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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Sep 15, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:19:32 3.84(20:41) 6.19(12:51) 50
  Wood hauling/stacking1 45:00
  Weightexercise workout1 40:00
  Walk-jog1 35:00 2.0(17:30) 3.22(10:52)
  Total5 3:19:32 5.84 9.41 50

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Saturday Sep 15, 2018 #

4 PM

Orienteering 38:43 [2] 1.98 mi (19:33 / mi) +50m 18:08 / mi

Pawtuckaway rerun of last Sunday's brown. Start around 4:40p. Moderately dark in the woods in places. Accurate, goal was to beat 40'. Picked a few different routes, no time lost except for #4 when I just went left & left looking for a reasonable place to cross the wet marsh. On the way to #4, I had to make a stretch-jump to keep the feet reasonably dry & it made the right hamstring act up, not bad but a reminder that such was not a good thing to be doing. Not really OOB or tired. Ran in cut off shorts, no shirt & proper shoes. Can't seem to get two complete lists of stuff to bring along (boat & O)

Quick dip in the lake & home by 6p. Virtually no one at group camping.
Fine day finally and lots of families camping by the water.

Started the day with boat work, a drive to S. Berwick. Got 4.5 hrs in there and then drove to Pawtuckawy, a bit stiff and not really in the right frame of mind. The boat area is a shedin the open - no trees near, no green and the boat being made of fiberglass, teak & SS. P'way was yellow, green, blue and a world apart. It was very nice being in the woods at that time of day.
7 PM


Mocha departed for ‘happy hunting ground’ yesterday around 6p when the vet & assistant came to the house to euthanize her. She was close to 16 yrs 2 mos...a very long, good life. She’d become mostly unstable in gait, falling occasionally. Her vision and hearing were diminished as expected. It was better to be a few weeks ahead of total demise and have it done the way it was. She slipped away so peacefully, amidst a loving, gentle presence.

She was the least gray dog I've seen for age. The photo is from Thursday, one day before. It belies her age.

Thursday Sep 13, 2018 #

Walk-jog 35:00 [2] 2.0 mi (17:30 / mi)

Nottingcook around 6p. Day started gloomy & ended blue-sunny. Heard what sounded like heavy machinery in the forest, then a chain saw then recognized it for what it was, a noisy dirt bike. Passed ahead of me about 100m but came back about 5' later. Passed me at speed. I could have touched this kid. Got a blurred photo but probably not good enough for BPD. Motorized vehicles are not allowed & it's well posted.


Got my second head lamp in as many weeks, clones of one another.
Bright & inexpensive (about $22 average for the 2). Boxes are virtually the same, one has the brand name Boruit & the other just "High Power Headlamp" under where a brand name might have been. No matter, being cheap no complaints , tho construction doesn't really look cheap. It is a power trip having such brightness for 'all things night'. Had my first one for maybe 5 years. I think it's still usable. Need to make a new battery case and wire in the chip board from the old one.


Wednesday Sep 12, 2018 #

Weightexercise workout 40:00 [1]

Monday Sep 10, 2018 #

Wood hauling/stacking 45:00 [2]

Worked in yard. Decided Sunday am when I took M for a walk by the stream that much needed to be done in the yard and was of more benefit than a session at the Y. Ended up a rainy, dark day.


Right hamstring has settled in to a buttock ache, mostly exacerbated by sitting in a seat, esp the car seat. The running over the weekend made it no worse, maybe a bit stiffer Sunday & Monday mornings. Track workouts seem a no no but exercise like on the weekend's uneven surface not so likely to agitate it. It mostly boils down to stretching, ibuprofen, when I think of it, and avoidance of obvious abuse and the time it takes to resolve itself.

Sunday Sep 9, 2018 #

Orienteering 40:49 [3] 3.0 km (13:36 / km)

Sunday brown. Cool with little sun. I'd give this about a B vs yesterday's about an A. A bit shorter than I would have liked but this weekend was a look-see into what's working.

#3 lost maybe 20" going one way then the other deciding where to cross a narrow part of swamp and another 20" balancing on a small log etc; #4 from the boulder in the marsh, I could see a reentrant, one not mapped, went to it, no flag. The flag was about 30m to the N in the mapped reentrant. Maybe 30" lost. #5 did not keep in contact with the map along the marshes - stopped too early, investigated a knoll with no flag. Allowed loss of map contact. Maybe 1.5' lost; #7, the last control - went to the AP of two boulders. Was not deliberate enough & went to the base of the lower contour. No reentrant with depression. Went back to the two boulders & took a bearing & that got me there, having lost maybe 75". Stopped there on my way back from picking up a few flags and a water stop. From the two boulders, the map was fine. I could even see the boulder next to the flag. Slow and deliberate when called for (often) gets one home faster. With this weekend, I felt like I returned to competitive orienteering, though behind the eight ball.

Another camping weekend well done by hardworking UNO troopers. I wasn't of much help for a number of reasons. This meet may be 20+ yrs old by Darrell's estimate. Popular and in need of help all the while.


No GPS watch currently.

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