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Training Log Archive: ndobbs

In the 29 days ending Feb 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering11 9:39:52 29.93 48.1697c
  trail run8 5:32:01 16.34 26.29
  climbing4 3:40
  strength1 15
  aerobic (bike/other)1 5
  Total21 15:15:53 46.26 74.4597c
  [1-5]20 13:29:32

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Wednesday Feb 29, 2012 #

strength 15 [3]

knee still not 100%, did a little core strength


Signed up for the US SML Champs. Will get flights after the US Champs, still unsure whether to go... a long way to go...

Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 #


knee still a bit bruised

Sunday Feb 26, 2012 #


Driving along PA-45 we checked out a dose of different radio stations, all playing country.

Saturday Feb 25, 2012 #

trail run 30:00 [3]

Shavers Creek Environmental Center, PA

It snowed overnight, so we waited to call the Center to make sure it was open and the roads ok before heading over to the other side of the ridge south of PSU.

Brian S had left maps for us at the desk, so we got those. Yay. Except. Local orienteering is more compass and pacing exercises. At least, the post locations were given by bearing and distance from the previous point. There was a master map, so I guess we could have worked out which control on the map we were headed to. But the map didn't really seem like it would be helpful.

After doing my first compass and pacing exercise in many, many years, we wandered up and had a look at the birdies. The barred owls were spectacular, as were the horned ones with 359ºrotating heads.

Went for a jog, grimacing most of the time with the sore knee, plus I kicked my ankle where there isn't much by way of skin, so that hurt too. Then came back and saw dead chicks jump down the throat of a bald eagle perched on someone's arm. Cool.

Long drive back to NY, but we had a nice lunch in Milheim and did some Amish-spotting.


Apparently PSU students are brilliant. A few years ago March 17th was during Spring Break, so they decided to celebrate a little early, and State Patty's Day was inaugurated. And since it was fun, they retained it, even when March 17th is not during the Break. So they now have two days when everyone in town gets to dress in green and drink inordinate quantities of cheap alcohol and consider it fun. Ingenious!

I don't usually expect to see green socks and miniskirts in a snowstorm before breakfast.


Forgot to say, but on Thursday the weather was really quite pleasant, we had lunch sitting on a bench outside on campus. It didn't last long.

Friday Feb 24, 2012 #

trail run 30:00 [3]

Drove up the ridge south of town on route 26, into the cloud. Stopped at a trail and went for a jog. Stony terrain. I fell rather inelegantly and turned around. Made it back fine, but knee is displaying the usual bashed knee symptoms, and have a couple of patches of skin missing.

Maths and dinner were good. Beer was also good. Back in the hotel now, waiting for the State Patty's Day riots to begin.

Thursday Feb 23, 2012 #


Didn't sleep particularly well last night, then up early to drive to PSU. Radiolab was excellent, the hookworm stories the best. Anyone with allergies/asthma looked into that?

In the maths dept, I started the process to log on to wifi. About halfway through the 16 pages of instructions (I kid you not), I renounced.

After dinner and a couple of beers, we switched bars, or tried to. I only had my fancy french licence with me, so got refused entry to one place.

2.75$ a beer where we ended up!

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 #


Sent off my membership renewal, along with dues from 4 new individual members and three families. Easy.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 #


Wow. 6.30 yesterday, sat down in the armchair and rested, eyes half-closed, for an hour. Then figured I may as well go to bed. Got up maybe three times during the night, finally got out of bed at 9.30 am. 14 hours?! Still feel a bit woozy today.

climbing 2:00 [3]

Climbing with Mark, Peter, Steve. I've been worse. A little annoying to only make it to one step below the top of the 5.8 I started with. Fun.
9 PM


Damn, wasn't paying attention! It's Pancake Tuesday and I haven't had a pancake party.

Monday Feb 20, 2012 #


QR is up for yesterday's wonderful inverted corridor. Thanks, Jagge!
And the version with a semi-transparent corridor, so you can see what wasn't on the map -
2 PM

orienteering 41:00 [2] *** 5.66 km (7:14 / km)

Collected some of the streamers from yesterday. Then did a loop on the trails. Body is tired.

Sunday Feb 19, 2012 #

8 AM

orienteering 48:08 [2] 3.78 km (12:44 / km)

Putting out streamers.

orienteering 5:38 [4] 1.0 km (5:39 / km)

First loop, Marek had put out streamers.
10 AM


Lots (well, relatively) of people out training today. Two from HVO's NJ section, two from climbing, three from work, then three plus three kids kind of through work via chenritzo.

Here is what was on offer. Four loops, progressive difficulty. Marek did the lot, and Peter and Angela did loops 2,3,4, which is great! Steve and Gabi separately got lost from 14 to 15, first time out. The families did the first two loops in a group.

I think this is a good way to do stuff for beginners.
11 AM

orienteering 53:00 [2] 4.13 km (12:51 / km)

Jagge's elite training two.

Inverted corridor. More later.

Route (counterclockwise)
This was great, it made me concentrate! I felt like I was drunk doing the quickroute, trying to follow a line and not sway from side to side too much. It seems like a very good exercise. Blue Mtn has good enough visibility and enough distinct objects for it to be not too, too hard. I was really not going fast, and it really should be possible to do this fast. But I'm not sure I can do anything fast at the moment.

QR is a bit off in places, as always here. After running along the trail a bit in the SE, I left the trail where the big cliff/hill thing is on the left. I don't think I ran onto the map until past the little spur/hill with the boulder on top. Then I was bad. Then I ran to the boulder, stopped and double-backed (didn't go past the boulder). Slow and hesitant going down the slope. Compass would have reassured here. In the northeast, the route should be a millimetre or two east of the cliff.

Saturday Feb 18, 2012 #

trail run 1:26:00 [3]

Ran up Anto's Nose from the near (to Peekskill) carpark. It's a combo of these two runs from November, except I didn't lose the trail right from the start this time.

Almost warm out. Met two people from IBM up there.

I'm really liking my Adizero XT shoes. They fit. They grip rock. They fit. They're not clunky. And yeah, they fit.


BOC have reduced the entry fees for the IOC.

I haven't seen any response to my question about the map - this is the sample provided:

The contours are 2.5m, Lidar generated. And I guess the form-lines are not form-lines, since the website says they are 1.25m.

I think the lack of mapping is a hell of a lot more serious than the pricing.

Friday Feb 17, 2012 #


Signed up for the NC races in March, mostly because I need to race in order to train. Maybe I'll even go.

Thursday Feb 16, 2012 #


At Westmoreland this morning, a branch got in my shoes and was poking at my foot, so I stopped to get it out from under me. I presumed it came in the side, but the holes in the side were further forward, strange. Loosened the laces and stuck my finger in, the wood didn't dislodge. Looked at the sole, Oh, something had gone through. Took off my shoe, my foot was intact, there was a hole in my sock, and the bit of branch was sticking through the insole (and still stuck in the sole too). A close shave... time to retire the Orocs.


Went to see the oscar-nominated animated shorts, which were mediocre, and the shorts, which were very good - and two were Irish and one was Norwegian.


Training Blue Mtn Sunday if anyone is interested.
8 AM

orienteering 1:00:00 [2]

Yellow, then the "sprint" backwards at Westmoreland. Not going very fast, except towards the end I decided to fartlek the uphills. Need to learn to run again.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 #

climbing 1:00 [3]

Made it up the blue 5.8 I got stuck on a few times before. Arms wrecked after. Then struggled most of the way up a 5.8/9 which wasn't as hard as I made it up. Then a 5.7 and an easy 5.8+. Started with a bit of traverse.

aerobic (bike/other) 5 [3]

Got up this morning, put on running tights, went back to bed for an hour, skipped running.
At climbing, I tried the treadmill but it was a bit ghetto - on heavier steps the treadmill would stick, not good, so I did 5 minutes warmup on the step machine thing.

Sunday Feb 12, 2012 #


acj is right, this is cool!
9 AM

trail run 10:01 intensity: (9 @1) + (4:29 @2) + (5:21 @3) + (2 @4) 1.12 km (8:57 / km)
ahr:150 max:170

orienteering 49:42 intensity: (11 @1) + (8:23 @2) + (32:13 @3) + (8:54 @4) + (1 @5) 5.9 km (8:26 / km)
ahr:159 max:194 13c

Rockhouse, Harriman.
Balter-training from Christmas I didn't get to do. Good course.

Started faster. By 9 I was starting to get stupid and slow. Ran past 13 20m before realising, otherwise was mostly clean, if hesitant. Oh, I also took an unintended route to 6, meant to go left of the hill.

It was cold out there (-7, and then wind), but after a couple of controls the buff migrated from head to wrist.

orienteering 34:44 intensity: (24:33 @2) + (10:11 @3) 4.47 km (7:46 / km)
ahr:121 max:165

Went from the start/finish towards 7, where I came upon chenritzo. Shadowed her around the second half of the course. Cold but good. Brrrrrrrr.

Saturday Feb 11, 2012 #

orienteering 1 [3] ***

Westmoreland Sanctuary, put out five controls on a Jeremy-sprint, took 30 minutes. Found a Möbius form-line on the map, I think it's the first time I've seen one of those.

Then back to the carpark, sent a couple of beginners out on the Yellow that chenritzo hung. Went to put out a few more streamers, but then decided a beginner was possibly struggling due to lack of any instruction beforehand, so did three yellow controls with her. Then put out one yellow streamer and the remaining two sprint tags.

Then 6 minutes of orienteering at Purchase, Brown course until near the finish, where the plaza renovations have decamped. Did a quick bit of mapping ;)
9 AM

orienteering 29:03 intensity: (1:44 @1) + (11:08 @2) + (12:16 @3) + (3:55 @4) 2.83 km (10:17 / km)
ahr:152 max:181

orienteering 22:42 intensity: (12:54 @2) + (8:15 @3) + (1:33 @4) 3.0 km (7:34 / km)
ahr:126 max:172

1 PM

orienteering 6:44 intensity: (21 @2) + (5:47 @3) + (36 @4) 1.26 km (5:19 / km)
ahr:165 max:172

Friday Feb 10, 2012 #

7 AM

orienteering 40:00 [3] ***

Put out some controls, sent three intrepid kids out on course A, put out course B, collected loop A, cheered the podium contenders...

Good times. You really don't need much to keep even talented newbies occupied for 45 minutes.

The map was ok for what we did, bit it does need revising.

Thursday Feb 9, 2012 #

climbing 10 [3]

Bit of traversing, then half a nine, and two 7s. Weak again. Need better sleep.

Rt knee was sore afterwards, don't know if it was beforehand, tender at the top. Nothing serious, just a sign I shouldn't spend all day in the office.

Wednesday Feb 8, 2012 #



AOWN - Parked at FDR this evening, then noticed something 6 or 7 metres from the car. Dinner! Not mine, a youthful bald eagle was snacking on some dead being. Watched it for a bit. It was dusk so my phone failed miserably at taking photographic evidence. Got out of the car to get a closer look, but apparently I'm scarier than a golf. He was on the ground. His friend up in the tree I hadn't spotted, but flew off too, seemed browner.

This link may brighten up your day.

trail run 23:00 [3]

Quick jog around FDR, too dark to be seriously useful. Should have left work earlier.

Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 #



Yesterday I tried installing the latest Quickroute, and the Installation failed. I was able to reinstall the previous version. Any ideas? OS 10.6.8, Parallels (which version I dunno, not the latest latest).

My SI card (870087) is missing since before Christmas. I'm not sure how I would have lost it, but it seems to have disappeared.

Monday Feb 6, 2012 #


Day off today and tomorrow, hopefully the niggles will go.

Quickroute from Sunday
I love BM, but it isn't designed for gps... there's always a bit of distortion.

And while we're at it, QR from Saturday's control pick (looks v different with the black and blue on the map) and Saturday's contour+veg only exercise.

In the contour only, messed up 1 badly, then went to the incorrect spur before going to the right spur at 6, swing to 12, bad to 13, really feeling tired there, brain was gone...

In the control pick, 2 map seemed a bit dodge, didn't see the tape at 12, not sure exactly what the feature was... not sure exactly what I was (not) thinking going to 14, was a level higher than I thought I was to start with...

fun stuff.

Sunday Feb 5, 2012 #


Compass-free today and yesterday. Only missed it a couple of times.
4 PM

trail run 16:08 intensity: (1 @0) + (8 @1) + (2:55 @2) + (11:48 @3) + (30 @4) + (46 @5) 2.58 km (6:15 / km)
ahr:160 max:204

orienteering 21:10 intensity: (1:29 @2) + (7:29 @3) + (12:12 @4) 2.06 km (10:18 / km)
ahr:168 max:180

Corridor O on S half of Blue Mtn that I didn't do last week.

orienteering 17:50 intensity: (3:39 @2) + (12:24 @3) + (1:47 @4) 1.82 km (9:50 / km)
ahr:158 max:174 4c

And the associated 4 control course coming back north.

trail run 18:35 intensity: (5:44 @2) + (11:53 @3) + (58 @4) 2.89 km (6:25 / km)
ahr:154 max:172

wee twinge in the left calf on the way back, didn't seem to be induced by anything particular

Saturday Feb 4, 2012 #

10 AM

trail run 5:03 intensity: (20 @1) + (2:10 @2) + (2:21 @3) + (12 @4) 0.5 km (10:05 / km)
ahr:148 max:171

orienteering 1:17:59 intensity: (9:20 @1) + (29:46 @2) + (37:13 @3) + (1:40 @4) 6.01 km (12:58 / km)
ahr:146 max:172 14c

Becks-concocted Paugussett training.

No paths, no blue, no small cliffs unless they had tags, no walls, mostly just contours and veg.

Messed up the first control, probably wasted four or five minutes. In general I wasn't moving or thinking fast. Slept poorly due to the cursing match upstairs last night. The rest I did ok. Took two goes to put 6 in the 'right' spot, and 10 was hard work, map was a bit dodge over there.

Pretty and good.

trail run 6:54 intensity: (6:45 @2) + (9 @3) 1.04 km (6:37 / km)
ahr:137 max:152

orienteering 29:44 intensity: (1:34 @1) + (14:17 @2) + (13:42 @3) + (11 @4) 2.57 km (11:33 / km)
ahr:147 max:170


Slow, but no real issues. It's funny how there are big cliffs inside the corridor that you don't see because they are out of line of sight.

orienteering 42:27 intensity: (1:13 @1) + (20:52 @2) + (19:42 @3) + (40 @4) 3.68 km (11:32 / km)
ahr:148 max:171 15c

Contour and big cliff only control pick.

Slow, but no real issues except control 14, where I got confused, thought I was one layer lower down, plus took a while to find the tapes at times. One was missing. Oh, and control 4? (1 on the long), I put a bit of tape in the right spot too, since there was some lying around.

Good stuff. Still wrecked, if not a whole lot worse than when I started.

Friday Feb 3, 2012 #


As I lay in bed this morning, a couple of newbies (still?) were out training on Blue Mtn., doing part of last Sunday's fun. Nice.

Thursday Feb 2, 2012 #


Apparently it's a little over 18km to work, maybe 80% trails. If I were Ross I would run home too. Lovely out.
10 AM

trail run 1:46:20 [0] 18.15 km (5:51 / km)

This was lovely. Legs woke up a bit after 40 minutes. Cruising.

Not much on roads, and only the 129 road section was busy. Glad I discovered this route. I stopped at Croton Dam for a lärabar and a drink. There is enough water spilling over to be interesting, but not so much as to hide the cool rock stuff in the channel. Pretty. Walked across the dam, so maybe 18.5km total.
7 PM

climbing 30 [3]

Weak. one 5.9 and two fails. Then I decided lying on the floor and conserving energy would be a better way to spend half an hour. Pub was good afterwards :)

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