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Training Log Archive: A smith

In the 7 days ending Oct 8, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running9 7:29:34 63.14(7:07) 101.62(4:25) 351
  Turbo5 2:44:05
  Total14 10:13:39 63.14 101.62 351
  [1-5]14 9:40:17

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Sunday Oct 8, 2017 #

9 AM

Running 54:22 intensity: (17:59 @0) + (9:32 @1) + (15:02 @2) + (11:14 @3) + (32 @4) + (3 @5) 6.5 mi (8:22 / mi) +9m 8:20 / mi
ahr:128 max:150

Jogging round watching Oxford Half. Ran out to Marston Ferry through the fields to see them at halfway (and see Weatherseed get some practice in for the selection races by stopping halfway through), then back to Norham Gardens where I picked up LC on a bike. Then accompanied Dutty on his warm down and then Woodzy on his. Irritatingly messed up my starting/stopping garmin around here, which was annoying as part of the motivation was to get the week up to 60.

Foot hurting like it was yesterday straight from the start, which was not great. Had some bits in the middle of running to Marston Ferry where I couldn't feel it at all, but also lots of parts where it hurt. Correct decision to not do the long run. Will take some days off and try and still get the sessions in.
6 PM

Turbo 46:02 intensity: (1:31 @0) + (32:37 @1) + (11:54 @2)
ahr:132 max:143

Went to the Freshers' run to chat to people, and mentioned that I've been finding ~30 mins my mental limit for dragging myself onto the bike to cross train. Turns out I am mentally very weak and this is really not a very long time. Ah well, good to know. Paulin in particular was very proud of how he can do 2 hours on a turbo just staring at the number on his watch counting down. But he does do Physics at Merton. Anyway, resisted the urge to binge on post freshers' run food and headed to the gym with the determination to prove I am mentally 'tough enuss' (as Ed Miliband would put it). And it turns out I can sit on the bike for a bit longer. Although if I know I'm about to do this my heart rate starts out very low.

Saturday Oct 7, 2017 #

9 AM

Running warm up/down 24:00 intensity: (37 @0) + (11:57 @1) + (11:26 @2) 2.91 mi (8:15 / mi) +5m 8:12 / mi
ahr:135 max:145

Took ages to get to sleep last night and then slept through to 9:35, so felt quite groggy warming up. Pain in foot definitely present, but not triggered by hopping on that leg, so went with the standard plan of doing the session but being prepared to bail at any point. Quite slow jogging once I arrived with Tofi. Then post drills jog over to Jack Straw's Lane for hills.

My garmin continues its irritating trend of claiming to have found satellites and then talking utter shite for the first mile of my run. Today I apparently started running by Head of the River and ran a six minute mile directly through buildings to the Uni Parks bridge. Normally I don't bother correcting it as it seems to get its act together after a mile or so and most of the time distance should be about right as it typically has me running about parallel to where I in fact went, but today was particularly bad. Garmin's inbuilt altimeter also thought I climbed 300m to EH. Not impressed.

Running 11:16 intensity: (44 @0) + (1:30 @1) + (4:06 @2) + (4:28 @3) + (28 @4) 1.4 mi (8:04 / mi) +60m 7:07 / mi
ahr:148 max:170

2*3*30s 'hills'(jog down between reps, 3 mins between sets). First one legs were still waking up, so second one ended up being 5s short when I stopped in the same place. Really not a very steep hill, felt like I was using the same muscles I would for flat reps. Ended up doing most on my own as I was cruising the downhills while the group were going further than me but taking longer recoveries.

Running 5:52 intensity: (29 @0) + (5:23 @1) 0.68 mi (8:35 / mi)
ahr:125 max:134

Waited for the group, then back to EH.

Running intervals 18:04 intensity: (11 @0) + (5 @1) + (54 @2) + (6:32 @3) + (10:22 @4) 3.24 mi (5:35 / mi) +2m 5:34 / mi
ahr:166 max:175

2(1)3(1)4(1)3(1)2 fartlek on EH. Short session so went hard from the start. Leading the second group for most reps, fairly happy with the paces as recoveries were quite short and all jogged. Noah absolutely smashing it at the front. Foot pain becoming really noticeable towards the end though, felt like on the last two reps I was more focused on that than my running. Worrying, but session still felt like progress, so just need to make sure I am able to get quality in on session days and cross train more on other days if needed.

Running 1:42 intensity: (12 @0) + (1:30 @1) 0.17 mi (10:10 / mi)
ahr:124 max:127

Back from end of last rep.

Running warm up/down 12:51 intensity: (46 @0) + (10:58 @1) + (1:05 @2) + (2 @3) 1.35 mi (9:30 / mi) +15m 9:11 / mi
ahr:128 max:142

Very very easy for the foot. One lap with Tofi, then waited quite a while as I wanted to talk to Kyle, then jog back partly with Gruen and with an Australian grad fresher at John's. Lots of talking about 'stressies'.
5 PM


Squats. 4*10 (20kg, 45kg, 47.5kg, 50kg). I think.
6 PM

Turbo 33:01 intensity: (16 @0) + (24:50 @1) + (7:55 @2)
ahr:132 max:148

Exercise bike post squats.

Friday Oct 6, 2017 #

10 AM

Turbo 30:00 intensity: (54 @0) + (10:35 @1) + (18:31 @2)
ahr:135 max:146

Tried to get a big sleep last night, and had nothing to get up for, which resulted in the standard staying in bed as long as possible to avoid having to get on with the morning turbo, gradually getting hungrier and hungrier until that gets me up.

Had the gym to myself to start which was nice. A guy came in halfway through and then just stood there on his phone for 5 minutes quite close to me. He then trudged over to the cross trainer. I think he may have wanted my bike. I decided to listen to 'I won't back down' by Tom Petty in response. Avoided temptation to play it out loud.
5 PM

Running 37:49 intensity: (52 @0) + (3:57 @1) + (28:20 @2) + (4:28 @3) + (12 @4) 5.16 mi (7:20 / mi) +91m 6:57 / mi
ahr:142 max:172

Joined the boiz for a nature reserve run from Rad Cam. Nice group out but still worried about the foot, pain is a bit to the right of where I got the stress fracture over the big toe. Port Meadow is actually quite a tarmac heavy run only doing nature reserve with a Rad Cam meet.

Thursday Oct 5, 2017 #

8 AM

Running 1:01:01 intensity: (36 @0) + (1:16 @1) + (37:10 @2) + (21:59 @3) 8.6 mi (7:06 / mi) +19m 7:03 / mi
ahr:149 max:157

Port Meadow (one full lap, one nature reserve) with MC and Jack. Legs not actually feeling too bad post session, though a bit worried by pain in right foot.
6 PM

Turbo 30:01 intensity: (1:46 @0) + (16:35 @1) + (11:40 @2)
ahr:132 max:142

Noisy music man left halfway through today. Still annoying as it meant I couldn't watch an episode of anything. Legs not there today, felt knackered and napped this afternoon.

Wednesday Oct 4, 2017 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down 15:54 intensity: (1:04 @0) + (36 @1) + (7:27 @2) + (6:23 @3) + (24 @4) 2.24 mi (7:06 / mi) +18m 6:56 / mi
ahr:148 max:175

To Uni Parks bench, then a lap with Dutty, Liam and co. Hamstring DOMS seems to have gone away in the nick of time.

Running tempo 46:50 intensity: (6 @0) + (2:17 @1) + (1:02 @2) + (7:19 @3) + (36:06 @4) 8.27 mi (5:40 / mi) +49m 5:34 / mi
ahr:167 max:180

OUCCC Tempo Session, Uni Parks. 2*4miles(3min30s). Really strong group down but not many doing the full thing. Started in the group feeling comfortable but had to actively force myself to drop off the back of them when I checked the pace. First rep went by quite easily although I was solo for the last two miles. Then in the recovery regrouped with Noah who had dropped off the group for the second rep. Worked well together, had him on my shoulder pretty much the whole way and never really separated.

Reps were 21:36 (5:18, 5:22, 5:26, 5:29) and 21:42 (5:22, 5:28, 5:26, 5:24). Quite happy with consistency. Other than lifting it slightly in the last half mile it felt like an honest threshold effort, and the discomfort didn't really increase that much through the session. Told myself beforehand I would be happy with sub 5:30s, so on that basis should be pleased. Also definitely a step forward given last Wednesday's session. Still, tough to be happy when the group are running so much better. At least it's coming back.

Running warm up/down 16:20 intensity: (25 @0) + (59 @1) + (11:45 @2) + (3:11 @3) 2.3 mi (7:06 / mi) +19m 6:55 / mi
ahr:145 max:158

Lap with Liam, Jamie, Noah and Jack, who all gradually disappeared until it was just Liam, who was warming down at a cruisy 6:45 pace, which I had to go with as he ran a better session than me and my ego needed it. Except he thinks of everything in kms instead so I guess it was more 4:13 pace from his point of view? I genuinely find it mentally exhausting trying to convert everything he says back into miles. Bring back the empire.
6 PM


Squats, 4*10(20kg,40kg,45kg,50kg). Same session as Sunday, just getting back into it. Came close to talking myself out of it but need to be disciplined and get these in Wednesday evenings, otherwise I will end up sacking them off because I don't want to compromise Saturday session. Minimal amount of upper body stuff tacked on.
7 PM

Turbo 25:01 intensity: (38 @0) + (8:29 @1) + (15:54 @2)
ahr:136 max:147

Post squats. Felt completely knackered after the session earlier but hard days should be hard. Though this was just turning the pedals over.

Tuesday Oct 3, 2017 #

9 AM

Running 59:52 intensity: (1:19 @0) + (3:43 @1) + (31:54 @2) + (22:56 @3) 8.71 mi (6:52 / mi) +19m 6:50 / mi
ahr:147 max:158

To Port Meadow to meet MC, who was slightly late, then a full lap followed by a nature reserve lap. Really nice, good chat and lovely morning. Also pleasantly surprised we were clipping along at sub 6:40s by the end which didn't feel like a significant effort. Shape is coming back. Hoping for more of these this term so I can avoid the 7:20am morning run nonsense.
6 PM

Running 25:39 intensity: (53 @0) + (2 @1) + (22:18 @2) + (2:26 @3) 3.57 mi (7:11 / mi) +14m 7:06 / mi
ahr:145 max:161

Had planned on an exercise bike session with maybe a short jog before but foot was feeling ok and couldn't face making myself sweat that much and then all the mopping up. So did a lap of Uni Parks and EH. About 4 minutes quicker than I did this loop last Friday, which was nice. Uni Parks was steady rather than easy because I heard footsteps closing on me on my way down the park and refused to be caught, and then bumped into Jed on my way back through so picked it up a bit to chat to him. Hamstrings still quite sore.

Running 3:33 intensity: (31 @0) + (51 @1) + (2:11 @2) 0.44 mi (8:08 / mi)
ahr:133 max:140

Slower jog to/from Tesco to get dinner. Shop was rammed with freshers, who haven't yet worked out it is much quicker to go to the human check outs. Winning.

Monday Oct 2, 2017 #

4 PM

Running 44:00 intensity: (51 @0) + (2:57 @1) + (26:51 @2) + (13:17 @3) + (4 @4) 6.28 mi (7:01 / mi) +15m 6:58 / mi
ahr:146 max:174

To Iffley, then ChCh meadows and towpath with the group. Wanted to try and stick to softer stuff so turned off at Donington Bridge and went and lapped round the Kidneys for a bit.
5 PM


Drills and light core/injury prevention led by Kyle at the track. Good to be doing this again, always the first thing I sack off when busy. Observations: my co-ordination is still pretty good which I attribute to Camp Candy many years ago, so drills felt quite simple, even if I wasn't doing them that well. However, my ankle stability in particular was a lot worse than I expected. I think my ankles must be quite weak but I am quite good at foot placement/reacting quickly to bad placement when running in terrain. Interesting.
7 PM

Running 10:29 intensity: (42 @0) + (1:55 @1) + (7:36 @2) + (16 @3) 1.34 mi (7:50 / mi) +16m 7:33 / mi
ahr:138 max:163

Stayed to chat to Kyle at the end, then waited for MC so I could run back with company. He is absolutely smashing it at the moment. Good/scary.

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