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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Feb 24:

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Sunday Feb 24 #


Sunny, temps soared into the mid 30s, some wind meant there was no danger temps would continue to soar into the low 100s, and there were some crows out and about.

Skiing conditions were excellent, and the snow stayed dry and fast despite the sun. Ran after skiing, and caught a splendid sunset from a high outlook over the west.

But the big news is that I broke a ski pole strap! On Friday! Except that I didn't mention it on Friday, so really it wasn't big news at all. Oh, well. It was still epic when it happened, kind of like when you open an envelope and there's nothing inside.

Friday Feb 22 #


Perfect ski conditions, mostly sunny, temps in the low 20s, almost no wind. A fair number of people (and dogs) were out at the same time I was out. Ran afterwards; by the time I finished there were only three vehicles left in the parking lot.

Thursday Feb 21 #


One of those rare days where the valley was a donut hole of sunshine all day long, surrounded by low clouds with low ceilings on all sides. It was snowing in the clouds, and by the end of the day at Happy Jack there was 3-4" of ultralight powder on the trails. Skied for about 2 1/2 hrs, until it was dark.

It looked quite windy at the start and I thought it was going to be cold skiing like yesterday, but it was deceptive--the snow in the air made it look windier than it was, and in any event the wind was dying away the whole time.

Wednesday Feb 20 #


A few degrees warmer than yesterday and lots of sun, offset by some very vigorous wind that had the interstate west of town closed to vehicles more prone to blowovers. The wind had drifted in snow over large portions of the trails at Happy Jack, and wherever the snow had blown in, the going was slow. After skiing I engaged in a counsel of one and the vote was unanimous in deciding to declare the wind the winner today and skip running. Not many people were out today besides a reduced squad from the high school, and even they were not out for long (presumably resting for the State Championships this weekend.)

Tuesday Feb 19 #


Cold, high single digits, maybe 10F, but felt more comfortable than yesterday with still air. Most of the day there was no sun because of ice fogs and low clouds of ice fog, which mostly cleared off by very late in the day. Was expecting to see the moon come up before sunset, but instead it came up well after and therefore I knew I had missed the full moon (yesterday?). Skis worked a little better and it was fun being out; very few others were though. Everything was beautifully white wherever you looked! Conditions could change very significantly with mild temps and sun, but for now it is perfectly winter.

Ran afterwards, and that was nice, too. Light is now lingering after 6 pm, so unless I want to run a good bit longer than I have been most days, I can ski at the usual time and run and still beat nightfall.

Monday Feb 18 #


The forecast was for chill, and the day did not disappoint. Temps topped out at around 12F in town, and up top at mid-afternoon, it was something underneath that. Countering the cold was the sun, which was out, and the cold wasn't being boosted by wind--there was only very light breeze. So it was crisply cold, but not bitter.

Skis were slow on any corduroy on even the slightest uphill grades, and reasonably good everywhere else. I was expecting raspy sandpaper glide, and wasn't planning on skiing long. Since it was better than expected, and since there was sunshine, I skied for 90+ minutes, and then changed over for some running.

It was colder running than skiing, probably because by then the sun was down or nearly so, and there was slightly more breeze. After about 50 minutes, my feet started warming up, which I counted as a plus. ; ) My fingers were always right on the edge of getting too cold, but we managed. Ice fog started forming up about halfway through the run, but it never got super thick, at least not where I was.

Strangely, dirigibles were entirely absent from the sky today.

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