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Training Log Archive: bryh

In the 7 days ending May 16, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 1:50:30 5.65 9.1
  Orienteering1 1:43:29 5.65 9.1
  PE2 1:20:00
  Total5 4:53:59 11.31 18.2

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Saturday May 16, 2009 #

Orienteering (SEJS attack points) 17:00 [3] 1.4 km (12:09 / km)

Was my first course of the day and it went good I picked out my attack points well apart from number 3, but talked it through with Julia and it was good and sorted. The area was a bit horrible but i attacked it!

Orienteering (SEJS route choice) 40:00 [3] 3.6 km (11:07 / km)

This was to make me think about attack points too and working on planning backwards on my leg which i didn't do before. You're mean to CAR but I CRA! So i pick my route before my attack point but I should be picking my attack point first then planning the route.
This course was good apart from I went down the wrong path at no. 1, but corrected myself alright. Then on 2 & 4 me and Julia tried different routes and the ones I though were best were fastest both times so that was good and a confidence booster.

Orienteering (SEJS visualisation) 18:00 [3] 1.7 km (10:35 / km)

Cut the visualisation short because Julia had to leave early, which was a bit annoying cos when we got back she didn't leave for a while and I could have done all of it. But used my skills from the other 2 exercises and it went good.
Talked about my weaknesses and strengths with Julia & Keith too, and i think i get distracted by other people and thinking about racing. My hesitation, confidence and control flow has improved throughout the year so thats good.

Orienteering (SEJS sprint race) 23:29 [4] 2.4 km (9:47 / km)

This was different to what we normally do in the afternoon but it was good practise for sprint racing on a 1:5000 map, even if it was in the wood not a university type place. Messed up no. 4 which lost me like 2 mins and for a bit of it felt quite ill cos it was too soon after eating, but it was good.

Orienteering warm up/down (warm up) 5:00 [2]

Did a small jog around for the warm up, but used the beginning of the attack points course for a warm up too.

Friday May 15, 2009 #

PE (Intervally type thing) 40:00 [3]

Was a quite good PE lesson really cos I did some intervally type training but it was to learn pacing. We jogged out for 10 secs then put a cone down. We then had 20 secs to get there and back and then 20 secs rest. We did that quite a few times... don't know how many!
Then did a 100m at a slowish pace and we had to times the time we got for that by 8 and try and see if we could get that time for 800m. We then ran 800m, i got like 3mins which is a bit rubbish but oh well.

Thursday May 14, 2009 #

Running (warm up) 35:00 [3] 3.2 km (10:56 / km)

Did a 900m jog around the tring field, then stretching and then lots of drills, did realise that drills do take alot longer at this training than by yourself.
Also did a 400m warm down jog at the end but didn't take long enough to put in its own entry.

Running (Intervals) 13:00 [4] 1.6 km (8:07 / km)

Did 4x400m on the track with 90 secs rest between each one. Had 20secs for each 100m, i think i was a bit slower than that but im not really sure cos Stephen never said to push it a bit more. Was pretty tough but I think I could have done more than just 4. had 5 mins rest after this.

Running (Short sprints) 20:00 [4]

After the 4x400m we did 30m sprint then 60m sprint and we did these pairs like 4 or 5 times, with only the time it took to walk back from the finish to the start as rest. Then we did short 30m relays and we each ran twice per relay. We did the relays twice.

Tuesday May 12, 2009 #

PE (Skip/box circuits) 40:00 [4]

Had two tough PE lessons this week (the other on fri). This was this proper like army guy who did us a skip/box/weight sort of circuits session. Each time was 2mins on with 30 secs off. We did things like bunny hops, and press ups and situps with medicine balls. It was good but yer v tough!

Monday May 11, 2009 #

Running warm up/down 30:00 [2] 4.3 km (6:59 / km)

Did a jog around the block which was about 10 mins.
Then drills for 5mins. It was tough on the grass but felt better after the drills. And then did like 5 min jog to the start of the hills session.
Then a 3 min warm down jog waiting for Bex to finish and then 7mins of warm down jogging with Bex.

Running (hills session) 12:30 [3]

Did a hills session with Bex, well she did 4 and I did 3, but she's faster than me too. I took about 2 mins, just over on the hill bit and there was a 3 min rest between them. The 3 mins included jogging back down the bottom of the hill. Was v tough but I felt good after I did it even if I was v tired.

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