bike (Commute) 25:00 [3] 10.0 km (2:30 / km)
shoes: Avanti Montari

Tuesday Apr 13, 2010 #

Paddle (Intervals) 43:56 [4] 4.81 km (9:08 / km)
ahr:114 max:168 shoes: Aussie Spirit PRS

Intervals at Hillarys with Liz.

Started off with a shortish session given this was the first serious paddle session in some time. 6 intervals chasing Liz in an L shaped, 210m, course with Liz having about a 30m advantage. Nearly caught her on the 1st but never really threatened again after that.


Good to do a more structured paddle session and plan is to keep these up every Tuesday morning.

Bike (Commute) 25:00 [3] 10.0 km (2:30 / km)
shoes: Avanti Montari

Left work at 6.45pm, in my mind it is still t-shirt weather but it was cold and wet riding home so I will reconsider from now on.

Monday Apr 12, 2010 #

Bike (Commute) 23:37 [3] 10.6 km (2:14 / km)
ahr:146 max:167 shoes: Avanti Montari

Run (treadmill intervals) 41:42 [4]
ahr:140 max:177 shoes: Adistar Cushions

10 mins wu
3x 3mins at treadmills max speed 14.5 (I think that is K/hr??)
with 30 secs at 12.5 between
Then followed on of the interval programs on the treamill for 10 mins
10mins cooldown

Strength/Core 20:00 [2]

2 x core

Bike (Commute) 33:54 [3] 13.65 km (2:29 / km)
ahr:135 max:165 shoes: Avanti Montari

2 things happened to me for the first time ever today.

Firstly after 12 year of marriage I forgot our wedding anniversary for the first time.

Secondly I rode my bike home in the rain holding a bunch of red roses for the first time.

Lets see how the rest of the evening goes..;-)

Sunday Apr 11, 2010 #

MTB 2:06:50 [3] 41.65 km (3:03 / km)
ahr:127 max:160 shoes: Avanti Montari

Nice ride from my place with Liz and Jolt up to the Neerabup trail where we met Dolf. Let the tyres down a bit and rode the trail about halfway to Hester Ave, then turned left and rode a sandy trail to meet up with the Light Horse Trail near Wanneroo Road. Rode a few laps of this trail which was fun, a little overgrown which resulted in a stack for me when my bar end got caught up in a tree. Rode 1 more lap to find the boys then took a fire trail back parallel to Wanneroo road then followed the lakes home.

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