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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Oct 2, 2016:

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Sunday Oct 2, 2016 #


O' running at Remarkable Flats. Today's prescription was a touch over 10 kms with 24 controls, and only one slight swing when I was one feature over from the control feature in a tricky area. The deception was enhanced when the control feature turned out to be much less eye catching than the similar feature next to it. Otherwise, the O' was good and it felt like I was running quite efficiently. The course I set alternated long legs with sections of several very short legs.

Cows were still out in one pasture and as I didn't see any hunters in orange either on the ground or driving around, my guess was/is it still isn't rifle season for deer in this particular hunt unit.

Saturday Oct 1, 2016 #


It was pretty cool seeing the big bull moose off in the distance the other day; it was less cool today when while I was running with idle thoughts down a cow path after doing some mapping, a bull moose got to his feet about 35' away from me. With nothing in between him and me. Of course I stopped running immediately. He looked at me, and I looked at him. I tried to convey the idea that I was *not* a dog or anything doglike. Most moose attacks in Wyoming are provoked by the presence of dogs, which moose see as wolves, or at least too wolf-like (wolves being the mortal enemies of moose.)

So I started easing around the moose, taking my time, and when I had got to the point where I was past the moose, I resumed running, glancing back several times just to be sure of the situation.

Then it was pretty cool again--ha!

Thursday Sep 29, 2016 #


Very nice fall day out--perfect, really! I mapped in the afternoon, and while the amount of time wasn't long, it was productive and I left the area I was working on feeling happy with the way everything I surveyed looked on my map board--that doesn't happen every day you're out, and especially in really complex areas it's hard to leave feeling like all the tough question marks were rendered in 2-D land as successfully as one might wish.

Then followed with intervals on one of my favorite dirt roads, going out-and-back. On the way back, a hunter was driving by very slowly, and said something as I ran by, so I went back and said hello. He had spotted a bull moose off in the distance that I had run by 2 times without seeing. Though it was 150-200m from the road, and in trees in shadows, and if you're running intervals, moose spotting off to the sides doesn't apply to the task at hand. I wished him luck and got back to it. I gathered he was a rifle hunter and out scouting rather than a bow hunter; still guessing rifle season starts on the 1st (Saturday).

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016 #


Yesterday's running left me with some slightly sort legs today, so something must have been about right with the effort. It was stellar blue skies out, so the choice of a longish bike ride in the afternoon was easy. Rode south of time and enjoyed the 360 degree views. Traffic on 287 between town and Ft. Collins increases a little bit each year, and the highway these days is far busier than it used to be, say, 10 years ago. But not so bad, and there are wide shoulders at any rate.

Ran easy at Happy Jack at the end of the day; the parking lot was packed with mountain bikers, but I did see several other runners for a change. And several running dogs as well.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2016 #


Following mapping at Diamond Bay that was more productive than yesterday, I ran a course at Remarkable Flats in the late afternoon. Even when I was off, I was still on, so good. Ha!--just joking. I did the course the way I was supposed to, so still good. Didn't see any hunters out today, but I think it's just bow season, and those dudes can be hard to spot.

Saw lots of doe mule deer. And not a single buck. Somehow, they seem to sense danger time is at hand.

Monday Sep 26, 2016 #


Continued mapping at Diamond Bay, followed by some running. Worked in an area of much broken, off-height rock--pretty difficult mapping.

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