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Training Log Archive: Ifor

In the 7 days ending Aug 3:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  MTBO6 6:24:26 62.73(6:08) 100.96(3:48) 11851159.4
  Mtb2 1:40:56 14.95(8.9/h) 24.06(14.3/h) 287201.9
  Walking2 1:12:03 2.95(24:25) 4.75(15:10) 24144.1
  Total10 9:17:25 80.64(6:55) 129.77(4:18) 14961505.4

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Saturday Aug 3 #

2 PM

MTBO race 52:00 [5] 12.0 km (4:20 / km) +100m 4:10 / km

Forgot to start phone so no proper log. Final day chasing start semi free order which is a one person Harris relay spine in order plus extras to get. 4th off 1.50 behind Andy lots just after as well. Right mess at start. At least realised I needed 2 free order ones befor 1 but nav aufull and came a good dropper in the soft sand had quite a lot of work to bend the map board into reasonable order. Got going ok after that but ended up 10 mins slower than Andy. Think I actually came in 4th but more because other people messing up the format.

Friday Aug 2 #

1 PM

MTBO race 1:02:15 [2] 16.55 km (3:46 / km) +224m 3:31 / km

16.553km with 224m climb in 1:02:15. Vigbor 6 days day 5 mass start.

A new one for me 70 people lining up with the 2 longest courses starting together. Survived first few bends and took long road option to get some space. Lost a place or two using single track too far in and out of 1. Ok till 5 then some bonus single track again and Andy out of site.
Lap 2 a short one missed path in yellow letting Jan get infront. Got caught behind some one slow on long single track stretch between 8 and 9.missed a turn to 10 once past and had to pass again. Brain fade for a bit on 14 on 3rd loop on one I had been to before got confused and made 2 180 turns. Saw Andy heading out on 4th loop as I was finishing 3. Loop 4 nice to do different start. 21 punched and left but then doubted the code and went back to check.. Last loop new bit of wood almost went wrong way around crossover but route good anyway. Bad route choice for 2nd to last let person infront get away.

Good fun ended up 5th m50 at least that many m55s ahead as well.
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Thursday Aug 1 #

10 AM

MTBO race 1:35:13 [2] 28.03 km (3:24 / km) +409m 3:10 / km

28.034km with 409m climb in 1:35:13. Viborg 6 day day 4 long. Interesting mix to steep wooded escarpment and urban terrain was nice and different. Ok through the first urban couple and onto the slope. Got wrong map at first turnover there were 3. All major mistakes on one leg no 7. Started by doing my classic and heading for 12 with all the crossovers. Then got ahead of myself and off mapped terrain onto golf course for 200m realised and doubled back. Ok into flag from there decided on lower route for next only towards the end of this did I spot the wrong order as I was going 12 to 11. Headed off for 7 not too far off with less effort for a bit. Finally missed small junction right by control and had to double back. 10 minute leg 6 mins lost. Ok from there route to 22 a bit off.

Don't know how to stop doing stupid things with loops etc. Tomorrow is mass start with Gaffeling so asking for trouble.

Ended up 7th way off the leader but not so bad compared to Andy considering my stupidity at 7.

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6 PM

Walking 39:53 [2] 2.76 km (14:29 / km) +11m 14:12 / km

2.755km with 11m climb in 0:39:53. Into the reeds.
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Wednesday Jul 31 #

10 AM

Mtb 1:04:24 [2] 14.25 km (13.3 kph) +181m

14.251km with 181m climb in 1:04:24. Lap of blue and red add on trails on the day 2 area. Blue nice on the tank red not so nice need full suss for all the roots.
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11 AM

Mtb 36:32 [2] 9.81 km (16.1 kph) +106m

9.813km with 106m climb in 0:36:32. Second loop just the blue.
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Tuesday Jul 30 #

3 PM

MTBO race 1:14:01 [2] 17.54 km (4:13 / km) +258m 3:56 / km

17.543km with 258m climb in 1:14:01. Middle race after a morning watching elites struggle. Apart from Em how was supreme. Knew it would be tricky plan to be steady but easier said than done.

First 2 same as womens elite although not the ride out. Not much help had to stop a few times to be sure and still a couple of turnarounds. 3 ok 4 missed turn on small track should of gone further on bigger stuff. 5 and 6 good. 7 miss read where heading so went back past 5 again so a big banana. 8, 9, 10, 11 ok.

There was then meant to be a taped route around the arena on a twisty single track but I was not expecting this and did not see the red dashed line on top of the black and gray single track path. I just went straight through the arena main track for 12 and straight on tarmac route for 13. Down here some guy sprints past me and pulls me up telling me the error of my ways. I reversed back to 11 and go through the loop as wanted.

If you realy want me to use this single track put 2 controls on it and I have no choice. If you have a compulsory route put red crosses on the bit you don't want me on. Also mention it in the details like you do for the elites. I was not the only one I past another guy as I went back.

13 14 good now the realy hard bit. Very slow but got 15 ok. Total fail on 16 ended up 180 out and was lucky for fenced building to relocate on. Round big outer path from here. Stuck to this for 17 to. Last tricky one used my 16 experience to go past building again and make it simple. Simple to finish from here.

Come download I am missing 18 which was almost touching 17 and I never saw it on the map at all while riding. Need to learn to count. 8 mins of losses so not good even had I got 18.

Much respect for Em.
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Monday Jul 29 #

10 AM

MTBO race 1:08:19 [4] 18.47 km (3:42 / km) +66m 3:38 / km

18.472km with 66m climb in 1:08:19. Viborg 6 day 2. Nice technical course lots of choices. Some smaller wobbles but nothing big which could of happened. One path too early foe 5 so approach from the back. In 1 too soon for 6. Failed to get onto bottom single track leaving 9. Should of taken single track all the way into 13. was rough going quite a lit was missing the smoothness of the full sus as well as the acceleration.

Result looks good download said first and I was second to last starter.
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1st m50 let's just ignore the m55s.
5 PM

Walking 32:10 [2] 2.0 km (16:07 / km) +13m 15:37 / km

1.995km with 13m climb in 0:32:10.along the beach. Then about 400m paddling out till it was deep enough to swim and paddling back.
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Sunday Jul 28 #

2 PM

MTBO race 32:38 [5] 8.35 km (3:54 / km) +128m 3:38 / km

8.354km with 128m climb in 0:32:38. Sprint race m50. Nice area buildings playing fields and wood with dence path network. Glad we had this rather than the elites town center this morning. A bit too scrappy little losses at going through climbing bit the up stairs. 8 exiting 7 wrong then not taking best route when backtracking. 11 did not see round bottom option pushed heavy bike over the top. 13 overshot path junction should of kept going at 12 one used grass.

Bike also felt slow up any sort of a hill a lockout on the bouncy fork would help.
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Race time 27.45 for 6th of 14 1.19 off the winner.

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