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Training Log Archive: Wally80

In the 7 days ending Feb 21, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trek2 5:05:05 22.23(13:44) 35.77(8:32) 1115
  Flat Paddle3 4:52:23 25.72(11:22) 41.4(7:04)
  MTB Ride2 3:58:32 45.85(11.5/h) 73.79(18.6/h) 1597
  Run2 2:13:16 12.4(10:45) 19.96(6:41) 289
  Core Strength3 2:00:00
  Stretching3 45:00
  Total7 18:54:16 106.2 170.92 3001

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Saturday Feb 21, 2009 #

Flat Paddle warm up/down (and around) 1:00:10 [2] 5.53 km (10:53 / km)
ahr:92 max:112 shoes: Epic V10

paddle up to the start, then around, then cool down around the island. Cool down involved a very skillful mid-water transfer onto Andre's XT whilst he hopped in the V10, and the doubters said it would end in tears.....

Flat Paddle race (4:43 Challenge) 21:08 [5] 4.04 km (5:14 / km)
ahr:160 max:171 shoes: Epic V10

Dangers 4:43 challenge with tRicky and Andre as fellow challengers. Record was always in doubt and the no show of Tapering Tooms made it that bit more unlikely. Late minute change to a handicap start made it more challenging, Andre got a bit dudded by the times but otherwise they were close. I think it made me go faster.

I got to watch all the other guys leave and then chase them down, Andre was pretty much in sight from the start with Danger another minute ahead. I think I got Andre at about the 1.5km mark, sat in his wash for a drink and rest then went for a bit of mental disintegration with a speedy overtake. I may have heard the mellow man curse!
Kept chasing down Danger whilst tRicky was ahead, on a wide bit tRicky hugged the correct line whilst Danger took the short way on the other side, I of course followed Danger and got past tRicky while he was on the other side of the river. Towards the end I was catching up to Danger when I recognised Sandy beach and the last bend. Danger started to fox at this point and was resting up for a sprint to the finish, Just managed to break him on the pass and kept the pace up to the finish. Found a new max paddling heart rate in the process.

Race was followed by some excellent sausages courtesy of the Dangerman. Very tasty.

Times from my watch
Name Handicap Time Race Time Pace
tRicky Scratch 28:16 28:16 7:00
Danger 3 min 26:35 23:35 5:50
Andre 4 min 27:58 23:58 5:56
Jason 5 min 26:09 21:08 5:14

4:43? not even close.

Flat Paddle long (long) 1:08:25 [3] 10.52 km (6:30 / km)
ahr:127 max:141 shoes: Epic V10

After lunch paddle to make up the time. from ascot down through the canals and back again. fairly uneventful, not one boat came past to catch a lift off.

Trek long (Long) 2:50:45 [2] 18.78 km (9:06 / km) +597m 7:51 / km
ahr:107 max:160 shoes: Brooks Trance

A bit shorter than intended due to poor time management, a bit longer than planned due to geographical embarrasment.

Went for a walk out through to Beeloo loop, saw a path of to the churchmans brook climing wall that I will check out when I get time.

Walked up to the start of the loop, tried to do the kangaroo trail but realised after a while that I had missed a turn and was heading in the wrong direction, was still seeing lots of kangaroos though. Backtracked till I found a path that was heading in the right direction and followed it up to the right trail.

Knee was a bit sensitive today, only ran in 5-6 min sections and not that many of those. Shoes also felt a bit tight in the heat and with the amount of downhill walking my toes were cramped. but larger shoes are looser on the heel which started all these problems.

Friday Feb 20, 2009 #

Stretching 15:00 [1]
shoes: bare feet

to make up for laziness yesterday. I am much stiffer in the morning.

MTB Ride 2:17:39 [3] 40.87 km (17.8 kph) +897m
ahr:132 max:166 shoes: Anthem MTB

Not much point doing intervals without a big chain ring so I just went for a nice ride instead, Brookton Hwy, Churchmans Brook, Beeloo loop, Waterwheer estate, South down Albany Hwy then reverse loop through Wungong.

Got up to 66km/hr within 5 mins of leaving home. still haven't ridden back up that side of the hill yet. Not rushing to either.

A couple of good climbs up Churchman Rd and Albany Hwy plus the obligatory grind up the hill at the end. I was reduced to just getting to the next power pole on the way up today. Hope there are power poles to pace off in Keen.

Core Strength 45:00 [1]
shoes: bare feet

2 x 15 reps and 3 x 30s holds of workout 1

bit tired in the abs.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009 #

Flat Paddle intervals (Intervals) 1:35:40 [4] 14.41 km (6:38 / km)
ahr:126 max:155 shoes: Epic V10

6 x 6' intervals at 85% down at champions lakes. First rep was without resistance band because I left it in the car, reps 2-4 with band and reps 5 & 6 with band with two twists in it. Good to be back in the V10, I think it is faster than the sport even with the band on.

Followed Boltboi's directions through the half closed gates to the parking area, as soon as I arrived a lady on dept of sport and rec uniform came up and was asking all sorts of questions about where I was from. I thought Boltboi had given me the bum steer and I was in trouble until she gave me some kayak club membership forms. I must have looked like an upstanding individual that they wanted in their club. or they are deperate.

Pretty impressed with the facilites down there, needs an ice cream store.

Run (/walk) 1:31:09 [3] 13.51 km (6:45 / km) +289m 6:06 / km
shoes: Brooks Trance

Followed Rach's directions for a tour of Armadales glorious underpasses the trundled out along Armadale Rd. Knee felt pretty good and all my run reps ended beause I thought they should, not due to niggles. Was pretty tired in the legs on the last rep as well which hasn't happened in a while.

walk 14:40
Run 6:44 @4:59
walk 2:40
Run 10:00 @ 4:56
walk 3:20
Run 10:00 @ 5:09
walk 3:00
Run 10:00 @ 5:13
walk 3:00
Run 10:30 @ 5:20 - Run paused to go to shops and sweat on chemist.
walk 17:13. no way am I running up the hill to the in-laws.

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009 #

MTB Ride hills (hills) 1:40:53 [4] 32.92 km (19.6 kph) +700m
ahr:136 max:171 shoes: Anthem MTB

MTB ride from the inlaws down SW Hwy to the Wungong trail, up that then follwer the road over the dam to Albany Hwy, N on that to the Waterwheel the looped up into churchman brook dam and home.

Wungong trail is an interesting rocky climb up to the base of the dam, one steep rocky bit that I walked. bludger. some other good bitumen climbs on the route as well.

Big chain ring is buckled so my top speed was a bit restricted. hoping the new one comes in before the Karri ride. Still managed to overtake a truck going down Albany hwy, an interesting trick when your on the footpath.

Core Strength 45:00 [1]
shoes: bare feet

back up to 2 x 15 reps and 3 x 30s holds.

started with beer because.... um.... I am kinda on a holiday?

finished with connoisuer icecream. peer pressure wins out.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009 #

Stretching 15:00 [1]
(rest day) shoes: bare feet

Unscheduled rest day

Monday Feb 16, 2009 #

Flat Paddle (surf club) 47:00 [4] 6.9 km (6:49 / km)
ahr:130 shoes: V10 Sport

After a few weeks of nice weather it was back to blowing again so the clubbies decided to go across to the inlet for training. I was expecting a brutal session in the ocean, instead it was a brutal session on the flat.

1:30 intervals again and again........ lost count. the the last set was 30 on, 20 of up the inlet. The 20 off was just not long enough so each effort got harder and harder. Still. at least it was a short session. Getting depressed as it is much harder to keep up on the V10 Sport. Hanging out to get my boat back.

Run (/walk) 42:07 [3] 6.45 km (6:32 / km)
ahr:127 shoes: Brooks Trance

Wasn't expexting much from the run after teh weekend and it delivered right on expectation. Legs were heavy and knee was niggly, but like clockwork is seems to get better at the 20 min mark. perhaps there is something to this warming up lark.

5:30 walk,
2 run - niggles
3 walk
2:30 run - niggles
4 walk
17:30 run - much better but niggled at the end
7 walk home

Made a concious effort to walk faster after probably going a bit easier on previous run/walk sessions. running was a bit slower but I put that down to tired legs.

Core Strength 30:00 [1]
shoes: bare feet

Very tired and it was late so only 2 x 12 reps and 2 x 30s holds of workout 1.

Had to have a beer for scientific reasons. Gas regulator has been playing up recently so I was adjusting it which requires pouring beer...... and drinking beer. May be time for a new one since flat beer is no fun.

Sunday Feb 15, 2009 #

Trek long (long) 2:14:20 [2] 16.99 km (7:54 / km) +518m 6:52 / km
ahr:116 max:167 shoes: Brooks Trance

Went for a walk from the in laws up to the churman's brook reserve, round the emu tag trail and back again. Felt like I was holding a good walking pace concentrating on staying above 6km/hr, knee was slow warming up but then I got a couple of long jogs of about 20 min and 12 min sitting at 5:30ish minks.

Slept in a little so it was fairly hot. need to work on arvo naps to make the most of the cool mornings.

Stretching 15:00 [1]
shoes: bare feet

just remembered to stretch.

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