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Training Log Archive: bryh

In the 7 days ending Jun 20, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  PE4 4:25:00
  Orienteering2 3:49:00 12.74(17:59) 20.5(11:10) 175
  Running2 1:10:50 6.0(11:49) 9.65(7:20)
  Circuits1 1:00:00
  Total7 10:24:50 18.73 30.15 175

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Saturday Jun 20, 2009 #

Orienteering (Control Pick) 20:00 [3] 2.0 km (10:00 / km)

Was coaching today so I coached Shona. Basically meant following her round but I was asking her questions and helping when she got stuck.

Orienteering (Controllets) 30:00 [3] 1.9 km (15:47 / km)

This is like a course of mid length legs and had to try and pick out attack points that are like controls in the middle of the length.
Had to try and distract Shona by talking about stuff.

Orienteering (Route choice) 20:00 [3] 1.7 km (11:46 / km)

Did half the routes so we would be in time for lunch, but it was good and long legs.

Orienteering (First Leg Relay) 23:00 [4] 2.5 km (9:12 / km)

In the afternoon did a relay mass start thing. So we all went at the same time and the courses were gaffled. Went down completely the wrong path to no.1 so wasn't with the pack! but everyone pretty much split up anyway, managed to make up the time that i lost at no. 1 eventually but the running at Holmbury is quite tough atm-its really brackeny.

Friday Jun 19, 2009 #

PE (Tennis) 1:00:00 [3]

Did tennis club after school with Lottie and at the beginning I was so rubbish but nearer the end I think I was better..

Thursday Jun 18, 2009 #

Running warm up/down 28:00 [2] 2.45 km (11:26 / km)

Started with a jog around the field for a warm up then did some stretching and drills. Felt really achey.
For a warm just jogged slow around the track.

Running intervals 16:50 [4] 1.2 km (14:02 / km)

Did 200m then 1 min rest then 200m then 5 min rest - did that 3 times. Worked out the time on what i can remember I did plus the rests. It was tough because of the fun run so i was really tired and did slower on the 200s than i should have done.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2009 #

PE (tennis) 45:00 [2]

I'm not that good at tennis but we're doing loads of it in PE at the moment. Spent a lot of time running around to collect the ball but when we were playing doubles I let Laura do most of the work!

Running (Fun Run) 26:00 [4] 6.0 km (4:20 / km)

I started off too fast in the field so ended up tired a bit early. Also the bit on the canal and up marshcroft lane i think i lost a lot of time. But i was 5th lady and won the first U17 girls trophy-Laura beat me but she got the first lady one so i got first U17 :)
Not 100% sure on time but Mr Taylor was a little behind me and he took 27mins so im guessing I was around 26, maybe a bit over.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009 #

PE (Sports day) 10:00 [3]

Sport day today-nice day off lessons in the sun :) did 1500m-and I won! yay, but i was like over a min in front of everyone else..
and then did triple jump where i came 3rd but i hadnt done it before and the girl who won has like mile long legs!

PE (Rounders) 1:30:00 [3]

Had rounders matches after school. But the other schools didn't come for ages so we played matches with each other for a bit and practised batting etc.
Then played 3 matches and we won 2 of them :)

Circuits (Weights) 1:00:00 [4]

Found circuits really tough cos ive been doing alot and i wanted to push myself so was lifting heavier weights than normal. No pairs work at the end again just normal warm down stretches and just stretches for a warm up too.

Monday Jun 15, 2009 #

PE (Rounders) 1:00:00 [2]

Just did loadsa fielding practise-which meant i had to keep going deep, even though my throwings pathetic.

Sunday Jun 14, 2009 #

Orienteering (Coombe Hill) 1:46:00 [4] 9.4 km (11:17 / km) +175m 10:19 / km

Did the BROWN at Coombe Hill as I was going to run home after but decided not to so did a v. long course instead. It was tough and I felt like I was going well until I messed up 14 and i couldn't get back into it again until like 21-but still not as good as before. I think I got too tired and didn't concentrate as well and i slowed down.
There was a bit at like 17 to 20 which was zigzagging up and down the steep bit that was horrible as i was so tired.

Orienteering warm up/down 30:00 [1] 3.0 km (10:00 / km)

Had a 2km walk uphill to the start which was tiring in itself as most of it was through the open bit on Coombe Hill and the a 1km walk back to the car as a warm down.
Didn't bother doing a proper warm up apart from the walk because it was such a long course.

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