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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Sep 9, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:44:04 10.72(20:54) 17.25(12:59) 355
  Hiking1 3:16:42 3.85(51:05) 6.2(31:45) 553
  Trail/woods running4 2:29:16 12.2(12:14) 19.63(7:36)
  Total8 9:30:02 26.77(21:18) 43.08(13:14) 908

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Monday Sep 9, 2013 #

10 AM

Hiking 3:16:42 [1] 3.85 mi (51:05 / mi) +553m 35:20 / mi

Monadnock hike with Peter, using Marlboro Trail from the end of Shaker Farm Rd. A little used trail, we saw no one until near the summit. By the time we left, there must have been 50 hikers at the top. There was a large group from Kimball-Union. Could see Boston and Mt. Washington. Peter figured he'd hiked this mountain 50 times in the past three years. It was sunny with a westerly breeze.

For posterity

Sunday Sep 8, 2013 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 51:45 [3] 4.52 km (11:27 / km) +83m 10:29 / km

Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend, brown. Nice day, NW breezy, dry. Opted for brown - glad I did. Legs were dead much of the time. B+ run, one c. 3' error, rest was clean enough. Maybe best for me would have been 47'. Forgot a clue sheet which was a bit distracting.

Very nice weekend. Usually make only part of these or not at all, boat stuff competing. Lots of time to visit with friends. Nice Saturday dinner. Steve Tarry came today & it was nice to catchup with him & his SO Betsy. Helped with the cleaning up after, thinking how long I've known these club mates!

Saturday Sep 7, 2013 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 1:17:29 [3] 6.2 km (12:30 / km) +102m 11:33 / km

Green, Pawtuckaway meet. I'd give this a B/B-. 14c, spiked 11, lost maybe 5' at #11, 7-9' mistakes total. It was on the warm side, was beat on the run in thru woods. Leaving #5, noted a NTO guy (50ish) who came from nowhere & moving faster. He passed at arm's length. I looked at him to comment. Much to my surprise, it was Peter Anderson - not seen for years! We traded the lead on & off, he faster & I more accurate. He disappeared for good half way to #9. #11 was easy - knew where I was halfway there - about 150m from the flag. Woods were white, contours so so - lost contact & had to go quite a ways back when circling failed - eg, 150m. Was about half way down results list but first of the old guys. Joe B 53+, Peter 62+. Best for me might have been 67-8'.
8 PM

Orienteering race 1:34:50 [3] 6.54 km (14:31 / km) +170m 12:50 / km

WHNO, Pawtuckaway. WHNO - a good run but had competent company the entire time. Light rain started just before start but nothing that ever distracted. For #1, just follow the trail of bobbing lanterns. Jim, Alar & JJ were closeby runners I recognized. Alex J went cruising by. From 2 thru the end, Alar & I were in tandem, more like rogaine partners...sharing looms & trading ideas. On the way to three, we crossed an uncrossable pond (knee deep - old rendition perhaps), thinking we were farther to the east. On the other side, contours didn't make sense but Alar figured out where we were at the path & the climb to 3 was ok. Reflectors were always hung high. Just short of #6, we saw a light crossing in front. It was Jim Arsenault - we fell into a threesome. Group security in the sense of better idea of locale traded for "this is the way I'd go". At 6 (c. 60'), I knew I was headed for the barn. 7-10 loop appeared to be another 3k. Jim & Alar agreed. So we went to 10. Jim sighted a critical stone wall after a lot of just plain going E w/o much feedback. We picked up Aims Cooney just short of #11. To #12, I was more inclined to follow the string of marshes but went along with going straight - contours were harder to read than the marshes. Went over a ridge, started heading down. Alar indicated we should angle back up that ridge - the flag was on knoll at the end. Ran in together. Got home around 10:45. No camping - was on call & need to visit NHH Sat & Sun am. Nice course by Ernst. No computer-enabled QR.

Friday Sep 6, 2013 #

Trail/woods running 30:00 [2] 2.5 mi (12:00 / mi)

Knox Road TF with Zoe. Went to HS but there was a soccer game going on - par for the course now.

Camping weekend tomorrow. Don't believe there will be a night O. Should be good O anyway.

Cleaned out more forgotten papers in the study. One 3 ring binder was entries for the '09 BG. Beth was the registrar. Who's who of orienteers show up on the start line for these. Found $2 cash Beth had stashed along with BP's entry (presumably owed him) - no show, finder's keepers:).

Thursday Sep 5, 2013 #

Trail/woods running 48:00 [2] 4.0 mi (12:00 / mi)

SPS, along bike path, Turkey Pond shore, back thru SPS. Fall in the air.

Wednesday Sep 4, 2013 #

Trail/woods running 35:00 [2] 2.5 mi (14:00 / mi)

With Z&M at end of day - short walk/jog off trail. Lots of medium green - white pines filling in with a vengeance. Found a hunter stand with accompanying Stealth Cam. Lots of moose poop around. Came home after the run to hear what sounded like a woodpecker pecking on the side of the garage. But no bird in sight - sounds were upstairs, inside behind stuff - could not see the culprit tho the noise making cont'd.

Beth spent some 20' observing a bear raid her bird feeder today, making off with it. She took quite a few pics but most are not in clear focus. I'll post one when I have wifi.

Tuesday Sep 3, 2013 #

Trail/woods running 36:16 [2] 3.2 mi (11:20 / mi)

SloGo with dogs, Bog Meadow loop around 4:30. Ovcst all day, cool enough. Nice to have woods to myself.

Laptop quit today, a day after power surge...tho it was not connected to a power source. Hard to second guess. Had a 'record' so to speak of having a rebuilt logic board - yet it was working fine til electronic hell broke loose nearby. Pleased to have the desktop working. If not a miracle, then inexplicable. Lots of photos to rescue.

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