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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Jun 6:

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Sunday Jun 6 #


O' at Twin Boulders, 9.4 kms, sunny and warm! Deliberately went out in the middle of the day to help out the acclimatization process--if it's going to be summer, might as well get used to sooner rather than later, as summer around here only lasts a few days at most anyway, typically.

Worked on very deliberate compass running the whole way around, and, as opposed to my recent experience at Pelican Bay, today I was dead on. Relieved to see that I still a) know what a compass is, and b) know what a compass is, and c) apparently am still able to use one semi-properly if I think about it.

I wore a brand new pair of O' training shoes today--straight out of the box, ran over 100 minutes with zero problems. Wish all shoes were so easy.

Along the way I even found a 4 prong mule deer shed. I will probably take a picture of it and DM it to Tyler and hint that it was only 1 of 15 I found today, which will drive him crazy. Is that fair? Not really. But is life fair? Not really.


Having noticed a few days back the rear tire on my road bike was getting pretty worn, I targeted the weekend to change the tire. And today was the day. First I did a good warmup and got psyched mentally, never knowing in advance how difficult the job is going to be. Sometimes it's not hard at all or even easy, but one time about a year ago, I really thought (for the first time) that it just wasn't going to happen (maybe the new tire was 1 size too small for the rim, which never helps.)

In the end it was super easy this time, and the hardest part was washing chain lube and grease grime off my hands, which I didn't really succeed in doing. I guess if you were spending time with an attractive bike mechanic, that would be the right look. On the other hand, if you were headed for a formal dinner and awards ceremony with red carpet treatment, probably less so.

Saturday Jun 5 #


Went running with Tyler at Chimney Park, mainly exploring some of the burnt areas and a lot of moosy willow marsh where Tyler was in full on shed hunting mode. A few mosquitoes, but nothing bad. It was warm enough that I was pretty well toasted by the end, though I didn't really feel it until I got back home and tried to do some outside stuff around the house out in the sun. My watch says that we were out for about 3:18, but that exaggerates the effective running time. However long we were out, it was long enough.


I just want to note that today I had a monster peanut butter cookie w/ M&Ms *and* some rhubarb crisp.

And people say all I eat is carp. How easily people go astray.

Friday Jun 4 #


After yesterday's outing, I had to give in and acknowledge that good as they had been, for many, many trainings, it was time to trash current pair of O' training shoes. It has been sad to part with them, but I got over it quickly. Plus, frankly, they were starting to smell a little like carp.


It was seasonally quite warm out today--near record high or record high for the day; I saw a tie for the record--and 100% fun sun. I had planned to do some O' training at Remarkable Flats and had something specific in mind, and changed that to an easy, longer run on trails at Happy Jack, starting at 6 pm, thinking it better to ease into the warm temps.

Ran into Jim and also Jason at the trailhead and we chatted a little bit before taking off. By then, there was enough breeze and the sun was lowered enough so that it felt really pleasant rather than too warm.

Lots of smoke around yesterday and today from nearby prescribed burns, but no smoke where I was running, at least not any that I could detect. All the burn areas today were off to the north, including some areas that looked to be on the Devils Claw map. Wish some prescribed burns were targeting some of the bad wind felled areas now present at Happy Jack, but no sign of that yet.

Thursday Jun 3 #


Essentially summer today, so we will call it summer, complete with the soft, mild evenings that remain so even with a breeze down from the hills. Perfect for a night walk were one inclined, with or without new beginnings.

Orienteering late in the day to allow some of the warmth of what was the warmest day so far this year to dissipate--9.2 kms at Pelican Bay. Legs weren't fresh, but held up despite a whole lotta sage running. Fine compass work was near disastrous so we'll have to look into that and see what is going on. Several controls on small, isolated marshes were too easy thanks to frogs.

It was disappointing to see that mosquitoes have shown up as of today in the forest. Time to start up the Dragonfly Countdown Clock.

There were campers nearby where I parked, and I had to run by them to get to the start, and when I did so, a large Scottish Terrier came after me savagely, with long, shining fangs dripping with digestive fluids. Luckily I had a bit of leftover carp from last night's dinner stashed in one sock, so I took off the sock and threw it at the dog, and ate the carp. Delicious.

Wednesday Jun 2 #


Time for an easy day and I took it. I did some mountain biking and checked out some of the work on new trail on the lower slope of Pilot Hill, and ran up at Happy Jack late in the day. Ran into John H as he was coming off the trails, and we caught up a little.

Tuesday Jun 1 #


Intervals, 8 x 5 min. Legs felt good. I kept an eye out for bar, but I guess they were all off to the NW corner, eating tourists and such.


Meant to add that while I was warming down, I saw a turkey just a few feet away in the woods, and it was clearly just getting warmed up for an afternoon run. I almost always forget we even have turkeys around, until suddenly one is right there in front of me!

Monday May 31 #


Closed out May by running out at Remarkable Flats, 13.6 kms, in coolish, breezy conditions, and mostly sunny. Most, but not all, campers had cleared out by the late afternoon. Beautiful out.

Ran steady, something a bit under race pace, and felt pretty good on the climbs.

Earlier in the day, while biking, a driver opened their car door *right* in front of me. I swerved and missed it, and it may have been that I was just far enough out that I wouldn't have hit the door no matter what. But my sense was that if it had been fully opened, I was going to hit it. It scared the bejeezus out of me.

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