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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Jan 28, 2018:

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Sunday Jan 28, 2018 #


I noticed very mild throat soreness yesterday in the morning, which didn't get any worse during the day, but became more noticeable in the late evening.

Since I coudn't feel any other symptoms and felt otherwise 100% fine, I decided I could go skiing, and did so, keeping to an easier effort level, and shortening the duration form what I would usually do.

This morning my throat was more sore, but again, there were no other symptoms, and I felt fine during the day, and again decided some outdoor exercise would be fine at a very easy intensity. So I skied, and linked up with several friends for the last third or so of the ski. Still felt fine, so I jogged a bit after that.

This evening my throat is definitely sorer, however, and that's no good, even if I still feel perfectly fine otherwise. I will not be surprised if I wake up tomorrow not feeling so great. Normally when I get a sore throat, it is followed by fever within 24 hours, so this is unusual for me.

The skiing/snow was really good today, if thin in spots.

Friday Jan 26, 2018 #


I could feel yesterday's skiing in my arms today, so it was strictly easy skiing today, shortened up, followed by running, finishing up right at nightfall.

It felt colder out than I thought it was, explained in part by some decent wind, and in part by the fact that it turned out that it actually was about 10 degrees colder than I thought. The briskness was added incentive to keep moving.

Thursday Jan 25, 2018 #


Started out skiing by myself, and then linked up with Mark and skied with him the rest of the time, for a total of just under 2 hours. Dusk by the time we finished, then went running in the dark--though effectively it was pretty bright out, with the moon casting shadows against the snow. At one point Brian B. went by on his fat bike w/ two of his dogs; only saw one other biker on the trails while I was out.

A bit toasted even before starting skiing, from being out quite late the night before, and therefore ending up on the short end of sleep time.

Windy but on the mild side of things, especially while the sun was still out. Not warm enough to do anything to the ski trails though.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2018 #


Skied and then ran until the stars came out, and kept on going until the snow bikers came out, too. It was sunny until it got dark, and then it was just windy.

Thought I noticed some classic tracks. But maybe not. If so, they were the first ones set down this season.

And I definitely noticed some moose tracks, going right down the middle of the trail leaving the parking lot trail head. It was obvious the moose was walking up the trail in the middle of the day, after the day's grooming. It seems to me it must have enjoyed the fresh corduroy.

Tuesday Jan 23, 2018 #


Decided to go moose hunting after skiing, so after skiing I ran and hunted moose. No moose but lots of tracks and one moon.

Trails firmer than yesterday, and should be super nice tomorrow.

Enough wind to feel cold if you paid any attention to it, but why do that? It was just wind.

Monday Jan 22, 2018 #


Nice and glad to get a chance at some very fine Yowsa!!! this morning. It's almost like old times again, with a completely snow clad Laramie valley.


Skied until dusk. Crisp/cold--teens--and about 8" new, or so it looked. Trails rolled and neither soft nor firm. Glide was not so much thanks to sharp crystals on too warm glide wax.

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