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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Mar 24:

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Sunday Mar 24 #


Today was another tomorrow yesterday, though with more sun in the morning, and alternating bits of sunshine interspersed with snow showers for the last half of the afternoon. As has been the case ever since the blizzard, in the valley there was persistent cold breeze from the north. Winter does not give up in spite of the advancing season.

I led off exercise with a bike tour south of town. I was surprised to see a block of buildings on 3rd Street is being razed a few blocks from the intersection. Hard to know what's going on there, but the main possibility that springs to mind would be a very tall skyscraper. If not that, then perhaps structured breeding pools for mosquitoes (granted, the location is not idea for that), or even a plethora of QSRs (very strange that there are to this day exactly zero QSRs at that interstate exit, and for anyone who doesn't know what a QSR is, it's an abbreviation, and so now you know). Something, at any rate.

After the turn, I rolled east past The Paddocks where another surprise awaited: 6 new homes started up under construction during the winter. There are now lots of homes out there, where for so long there was only one. Yet still no horses, which is unseemly for a place named The Paddocks and equipped with miles of rail fences and other touches to lend an entirely horsy feel. Dare I say another mystery for the ages? Sure. Why not.

Then back home past the rather secretive Millipore Sigma compound. They claim they have absolutely nothing to do with the DOA or NSA, but who knows really, except for possibly Mary Jones? And what is with the unusual fonts used for signage there? As for me, I know nothing.

Then back home and a cuppa tea, before heading up to ski. Conditions were very good spring conditions. No slush, and no sticky spots, just about perfect for the time of year.

And finally, some running. Earlier in the day one or several kind souls with snowshoes had tramped out a path up to the overlook I have been failing to reach for the past week and a half, and today I did not fail. Somewhat ironic that there was almost nothing to see because of low clouds and the advancing forward edge of a snow shower about to overtake my position. But still good.

To top it off, the Cowgirls beat South Alabama and live to fight on another day.

Saturday Mar 23 #


Skied and ran under overcast skies. Snow was still too soft in the final zones of attack to make it up to my favored lookout point, so I turned back, defeated, but not resigned. Tomorrow will be another day.

Friday Mar 22 #


Overcast all day, temps a few degrees in town during the day. Skied and ran; for the last hour it was snowing at a good clip. Almost nobody else was out while I was out, or if they were, they were well hidden.

Thursday Mar 21 #


Sun in the morning and overcast in the afternoon, with wind out of the east making it feel cooler on the bike. It felt mild up top in contrast, maybe because there seemed to be much less wind there. I got in a short ski and an even shorter run before I had to return to town to go the the Cowgirls basketball game with friends.

Wednesday Mar 20 #


Beautiful day with 100% sun from start to finish, chilly wind out of the north. But a very cold start to the day meant that temps never warmed up that much. Snow up top stayed dry and conditions were winter. Very fast though from crusty and icy mashed up snow on the trails--fast and fun skiing.

I took my truck in for some work in the morning and biked home with the temps at 11F--which I'm pretty sure is the coldest I've ever been out on my bike. Face and hands got somewhat cold but it wasn't too bad, and in any event I didn't have far to go.

Very little snow melted today and there are still massive piles and drifts of snow in my neighborhood, and the prairie remains blanketed.

Monday Mar 18 #


Several weeks ago I received an envelope from a rather peculiar looking gentleman who goes by the name of Mr. Joe Cleversky, of Avery's Gore, Vt.

I was unsure whether to open the envelope with shock and awe, or with more careful, trepidation infused technique. Better safe than sorry, so I adopted the latter course of action.

The envelope proved to be empty, but upon careful examination, some runic writing on an inner surface was detected. I sent it over at once to experts at the University of Wyoming for further analysis, and I now have their report in hand, which can be summarized as: we have no clue. Disappointing, but then that is life itself--disappointments that must be survived, interspersed with occasional sightings of bluebirds and, sometimes, a win in OT.

It goes down as yet another mystery for the ages.

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