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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Feb 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Turbo Trainer2 1:40:52
  Trails1 53:28 5.65(9:28) 9.1(5:53) 250
  Trails/Road2 47:10 4.63(10:11) 7.46(6:20) 68
  Grass1 36:30 4.91(7:26) 7.9(4:37) 58
  Total6 3:58:00 15.19 24.45 377

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Sunday Feb 11 #

2 PM

Trails/Road 26:23 [2] 3.6 km (7:19 / km) +21m 7:07 / km
ahr:126 max:148 shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Slow warm up, mix of surfaces. Last bit on the grass with spikes. Extra running when got over to the start to realise I’d forgotten to take me hat off, so back across the bag to take it off. Needed that though to warm up again.
3 PM

Grass race 36:30 [5] 7.9 km (4:37 / km) +58m 4:27 / km
ahr:175 max:184 shoes: Asics Hyper XC

National Intermediate Cross Country 2018

The muck, good god the muck. A 2k lap of just pure mud, and very sticky mud at that. Probably the hardest course i've ran on.

Wasn't really sure what sort of shape I was in, knew I wasn't in great race shape, so plan was to take it handy enough. Think I did that. Planned my race around some of my team mates. Didn't sprint off at the start. Found my place and then worked up and by a couple of my team mates, then settled.

Then spent the rest of the race doing more passing out than being passed. Which was better than my last National effort a year ago where it felt like I as running backwards.

I knew Seán was coming back to me before the last lap, so then stuck with him up the hill before he got away from me. Was happy to have been able to stay with him. Was helped by another lad getting encouragement, he was told to beat both of us. I was very tempted to say to him that wasn't happening, but just did it physically instead by beating him to the line.

Tough afterwards. Club was 4th by 1 point and County was 4th on countback. I wasn't a scorer on either so nothing I could have done. There were 2 lads in front of me on the home straight, was gaining, but not enough distance. Had I beaten 1 of them then County result would have gone our way. But being realistic the same could be said for everyone else on the team.

Did enjoy the race a bit more than I thought I would, the race passed by a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Physically my right foot was sore afterwards, from the spikes. But calves/achilles were grand. So will take a sore foot over calf problems every day of the week.

Saturday Feb 10 #

3 PM

(rest day)

Interesting night. Stomach felt sick after dinner last night but improved before bed. Overnight then it felt really bad. If I’d got out of bed then I would have been in trouble. Ok in the morning. Not sure what was the cause. Maybe something I ate but don’t think stomach had been great anyway the last few evenings.

Friday Feb 9 #

4 PM

Trails/Road 20:47 [3] 3.85 km (5:24 / km) +48m 5:05 / km
ahr:140 max:159 shoes: Brooks Ghost 9


Issues. Legs actually ok but it turns out BS went too low. Checked as usual beforehand and very much a normal reading. So a surprise really. Started to feel off around Muckross house and head said to stop so I did. Took a gel and waited a few minutes. Then started jogging back. After the car park body said no to running completely so walked back from there wondering what the hell was wrong. Wasn’t certain BS were at fault, but suspicious. As usual my imagination was having a field day. At least reading at the car explained things.

Oh well. At least I’ll be rested for Sunday!

Thursday Feb 8 #

5 PM

Turbo Trainer 46:12 [3]
ahr:140 max:157

Avg Cadence = 82rpm

Started an episode of Narcos but the one i'd on my laptop seemed to be missing subtitles. I'm sure my spannish has been coming on since i've started watching Narcos, but not there yet. So will have to try that one again. Caught up on an episode of Vikings I missed from a couple of weeks ago.

New tyre on the back wheel this evening, thought it might make pedalling harder due to it having more grip, but actually seemed to be smoother. Think I was capable of a bit more this evening but as I was watching the phone rather than laptop it wasn't as comfortable a riding position. Didn't want to let the phone fall off where I had it perched.

Still feeling a bit off. Might be a lack of sleep. Will keep an eye on it.

Wednesday Feb 7 #

10 AM

(rest day)

Have realised that a full week this week is not feasible after coming back from illness. So having a rest day today. Legs feeling ok after yesterday, a bit on the tired side, but better than they were after running on Sunday.

Tuesday Feb 6 #

3 PM

Trails 53:28 [3] 9.1 km (5:53 / km) +250m 5:10 / km
ahr:156 max:172 shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Ros an Crú na Lua

Was down south for the day and had my gear with me. Decided this would be a good place for a run. Plan was to run up to the small lake to the west and back. Cold day.

Only had runners with me and first track a bit muddy. Was ok uphill but there was grass on first downhill and I went flying. Landed fine but more careful after that.

Next up I wanted to get on the road going up and saw a ride on the satellite photo that was going that general direction. And I knew from years ago that there was a link between the low and higher roads.

Mistake was when I got up that I followed ride to left rather than continuing out to the main road. Ride got a bit rougher. Checked google again and saw a route up along by a stream. So up by the stream I went and then out through some green to the road. All fine but not ideal in runners.

Over to the end of the road to investigate the lake. And then back. Road had a few puddles but feet were wet by now. The downhill was gradual but quads were complaining. Followed the road over to the one up to Crohane Lake and then back down. Snowing at this stage for a while. Better than rain.

Crossed the road and did a loop of the millennium forest.

Interesting to run somewhere different. I do think that the first map possibly has the potential for a race. Hmmm. Some nice white and dense green, good combination.

Monday Feb 5 #


Will have to do something this week so best make a plan.

Monday - Turbo
Tuesday - Running
Wednesday - Turbo
Thursday - Running
Friday - Turbo
Saturday - Orienteering, tagging sites
Sunday - Running (Cross Country in Galway)
6 PM

Turbo Trainer 54:40 [3]
ahr:159 max:174

Avg Cadence = 78rpm

Narcos S02 E07

Cadence back a few rpm. Probably down to being sick for over a week and secondly quads were not in good shape after yesterday’s run. They were tight and tired.

Got through this though.

Swapped tyres around after as back tyre in a very bad way. Did it watching tv with Elvis watching on. All went fine and had tyres pumped back up. Next thing the back tyre exploded! Well the tube did. Elvis and Mary got a bit of a fright.

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