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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Aug 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trails/Road3 2:20:57 17.56(8:01) 28.27(4:59) 353
  Cycling2 1:24:41 26.4(3:12) 42.49(2:00) 236
  Total5 3:45:38 43.97(5:08) 70.76(3:11) 589

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Sunday Aug 11 #

8 AM

Trails/Road 34:23 [3] 6.43 km (5:21 / km) +34m 5:13 / km
ahr:137 max:160 (injured) shoes: Spiuk ZS11


Short trot before breakfast. Test out how the body is.

Hand ok running, still awkward to use but swelling reduced and movement increasing.

Did feel my leg though. In the glute area. Didn’t get worse as I ran, mainly uncomfortable. So may need more rest.

Saturday Aug 10 #

10 PM


More movement in my fingers today so doubt they are broken! So on the mend. Leg isn't causing too much trouble.

Will try and get a run in tomorrow. Maybe 30 minutes with the intention of either a run or cycle Monday afternoon. Cycling will depend on the hand, holding handlebars might be awkward.

Friday Aug 9 #

9 PM


Leg is ok walking around today but contact with things can be uncomfortable. Confident that it should be ok to do something with soon.

Left hand is bad. A couple of swollen fingers and swollen thumb. Awkward. Probably will be more of a limiting factor than the leg.

Will see what sort of improvement there is tomorrow.

Thursday Aug 8 #

6 PM

Cycling warm up/down 7:57 [3] 3.36 km (2:22 / km)
ahr:121 max:140 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Cycling race 15:19 [4] 7.68 km (2:00 / km) +15m 1:58 / km
ahr:139 max:169 (injured) shoes: Spiuk ZS11

County league in Tralee. Some of the lads in front decided to touch wheels and bring the rest down! Hit the deck onto the main carriageway and turned to see headlights coming towards me.
Sore. Probably going to be feeling a lot worse tomorrow. A few fingers on left hand are numb and outside top of my right thigh took the main impact.
Bike by the looks of things came off better than I did.

Shortest write up ever for a race. Time includes spin back.

Hit the deck at just over 4 minutes at around 36-38kph.

Wednesday Aug 7 #

5 PM

Cycling 1:01:25 [3] 31.44 km (1:57 / km) +221m 1:53 / km
ahr:144 max:163 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Glenflesk - Barraduff

Easy to describe this spin, roadworks.

Weather was good, some drizzle north of Killarney on the way home but stayed warm and dry while I was out. This was a good thing as spent 10 minutes stopped at roadworks in Barraduff.

That was after more road troubles in Lough Guitane, ones which will have a positive result, but this evening was treacherous. 3 sections of gravel on the road, on the bits that needed resurfacing, so should be done in a day or so. It was the last section where there was most trouble was it was downhill to the main road. Speed was increasing and I was getting wobblier. Luckily it became less loose so was able to stop before the main road.

Didn't want to use too much energy this evening ahead of tomorrow, just get the legs used to cycling.

Tuesday Aug 6 #

5 PM

Trails/Road hills 56:30 [4] 11.89 km (4:45 / km) +185m 4:24 / km
ahr:149 max:179 shoes: New Balance 890

A hill session. Been a while since I did a running interval session of any type and now that i've got a few weeks of having time to train I do one.

10 * horse hill jogging back down the hill for recovery.
Recoveries were between 2.00 to 2.14.

I'ts a bit of a rolling climb, climb, gentler gradient, steeper bit and then a flat section to finish off. So was trying to keep pushing on the flat. Didn't go too badly I felt.

Did have a close call on maybe the 6th recovery. The hill is next to the Castlerosse Golf Course with a hole running parallel to the path. A couple of lads on the tee as I was jogging back down the hill. Thought to myself wouldn't it be funny if the golf ball came my direction.
Chap swung his club, made contact with the ball, it took off at a low trajectory with a vicious swerve in my direction. Came through the fence and passed within a metre of me!!!
He did apologise and I threw his ball back to him on my next recovery jog down the hill.

Monday Aug 5 #

8 AM

Trails/Road 50:04 [3] 9.95 km (5:02 / km) +134m 4:43 / km
ahr:145 max:165 shoes: New Balance 890

Muckross Lake lap

Out before breakfast on what was a nice morning. Very quiet too so felt like i'd the National Park (mostly) to myself.

Was surprised with the slow pace for the 1st km. Not sure what was going on, didn't think I started slow, but maybe I did. Rest were all around what I was expecting with a bit more effort put in between Torc and Dinis on the other side of the road due to the rollers.

Legs behaving which was good.
9 AM


Good to have some training done before a plan for the week. Last week didn't go to plan but at least i'm able to make a plan this week rather than the cold developing into something else, so a few days lost better than the days being measured in weeks.

Monday - Run
Tuesday - Run (hills)
Wednesday - Bike
Thursday - Bike (race)
Friday - Bike
Saturday - Run (parkrun, c. 19 minutes)
Sunday - Bike

We'll see how that goes, maybe rest on Friday might be needed but we'll see. Looking like some more effort this week in running terms, will try some hill intervals and parkrun.

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