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Training Log Archive: ColmM

In the 7 days ending Sep 22:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running7 12:49:58 62.36(12:21) 100.35(7:40) 35082870.5
  Cycling: Commute1 40:0040.0
  Total7 13:29:58 62.36 100.35 35082910.5
  [1-5]7 12:49:58

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Sunday Sep 22 #

8 AM

Running 1:40 [2] 0.21 km (7:47 / km) +13m 5:56 / km
ahr:123 max:144

Running 3:59:34 [4] 23.65 km (10:08 / km) +1183m 8:06 / km
ahr:132 max:180

Mournes Day 2

After a pleasant evening in the campsite we retired to the comfort of my new tent (many thanks for the recommendation AliMas - review inbound). I would love to say this was a pleasant experience, but all in all these tents are called 1 man tents for a reason, it simply did not fit on lanky fellow and one burly man. I'm a good sleeper I would say, but space was lacking and any movement from one was likely to wake the other, so I woke up roughly every hour, but we got sleep and the tent was light, so all was well and it will be used for many more mountain marathons I hope, and certainly perfect for 1 man, maybe even spacious.

When I finally woke shortly before 7 and there were others talking, it just seemed appropriate to get up as it would probably make things more comfortable. Despite the early wake up, we took our time with breakfast etc and by the time I had eventually finished in the medics to see if they had spare ankle tape it was 08:30, and we settled into the tactic-less last start of 08:45.

Our bags were suitably light, and legs feeling rather okay, but it had just started pouring rain and this was our greatest enemy. We had lost 2 of our 3 sharpies the day before (just like last year), and with one remaining I began marking down controls. It was an 8 control cluster to begin which made it rather wild, so we had to stop and sacrifice time like everyone else.
But the rain was having none of it, the map was too wet to draw on so I scratched the detail off the map in a circle around the controls and learnt off the general course so as not to forget any. They weren't very obvious but it was doing the job roughly. When we went to mark on Mark's map the waterfall down the middle wouldn't even allow scratching so on we went with one marked map.

We settled on what looked shortest, up Binnian and north Tor first, then across the reservoirs around Crom and Doan and then back towards the finish.
On the Binnian side we considered a right route, never really looked at a left route, but were most keen on a straight route. Mark said he knew the going was alright getting up the side of the hill which was enough for me to agree this must be the best route. Up and over we went, a right old slog but I knew this was the worst of only 2 big climbs we had today. Descended into it from above / slightly left to be safe on the line and this worked quite nicely, and as we dropped down towards #2 roar & shea were coming up to it and said they hadn't punched any others, damn, great start for us.
#2 was a slow descent but we got it fine and off we headed for the trail.

Got a little food in and ploughed on down to the reservoir. Discussed the nice line up to Ben Crom and as we climbed Paul & Adrian came down clearly doing the cluster in reverse, exciting. As we descended I could see roar & shea climbing and guessed we'd maybe gained a little more time, but I couldn't see anything of Conor & Kev who surely had to be behind us having gone to the same first loop and weren't anywhere to be seen ahead.
As we climbed round the side of Doan we got some good support from Siobhán and Méabh as I took on some jellies and we could see enough people to make the next control fairly straightforward. In & out, and up to Lough Shannagh, this control was short and easy next thing we were off on the long run home.
We discussed the last loop a bit and were mostly moving alright though our momentum was a bit stunted by me falling face first into some rock and mud. Good times.

After a bit of a slog keeping up with Mark we were eventually contouring around to Luke's Mtn and this really was homeward bound. We were a bit below the control but hit it fairly cleanly. We were slow across to the next one as the feature was quite hard to figure out on the map and there were some teams above going higher, but we stayed lower and did get it cleanly in the end.
Down to the river for another marshaled control, and finally finished the cluster.
I nearly got Mark to keep going to the next hilltop control but fortunately he realised we had the river-wall junction first which we were passing anyway. Got through these cleanly and finally I got to take on a bit of the lead as Mark maybe struggled (!??) through some of the rough stuff at the end. I found the control between the boulders alright, pointed him in but didn't hang around as I knew he'd get back to me quickly enough.
All good, hitting the second last. I mistakenly encouraged Mark to try and go under 4hrs for the day and we ran a groundbreaking 4:19 km on the way to the finish. That was fun.

Another pretty good day, and once Mark had downloaded to confirm we'd hit all the controls it was gooood times.
A shame not to have Paul & Phil racing too, that battle will have to wait I suppose
But nice to finally tick that one off and pleasing to do so in a relatively strong field.
A very pleasant finish to have so many friends about for it, and the orienteers as expected doing well & dominating pretty much every class.

Will be back for more.

Saturday Sep 21 #

10 AM

Running 1:16 [2] 0.2 km (6:26 / km)
ahr:143 max:151

Running 4:31:20 [5] 27.39 km (9:54 / km) +1865m 7:23 / km
ahr:143 max:181

Mournes Day 1

Had some porridge with raisins, a bagel and some left overs from last night's dinner for breakfast. After watching the end of Australia - Fiji we hit the road and headed for Newcastle.
Once there we picked up the Si etc and ran through an amusing kit check - he told us we needed roll mats because the requirements said "sleeping bags with insulation", and that our torches had to be head torches (also not specified in instructions, because people on the B and Elite class often ended up out there at night. This looked like an issue initially, but once he asked if we'd done it before and we said we'd come 2nd in the elite last year he promptly stopped asking questions and started wishing us the best of luck and in the end I never took anything out of my bag.

A peanut butter & jam sandwich while following the last 15mins of the France - Argentina match and we were pretty much good to go. Wandered down to the start and we started scouring the benches to see if we could see Adrian & Paul who were due to start 8mins before us. Finally spotted them at a bench marking their map, and off they went into the forest (at a slightly weird angle), just as we started.

We didn't want roar & shea (8mins behind) or Conor & Kev (18mins behind) getting any sight of us early, or at any stage really so we always intended on setting off fairly quickly, and as usual marked our controls on the go. We got #1 on, and I got #2 on, and off we went.
#1 was very straightforward, and off up the steeps steps to #2 we marked in a few more and started planning a few routes. Think we had gotten up as far as the control below Meelmore marked in at this stage (#6).
As we got to the stop of the steps lots of people went straight towards #2 but we stayed low on nice running and then climbed the wall and could see Paul & Adrian up ahead.
Got up, punched it fine, and back along the wall we went. We climbed a little after the wall end cos the going looked good and soon enough we were coming down off the spur and could see Paul & Adrian again not too far ahead, good start. We closed it a bit on the downhill, and caught them as we crossed the track heading up to #3. We chatted a bit etc before we knuckled down and I got Mark reading out more controls and I marked them in as far as the sheepfold (#11). I'd drifted a little back from the other 3 while marking them in, but closed it back coming into the control which we found nicely and set off up the hill to #4. happy with our route we started to move away a little along the top and got alright lines down from chimney rock mtn towards the wall. Mark took my map as I crossed the wall and proceeded to run off. Despite me shouting for my map back he headed off happily down the hill, and while I had doubts about direction he was in fact heading the right way and we followed the hoards into it.

As Mark punched I'd decided on straight, maybe hadn't given enough time to the left route, but was fairly happy to just brute out the climbs so off we went. We were moving well and off my few glances I didn't see Paul or Adrian which seemed a good sign. We got up and over alright and I read out the descriptions for mark to catch up on the controls while climbing the river up to Lough Cove (I knew this would mean I would keep up on the climb so was fairly keen to do this now), and I think that meant we had all the controls on our maps at this stage.
I was a little disappointed in the distance as the remainder of the course looked fairly manageable really, and I kind of reckoned the longer the better if we were gonna put time into the others, but we reconciled with this fact and decided it just meant we'd have to push hard to the finish.
Descending down to Ben Crom reservoir was quite slippery and not the fastest (especially in my trail-talons), but the terrain wasn't rough so we got down alright, and punched #5 still fairly unscathed.

We had decided on left to #6, but as we hit the col between Lamagan and Cove (before #5) and we saw the brutal-looking climb up out of the reservoir, and a reasonably nice looking line up to Hare's gap I quickly changed that decision and we opted for the right-hand route. Having previously convinced Mark that getting the climb done early on left would be good and you wouldn't be able to run up to hare's gap, I quickly backtracked and with a little persuasion convinced him that trail up to hare's gap looked like good running, so we went for it.

I was beginning to feel a small bit tired, slightly worrying 2hrs in, but nothing serious so I started cramming some jellies and a sandwich into me. I was filling the water fairly regularly and as we made good progress up round Hare's to the next control I took a slightly longer water break in a river to get a rather rotten gel into me just before we punched #6. I got it but was certainly slowing more than Mark especially on the climbs and he took my water bottle up Meelmore which was a fecking brute. Still, suffered up it but didn't slow too much and maintained enough momentum to get going nicely again towards the next one. Mark was keen on a lower route following the low wall and then contouring but I was not, so we stayed along the Mourne wall to the col, and then climbed a small bit and contoured round most the hill and we could get a fairly decent idea of where the control was so went into it pretty nicely.

While we hadn't even got through the cluster yet, it was obvious we were on the run home, and I got some more food into me and set about trying to hang onto Mark as best as possible. We had picked the Slieve Muck control first in the cluster and had gone for a fairly direct route to Muck, and I hung on fairly alright through all the terrain and boggy stuff, we were still moving well. As we climbed up Muck the gap started to eek open just a little but I was able to run most the climb so didn't get up too far behind the little terrier. He ploughed on and I followed and as I came up onto the South summit he was turning around which was nice to see. So we dived off the side of the hill for the next one. A steep descent but manageable, and we got round to it nicely with no issues.

Cluster complete we set off for the last two navigation controls and moved well across the rough stuff to the sheepfold, and got to use the two Elwoods to come into it cleanly and off we went.
Last wee climb here so I tried to keep working strongly enough and ran bits and pieces, though not enough to hang onto a flying Mark. As he opened the gap I cut the corner at the control and we were back together again on route to the end. A bit of local knowledge helped as I suggested the wall and Mark said there was a trail through the middle if we hit it, and so there was. A nice enough sheep-trail so the running was really quite decent through the rough bogs, and once we hit the wall I knew we were fairly home dry. Almost a slip from mark heading the wrong way on the last path but I caught it and got a little head start down the hill, which really just meant I looked semi-respectably close to him at the finish.

A good day out all in all. Knew we'd pushed hard and we'd been clean, and while I hadn't matched Mark's pace at times, the distance wasn't really an issue, making it a much more successful day than an of my previous mountain marathon day 1s.
We got the tent up, chatted a little and went for a dip in the reservoir and as we were getting out roar & shea, closely followed by conor & kev came into the finish which pretty much confirmed that it had indeed been a good day and we would get the comfort of sleeping with a 35min lead.

Friday Sep 20 #


Mournes Pack:
Firepot Orzo Bolognaise (785kcal / 200g) + chilli non carne (730kcal / 200g)
Expedition foods dessert (455kcal / 90g)
3 x chocolate complan
1 x bag porridge oats (sandwich bags)
1 x bag raisins
2 x peanut butter jam sandwich (4 slices bread)
3 x goodie bags (326g total)
3 x SIS cola energy gels (80kcal / 60g)
1 x cliff blok energy chews (60g)
2 x box skittles (45g each)
1 x nature valley oats + honey bar (42g)
1 x Flahavans flapjack (40g)
1 x crunchy peanut butter cliff bar (68g)

Tent: 600g + 210g poles & pegs (8 titanium + 4 alloys)
3 sharpies (between 2)
Superwalker XT25 Mournes map (double-sides)
Bags: standard decathlon Quechua RELIABLE + inov8 ultra vest

Pack weight: 5.1kg - probably too much food but I like food.
1 PM

Running 30:40 [2] 6.01 km (5:06 / km) +24m 5:00 / km
ahr:130 max:145

Easy shakeout on the grass, feeling very fresh.

Thursday Sep 19 #

10 AM

Running 31:56 [2] 6.03 km (5:18 / km) +23m 5:12 / km
ahr:120 max:144

Easy grass laps in bushy

Cycling: Commute 40:00 [0]

5 PM

Running 57:57 [2] 10.05 km (5:46 / km) +318m 4:59 / km
ahr:133 max:161

Lovely evening and clear skies so views for miles.
Could make out 6-7 summits of the mournes from Fairy Castle, couldn't have asked for much more.

Wednesday Sep 18 #

1 PM

Running 22:12 [2] 4.33 km (5:08 / km)
ahr:122 max:167

Running 19:13 intensity: (1:43 @1) + (6:40 @3) + (10:50 @5) 5.32 km (3:37 / km)
ahr:140 max:164

Deek’s Quarters on the track again, solo today.

Lovely out and taps aff conditions.
Didn’t look at the watch on the steady 200s this week and figured I may be going a bit slower, but the reps were going a bit quicker so evens out roughly, about 10s slower than last week.
Another good tough tempo / speedwork session, can never quite figure what this session is between those two, but if both probably, that’s why I like it.
Went and did a quicker 400 after, was going to do a couple, but could feel the legs getting heavier on the quick one so left it at that with the weekend in mind.

Running 22:27 [2] 4.03 km (5:34 / km)
ahr:121 max:130

Tuesday Sep 17 #

5 PM

Running 1:11:43 [2] 13.14 km (5:28 / km) +82m 5:18 / km
ahr:148 max:172

Easy with Jack McL, legs feeling suitably recovered.

Monday Sep 16 #

(rest day)

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