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Training Log Archive: tinytoes

In the 7 days ending Sep 23, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walking2 2:30:00
  Event2 1:50:283 /9c33%
  gym class1 1:03:00
  running1 36:00 2.75(13:06) 4.42(8:09)
  Total6 5:59:28 2.75 4.423 /9c33%

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Saturday Sep 23, 2017 #

2 PM

Event (Aus Sprint Champs) 18:03 [4] ***

D grade performance - depressing, disastrous,dumb, distracted,disappointed.
Was really hyped for this one. But was so hyped i didn't focus right from the start. Was within 10m of #1 and thought I was still in Start triangle. Over thought all first half then the forecast switch kicked in and I found difficulty in getting buildings aligned after the run through.The blocked off'/ purple totally threw me, and didn't see the route to the left as everyone was going right. Later saw others going left but returning. So was momentarily resiled to my choice until i saw the tunnel, but tape at end but that was misleading.. Everything coming up too quickly and I'd be at the end of a building and was looking for my building.
I beat myself today. I expected this to be my shot at podium for the week so that's that.
And I'd even trained twice for it!

Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 #

4 PM

running 36:00 [4] 4.42 km (8:09 / km)
shoes: grey/white

Had kept the Long Night Champs course in the boot of the car waiting for such an opportunity. Despite it being Dog Leash Free time at Thomas Halton Park area it was a very pleasant time to be running seeing so many people out enjoying the beaut weather and unwindy time.
S-map turn over 16:39.
Turn - F 19:19
I think i was fading but maybe slightly longer second "half".
OK taper time now - another high heels day tomorrow and then after Final School Assembly it's get ready to pack.... and maybe mow... and maybe....

Tuesday Sep 19, 2017 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Pump) 1:03:00 [3]

Push ups felt good but the rest was just maintenance. Last Pump class for over 2 weeks

Monday Sep 18, 2017 #

8 AM

walking 1:30:00 [2]

Putting out controls for Star Relay, Line course and Scatter. Included some very high HR time when i had lost my car keys out on the course - well in the Activity Area.
35 Yr 9 Swansea HS PE kids
1 PM

walking 1:00:00 [2]

Getting pretty hot while bringing in controls. Day went fairly well - some kids really enjoyed it, others... well it wasn't ever going to be a good day for them.

Sunday Sep 17, 2017 #

11 AM

Event (HV Champs) 1:32:25 [3]

Well this was a wake up call if ever there was one. A new map courtesy of wonderful DL but oh dear what a challenge. The word around the Finish was be very careful as it is very confusing and there was quite a bit of peering at maps and pointing at possible alternative routes and much muttering and shaking of heads.
S-1 looked reasonably straight forward but I showed them how to muck that up. Initially too soon off track into quarry area pushed on to white and to w/c except had gone too far SE; found a w/c which was good but in quarry area tracks sometimes can materialise. Bumbled around for a while decided to bail and go back to quarry - still no luck. I did find a control 170 - not mine. mapgirl also looking confused but she had seen my controls and indicated I'd gone way too far again. Might dispute just a little about control placement but that's not because of missing it.
1-2 OK settle down, across/along quarry, cross track, go into green look for termite mound. Found rockman in similar situation and again I'd gone too far, relocated off end of quarry via nearby track network. Still very unhappy with myself and quite worried. This is very good training for Bathurst.
2-3 Much better mindset and found it easily.
3-4 N to track, along until junction bearing - a bit too far to South but saw mapgirl again.
4-5 Across powerline clearing, bearing crossed track, found w/c L or R? Right saw JG here and she was coming North but I thought I was just S of control. And yes I was... about 5m but I didn't see flag so went South for about100m found an "appropriate" w/c but no flag, 2 tree root mounds and ah ha again too far south. Alongside main w/c and passed where I'd decided to go south and could see flag all of 5m away! URGH
5-6 Bearing until ploughed track which I'd planned to just cross but was sufficiently close to the junction to use the main track for a while. Bearing from some rubbish - sad when can reliably use rubbish as attack points.
6-7 disappointing that seem to have drifted as crossed ditch i needed and came across a very shiny new fence - ooh that close. Back more towards road and attacked again this time picking up ditch and following it.
7-8 most pleasing leg of the day with bearing, crossing w/c, skirting linear green, plunging through green stripe and over crest - spot on!
8-9 to track, wanted to see minor track on left but didn't see it so ended up bouncing off more major track on right but end execution was good.
Note: seem to be missing a few tracks on my left in recent events - possibly I am watching not straight ahead but to the right.
9-10 again very happy with his leg - track cross, w/c and banks use green (avoid the "farm crop there near the humpy") through green and again spot on.
10-11 slog across powerline clearing in off just before w/c
11-12 parallel to w/c, cross track angle to intermittent w/c, uphill on S tributary to waterhole at end. Saw rockman here and thought it was his. It was my last but I took a long time to get to the F.
12-F left 12 in a roughly W direction but seemed to be getting nowhere, even crossing a w/c. Seems I must have drifted more NW as opposed to W so steered the ship to a better direction and slogged uphill to finish. trudger cheered me in. Told i won the W60A which was a thought a joke - thinking I'd won the last place spot. But no I did win on a technicality - only 1 entry. Didn't deserve it at all!
So a very good wakeup call today on so many points.

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