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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Apr 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 8:59:50 14.02(38:31) 22.56(23:56) 655
  Walk-jog1 1:02:00 2.5(24:48) 4.02(15:25)
  Total5 10:01:50 16.52(36:26) 26.58(22:38) 655

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Saturday Apr 20 #

8 AM

Orienteering (control hanging) 1:54:24 [1] 1.87 mi (1:01:03 / mi) +120m 50:55 / mi

1 PM

Orienteering (picking up) 1:47:42 [2] 3.23 mi (33:21 / mi) +135m 29:31 / mi

UNO BB local meet. Ugh, a rainy day, quite so at times, but a very good turnout considering. Runners generally satisfied with courses/control placement etc. Tired by the time I got home, after the final foray for collecting a few of the farther points and then some closer ones. Alex Jospe was desirous of more training & retrieved the 3 furthest. Hadn't the least interest in returning to them for the third time. Got home, took 800mg ibuprofen & a nap.

There were some nice moments at the end of the day - the work was essentially done & I slowed/stopped to appreciate some of the control locations & environs. Pondered a return visit to one particular flag location each month of the year to document seasonal change.

Faces that surprised were Carl Underwood, Clint Morse, Marty Hawkes-Teeter (works in Boston). Nice to see two reps from the Newton/Boston contingent, Alex and David Yee. Phil came. He has a high tolerance for long drives. He went home to regroup before continuing on to New Haven. Ernst, Jim, Darrell, JJ & Nancy added to the mix. So did Jim Crawford, from so far back. Where is Sharon? Also fun to see new faces making their discovery - that O can be quite enticing, even in rain.

Thanks to all those who validated all the required work. Good collaboration with Steve. We go back “to the beginning”. Betsy & Beth helped with registration. Pete & Lex saved the day with the UNO West rain/shade canopy. It poured for a long time on one occasion. Faye helped all around and took the equipment off my hands.

Friday Apr 19 #

11 AM

Orienteering 2:57:22 [2] 3.37 mi (52:35 / mi) +197m 44:31 / mi

Bear Brook, more points. Showers were forecast but it was fairly sunny, and certainly warm. “Agonized” re hanging flags/epunches on vulnerable points, eg, one on a bend of a well-used MTB trail on an early Friday PM. How much concern (w/ costly e-punch) is justifiable at a place like BB where users are likely to respect others’ activities when "too few, too little time" - as is often the case with O meets? Hid a few flags & punches to simplify return tomorrow.

Had my second positive interaction with the 25 year park manager, Christina Barton. Among other things, I learned that the 4 H camp by Bear Hill Pond is being renovated and this fall, will begin by-reservation use of the cabins, with a plan for year-round usage in the future. It would be a great venue site for foot O, making the most remote parts of the park out the 'front door'.

Thursday Apr 18 #

4 PM

Orienteering (O meet prep) 2:20:22 [2] 5.54 mi (25:20 / mi) +203m 22:45 / mi

Bear Brook, put out the 6 farthest controls & epunches. Took a bit more than 2 hrs & was more than 5 mi, the distance surprised me. I had Beth’s bike (mobilized after 7 years of ceiling suspension in the basement) which made all the difference. The furthest point was a water stop. Even a gallon in a backpack is heavy these days. Gray, somber, quiet, trails & woods to myself except at the very end, there were 2 mtb’ers in Hayes and a few more in parking.

The strings of 4 flags were hopelessly tangled. Untied 2 punches from their cords to be able to pull thru and cut the ends of 2 smaller lines. Putting equipment away properly is important yet meet staff could very well be too tired to do it.

Glad to be on my way home at 7pm as drizzle took over.

Wednesday Apr 17 #


Spent 3 hours with Steve Tarry in Windham reviewing map & courses for Saturday. We go back to the summer of '76 when he introduced me to Bear Brook.

Tuesday Apr 16 #

Walk-jog 1:02:00 [2] 2.5 mi (24:48 / mi)

Walker TF around 5:15. End of a breezy, cool day. Parked at Hammond, took the scout trail for first time which was quite nice, much in large hemlocks. Then the Eagle Tr and stumbled on a smaller, unnamed one. It took me to a dead end, high on a spur in woods. 4 deer raced away below. Back tracked, found the missed turn, continued. Was pretty sure it would have taken me to the trail Beth & I blazed about a year and a half ago. Turned around as I was running out of time. WTF is so nice for its big contours, hemlock, and water features - not much rock. .

Monday Apr 15 #


Boston marathon day, #123. Fcst was rain & doom & gloom but no rain fell until late. There was a fair amount of sun, with reasonable temps. At one point our raincoats and umbrellas seemed quite superfluous but it did rain somewhat hard several times, starting maybe 2pm. Usual fine spring flowers and colors around the Commons & Gardens tho a bit behind other mid-Aprils.

We spent most of our time on Hereford St. I spent close to an hour at the corner of Comm Ave & Hereford. Caught sight of Ernst there. The BAA app gave notice but still his one face briefly in a sea of faces & then he was by & gone, on the way to a 3:08. We spent close to an hour with a 51 y/o woman from FL (ex-Canada…didn’t like the winter cold) whose 67 y/o husband was running his first Boston. He qualified 5 yrs ago but then was found to have stage 3 colo-rectal ca. He spent 4 yrs fighting it with surgeries & chemo, re-qualified and now was on pace for about a 4 hr run. He had a goal of running the 6 prestigious marathons: Boston, Chicago, Berlin, NYC, Tokyo, and London. He’d now completed the first 3 and has entered NYC this fall.

So many people, faces, up and downs, inspirational examples and nonstop cheering of the crowds for each & every runner. We walked down the middle of Newbury St on the way back to the car, savoring sights all directions.

I thought of marathons past: ’67,” of "K. Switzer” the first woman to run & finish with a # and her run in with Jock Semple; ’68 when Amby Burfoot, first college student, from Wesleyan won; ’75 when Bill Rogers (Burfoot’s Wesleyan classmate) won in 2:09.27, stopping to tie a shoe lace; ’76 when the temp was around 94F; ’78 my third & last time; Rosie Ruiz, briefly the winner, doing the unimaginable subway "assist" in ’80; the ’82 epic Beardsley-Salazar race; the 2013 bombing that occurred about 90’ after we’d left that pretty much exact site; Johnny Kelly who completed his last Boston at age 84 and lived til 97. And on & on that reading a review would bring back to the fingertips.

I reckon we’ll be back next year. A wonderful way to spend a day in city that’s hard to beat.

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