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Training Log Archive: tinytoes

In the 7 days ending May 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  gym class4 4:00:00
  walking1 50:00
  Park Run1 42:00
  Smorgasbord1 30:00
  Total7 6:02:00

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Saturday May 19 #


I seem to be acting as leepback's "bunny" to chase. Peels doing the "half and half" with bax and leepback brings it home! He is getting closer though that may be a function of his flu diminishing.
8 AM

Park Run (newy - rebuild) 42:00 [4]
shoes: grey/white

A nip in the air this morning - and at ground level - small yappies in abundance.
S-1 8:47 went out hard and seemed to pick a good spot in the pack - but numbers were also down. Didn't feel as fast as i'd hoped.
1-2 8:29
2-3 8:46 big slow down in time. Getting a bit casual - but that makes the improvements in all other sectors all the better.
3-4 8:25
4-5 4:09/3:21 7:30 As with last week, went for little jog at 500m mark and it felt good - still only lasts all of 350m :-(( walked 50m and jogged the rest in.
Marked improvement in time again (43:49 - 43:05 - 42:28 - 42:09 - 42:00) but that I am sure I am getting close to plateau time.
Nice chat before with Greg and Kerrie B and with leepback, mapgirl and bax and afterwards with Adrian P catching up on ANU gossip and rogaine planning.
Got 4 direct cheers while on course - not sure why.

Friday May 18 #

10 AM

Smorgasbord 30:00 [4]
shoes: white puma

Needed to mix things up.
Started with rowing - 10in - only bearable with diversions for the first 5 mins then i got into the right mindset.
Next to rowing machines is the new stair climber which piqued my interest. Seeing as i am the world's worst stair climber I just had to do some of those. 3 mins was all I could manage - HR 170. Felt a touch dizzy so pleased that I got to the 3 min mark. Don't hate them at all.
In front of the stair climber are the brand spanking new bikes so i had to visit them. They have much more comfortable seats and i felt like putting in more effort (read: not as much energy spent on hating the seat). 17 min at pretty fast pace (for me) and pleased that HR stayed over 120 which is unusual for me on bike.

Thursday May 17 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Pump) 1:00:00 [4]
shoes: white puma

As hard a pump class as I've ever done. Jamie-Lee filling in for Deb - rarely does Pump classes. I think she should do them more often! Felt like I'd challenged myself.

Wednesday May 16 #

9 AM

gym class (Cross Trainer) 1:00:00 [4]
shoes: white puma

A rare Wednesday appearance. Good class as to be expected from Cory. Good news is that there was no sign of left foot tenderness despite impact.
Kim's birthday today - so she had to do 48 burpees, while the rest of us did a hover. Burpees are less of a problem than a hover for me currently so i joined her. Then Johnny did, then a few others did and in the end nearly all did. While i was doing mine I decided that when it is my birthday I'll do that many burpees (as befits the number) but everyone else has to do the difference between their age and mine. That way the older ones can do 5 or 10 or so and the young fit ones can do their 35 and 40 and maybe even 50. Ha ha... it'll be interesting seeing them struggle with the maths! Ha ha ha.
1 PM

walking 50:00 [1]

Map checking of new Guns and Roses map.

Tuesday May 15 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Pump) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: white puma

Different instructor - loud rampy music, talked a lot.

Monday May 14 #

9 AM

gym class (Cross Trainer) 1:00:00 [4]
shoes: white puma

Not an auspicious start to the class - twinge in left foot as I took first step on run. Dumbed down mountain climbers every time and got through - though there seemed to be mountain climbers in every segment!
No more troubles after that - even did squat jumps. I am so unco with spider pushups!

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