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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Jun 2:

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Saturday Jun 1 #


New day, and a new month in which to excel. And after doing some various activities of excellence in the morning, it was time to follow up with some additional activities of excellence in the afternoon. One potential problem loomed, however: clouds showed up early and one darker cloud had already drained some rain down around Laramie and in the hills above. A look at the weather radar showed both more clumps of rain bearing clouds were lined up, but with decent sized gaps in between, and I headed on out to Granite Planite, hoping to squeeze in a timed run there.

Another cloud group was passing by right as I arrived, but off to the side, and only a few raindrops fell in my vicinity as I was changing shoes.

I had to go up to a couple who were at the designated campsite right by the start point I have been using all along, because I wanted to give them a heads up before I got started. Better for all involved.

And then I got started. Compared to my last time around a week or so ago, my legs felt much better. It was also vastly less windy. I pressed through as best I could, and the result was a considerably quicker time. Plus, I just generally felt like my legs are settling into running through terrain more comfortably, after a long winter of not doing any of that.

Then I headed over to the Forest of Little Hope area, and spent 2 hours doing the first mapping of the year. Excellence there ensued when I found and dispatched the second tick for the year.

In the evening, I resumed watching the Tiomila, picking things up at the start of the Women's race 3rd leg--first day leg, and beginning with a chasing start. Thinking back to the chasing starts we used often at various 1000 Days and Laramie Days, I'm always on board for a chase start!

And this one did not disappoint: the leading group of 6 runners missed the first control pretty well, allowing the 7th runner out of the start to catch up to them and participate in miss.

I don't know what was going on--maybe something in the water?--but this leg featured a lot of missing. There were a whole collection of misses on the way to control #7, the most spectacular featuring the epic journey of the Linne' and Kalevan Rasti. They took a route choice using a small trail for much of the way, when they would need to eventually turn off of and head to the right to take the control, but inexplicably they went left instead, and got the the top of a hill and wandered around up there for a bit before they came to a standstill by what looked to be a very large cliff on the map. And they started moving again back towards the trail, looking like they had successfully relocated.

But only then was it truly possible to see how confused they had the big picture, because just after they hit the trail, a group of runners came down the trail headed for #8, and the Linne' and KR runners joined in with them, and ran all the way to #8 with the group--and you can guess from the tracks it was only at the #8th control they finally got clued in again, because from there they took a beeline to control #7, and then took the same line back to #8.

The Goteborg-Majorna runner also made a pretty good hash of #7 in a somewhat similar fashion, but not as bad.

My best guess is that maybe in the general area of the intersection of the 2 small trails runners were using after #6 that there were one or more conspicuous elephant tracks left by the earlier running men that made it more difficult to follow the actual permanent trails, but even so.... And keep in mind these are really good orienteers, too!

See for yourself some of the tracking for the leg to the 7th control:

Wednesday May 29 #


Biked around town, and did some easy trail running. I could feel my knee a little bit, but no different than most days, so that's good after 2 back-to-back days with some harder running.

Tuesday May 28 #


Ran intervals; some varying mild knee discomfort part of the time, but nothing any different/worse than has been the case for months now. The test will be how things feel later tonight and especially tomorrow. If things feel okay tomorrow, that should mean I can tolerate this kind of running okay as well.

Monday May 27 #


O' at Granite Planite on what was (at last!) a really nice spring day, verging on warm. But of course there was enough breeze so that it didn't actually get warm warm (the doubling is a technical weather term), and it was just a good bit above being cool.

It's always nice to have at least a day or two of spring before you transition from winter to summer. Otherwise the system shock can be *hard to handle* (see: Otis Redding.)

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