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Training Log Archive: STORM

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running15 28:20:00
  running - stairs5 3:25:00
  racing1 3:00:00
  mountain biking1 2:00:00
  Total22 36:45:00

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Thursday Jan 30, 2014 #

running 1:35:00 [3]

18km road run. Still sluggish.

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014 #

running 1:35:00 [3]

Sluggish 18km road run

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 #

running - stairs 40:00 [5]

Too damn cold outside, so ran stairs instead.

Sunday Jan 26, 2014 #

running 4:40:00 [3]

Usual Bruce Trail run from Clappison's, but went west for a bit before heading east.

Saturday Jan 25, 2014 #

running 1:00:00 [3]

Easy road run

Friday Jan 24, 2014 #

running - stairs 25:00 [5]


Thursday Jan 23, 2014 #

running 1:30:00 [3]

18km road run. Still sucks out there.

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 #

running 1:30:00 [3]

18km road run

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014 #

running 1:00:00 [3]

Easy road run. Sucks out there...

Sunday Jan 19, 2014 #

mountain biking (time estimated) 2:00:00 [1]

Each January since we've been together, Browner and I take a winter mini-vacation at a resort outside of Algonquin, where we eat and drink way too much and spend most of the day snoozing in between short and low-impact bursts of hiking or skiing. After falling into a food coma that seemed to last for weeks last year, we decided we'd try something new this time. "Those 'fat bike' things look interesting - why not give those a try?"

So rather than spend 3 days being stuffed silly, we decided to treat ourselves to a night at Taboo after Snowshoe Raid, and then rent a couple of bikes from Muskoka Outfitters in Bracebridge (which unfortunately meant taking off as soon as we finished the race to get up there before the store closed, as they aren't open Sundays). Although the extra traction and stability of the fat tires was interesting, we admittedly found the bikes to be a bit underwhelming. Riding on the numerous snowmobile trails around town was like riding regular bikes through sandtraps, as the treads of snow machines leave the snow very granular and slippy, and any walking trails we encoutered were buried under 2 feet of snow. We ended up spending most of our time riding around town, but it was still kinda fun.

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 #

racing 3:00:00 [5]

Great time at Snowshoe Raid with Gally on a very cleverly designed course by Getawaystix. Blows me away how fast top naviagators can process map to ground/ground to map while hammering away through snow and bush - for me it was all I could do just to get a rest station cookie into my mouth. Nice work out there Mr. Gally!

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 #


A little bummed that Browner and I won't be headed to France for UTMB this year, but thrilled for Bash, Bent, Carbon and Carbon's Offset. I hadn't really expected that I'd be twice lucky in the draw, and I've already registered for a 100-miler that will get me the points I need to re-apply for 2015, so all is good. And I'm sure I'll find even another shiny event to keep me distracted this year... :)

More importantly for 2014 though is Browner's first attempt at a multi-day AR event! So glad that she'll be joining DD11, Reeder and Escondido for Untamed - that's one quality line-up of teammates! Equally glad that for once, I'LL be the one clicking 'refresh' day and night and cursing at the computer screen!

running 1:30:00 [3]

18km road run

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 #

running 1:00:00 [3]

Easy road run

Sunday Jan 12, 2014 #

running 4:00:00 [3]

Bruce trail run from Clappison's Corners. Trails are largely ice thanks to the rain washing away the overlying snow - very very glad to have bought the Spikecross!

Friday Jan 10, 2014 #

running 1:10:00 [3]

Great run with DD11 in Hilton Falls (will adjust time once DD logs as I enjoyed his company so much I didn't even notice!). Can't believe how beat up the forest is - both he and Browner had described it to me, but it had to be seen to be believed. It's definitely going to to be a while before it's cleared through there.

Thursday Jan 9, 2014 #

running 1:30:00 [3]

18km road run

Wednesday Jan 8, 2014 #

running - stairs 1:30:00 [3]

18km road run. Sidewalks are slippy!

Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 #

running - stairs 25:00 [5]

Stairs. Blah.

Sunday Jan 5, 2014 #

running 4:05:00 [3]

Snowy trail run along the Bruce from Clappison's Corners. Traction on the Spikecross is awesome, although I don't find them to be the most forgiving shoe. At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical trail running dork, I felt like I couldn't "feel the trail" as I would in other runners. Also picked up a couple of nasty blisters, although in fairness I haven't really broken these in yet. Overall, the energy conserved by not slipping out in the snow with every stride makes them worthwhile - happy with the purchase.

Saturday Jan 4, 2014 #

running 1:15:00 [3]

Tested the Spikecross along the Bruce north of Kilbride. So far so good, but tommorow's long run will be the true test.

Thursday Jan 2, 2014 #

running 1:00:00 [3]

Easy road run

Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 #

running - stairs 25:00 [5]

Stairs (protesting the crappy cold)

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