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Training Log Archive: Alex M

In the 7 days ending Apr 21, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 7:54:01 82.95(5:43) 133.49(3:33)
  Walking2 3:15:00 8.64(22:35) 13.9(14:02) 110
  Orienteering3 2:57:58 10.13(17:34) 16.3(10:55) 45030 /33c90%
  Running2 15:00 0.93(16:06) 1.5(10:00)
  Total6 14:21:59 102.64(8:24) 165.19(5:13) 56030 /33c90%

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Tuesday Apr 21, 2009 #

Orienteering race 50:36 [5] *** 4.2 km (12:03 / km) +300m 8:53 / km
spiked:22/22c shoes: O shoes (olway)

MDOC Summer evening event at Teggs Nose country park
Ran Blue, would of done green, but it was only 20m more climb.
Got all of the controls spot on, but with a few route choice errors
no.16 found myself on the top path, instead of the middle path and had to lose about 15m of climb that i hadn't needed to go up in the first place.
no.17 Went round the wrong side of a fenced area which involved an extremely steep climb, instead of a more gentle one on the other side, lost about 2 minutes
Finished 5th, 6 minutes behind Olly, 3 minutes behind my dad
Found the climb up from the bottom of the hill up to the final 5 controls really hard. Need more hill running practice

Running warm up/down 5:00 [1] 0.5 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: O shoes (olway)

Warm up: Jogging and dynamic stretches at the start
Warm down: Dynamic stretches on the way back to the car park

Sunday Apr 19, 2009 #

Orienteering race (Northen Champs) 37:22 [5] ***** 4.1 km (9:07 / km) +150m 7:42 / km
spiked:8/11c shoes: O shoes (olway)

1) Got it spot on, up the ride and along the stream
2) Contoured round, up the ride a little and along the wall, came a bit low for the second part of the wall and had to climb up
3) Up to the gap in the dark green, which i now realise is light green, found a quick route through it and contoured around to just below the control. Somehow managed to run right past the flag without seeing it andturned round and saw it.
4) Around the bottom of the crags and to the left of the clearing, along the marshes, down a ride and found myself on the top of an open patch, followed the edge of it to the path junction
5) across the marsh, over the wall and straight into the control
6) Followed the wall round to the ruined wall junction and down the marsh to the control
7) tried contouring, but i somehow got down near the fenced enclosure and had to come back up, was just below it when i saw the rocky ground and the other platform, went up to it.
8) contour along to the path, down to where it crosses the line of pylons and in, was coming into the re-entrant when i realised i had a control in there at the training day a few years ago.
9) into the next re-entrant and up it to the control
10) Aimed off to the left down the hill, Along the path to the control.
Finish) Follow the tapes down the path

Ended up 3rd overall (1:10 behind Joe Woodley, 42 seconds behind Alex Chepelin), 2nd in the Northern Champs

On 4 Olly and Chris decided to go a different way, Chris was slower on the terrain and Olly went too low and had to climb back up.
No.6 Looking at my map afterwards there is a path route, straight through the middle of the green, which would have saved me about 1 - 2 minutes of climbing up and jumping off crags along the wall
As far as i know no-one went along the path, they all needed it pointing out on the map.

Felt quite good running, but was a bit slow in the denser trees
Legs were really tight going up to the start, but were fine on the course

Walking warm up/down (Walk to start) 30:00 [1] 2.7 km (11:07 / km) +110m 9:14 / km
shoes: O shoes (olway)

Walked and jogged up to the start with Olly and Zac, got there with 5 minutes to spare, everyone was tight to get there on time because i think LOC have moved their clock forward by about 5 minutes, when i got there i did some stretches because my legs were really tight after yesterday.

Saturday Apr 18, 2009 #

Running warm up/down (NWJS) 10:00 [3] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trail

Ran round a bit of forest and did some stretches with all the boys from NE and NW sqauds

Orienteering (NWJS) 1:30:00 [3] 8.0 km (11:15 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trail

NWJS Training at the BOF Bouth Training day
Did 5 excercises
Relocation with Olly ( only did 4 controls, 2 each) (2km)
Compass (0.7km)
Route choice S1 with Chris (1.6km)
Aiming off (0.9km) + 1km of getting to the start which was half a km away for some reason
Light Green loop 1 (0.8km)

Friday Apr 17, 2009 #

Cycling 1:11:32 [2] 23.02 km (3:06 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trainers B+W N

We drove over to Shap so that we didn't have to get up really early on saturday and we all got our bikes off the roof and went on different routes.
I didn't want to push too hard so i went down towards Rosgill, across towards Haweswater and along the concrete road to wet sleddale, then back along the A6 into Shap
When i got back nobody was in , so i went up the hill behind the house towards the motorway, i cycled all the way to just over the crest and then back down, it is extremely steep at one point.

Max Speed 74.1 km/h (46.3 mph)

Thursday Apr 16, 2009 #

Cycling (Northumberland) 1:29:53 [3] 24.22 km (3:43 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trainers B+W N

Inland this time, went up past Swinhoe farm and through JK09 Day 3 area and past cuddy's cave, down around some lanes on the other side and back through Sheillow woods.
Max 60.9 km/h coming down from Day 3 assembly area

Cycling (Northumberland) 3:12:05 [3] 55.52 km (3:28 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trainers B+W N

Cycled out to Holy Island with my Family(16km) and on the way back me and my dad went a differnent route that took us through the middle of Kyloe woods.
Max speed 54.9 km/h (Coming down one of the hills in Kyloe)

Cycling (Northumberland) 1:02:28 [1] 10.6 km (5:54 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trainers B+W N

Took my family (except for my D up to Cuddy's cave and back through the day 3 assembly area to look for the metal stake that holds the MDOC banner up.
Max Sepeed 58.1km/h coming down from the assembly area to the cottage

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009 #

Cycling (Northumberland) 58:03 [3] 20.13 km (2:53 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trainers B+W N

Down towards the coast from the cottage and back around the lanes
Max speed 37.1 km/h (no real hills that you could get much speed up on, i think this is the speed i got going down the road from the cottage to the A1)

Walking (Northumberland) 2:45:00 [2] 11.2 km (14:44 / km)
shoes: New Balance Trail

Walk in the Cheviots
All we could see was the inside of a cloud for 2 hours 45 minutes

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