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Training Log Archive: tinytoes

In the 7 days ending Mar 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  rogaine1 2:57:43 9.01(19:43) 14.5(12:15)
  gym replacement activity1 1:30:00
  gym class1 1:00:00
  Event1 42:06 3.04(13:51) 4.89(8:37)
  Park Run1 37:52 3.11(12:11) 5.0(7:34)
  Gym51 26:26 3.11(8:30) 5.0(5:17)
  warm up/down2 26:00 0.62 1.0
  Total7 7:40:07 18.88 30.39

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Saturday Mar 2 #

7 AM

warm up/down (Walking) 10:00 [1] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: black+blue

8 AM

Park Run (Lakeview) 37:52 [4] 5.0 km (7:34 / km)
shoes: black+blue

Absolutely beautiful morning. A little late in arriving and a longish queue ofr loos so very little warm up wasn't boding well.
Happy to see km markers back.
S-1 8:06
1-2 7:08
2-T 3:26 (18:42)
T-3 4:05
3-4 8:03 (30:52)
4-5 7:00 (37:52)

After a 10 sec slower first km picked up a few seconds variously and just scraped an improvement on last time. Happy with that.

Today's little piece of excitement.... Whereas 2 weeks ago there were some startled free campers in the carpark, today was at the other end of the spectrum A little house on trailer was parked. It was white and had arched windows. Learned later that it was indeed a little house, a wedding "venue", waiting for the gates to be opened to the parkland for a ceremony this afternoon.
5 PM

gym replacement activity 1:30:00 [3]

Glad to see the end of that task! Now for the good part - planting in the huge area I've uncovered.

Friday Mar 1 #

11 AM

warm up/down (Walking) 16:00 [2]
shoes: black+blue

Felt stride length was good and seemed purposeful

Gym5 26:26 [4] 5.0 km (5:17 / km)
shoes: black+blue

Even though it is later in the day I felt a bit slow - and probably not helped by not having brekkie yet. (Got distracted by entering the last 100 names, addresses, etc into Reunion database).
Was happy however to have some noticeable acceleration in the last 1.5km - or perhaps I shouldn't?

Thursday Feb 28 #

9 AM

gym class (Body Pump) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: white puma

Wednesday Feb 27 #

6 PM

Event (TH Halton park - ) 42:06 [3] 4.89 km (8:37 / km)
shoes: black+blue

Street Series presentation event and the cross over between Score and Line. Lovely conditions. Good course though I was weighing up the virtue of crossing the road for the second part of the event.
Line first - 19:03 so with a time limit of 45 mins I felt a bit of a wimp to stop then. Bridget passed me at #3 which was a big relief to get that out of the way and I was pleased that after that she didn't get that much further in front. She muffed the canal section - ie you can't cross there!! but made up for it by getting an extra control before we crossed the road. I diddled myself out of an extra point by not nabbing #116 even though it was a bit of a climb before I crossed the road which could have been offset by seeing #120 which would have involved about 2 minutes tops but an inopportune folding of the map kept it just out of sight. Probably lost 1:30 at lights - not counting the time for the return as it was at a crossing but not controlled by lights. Not concerned - good to feel a bit of running and near the end I was getting stronger and Bridget wasn't.

Nice presentation - collected my Toblerone for 100% attendance - despite the wiping of the torrential rain day. Donating it to a needy rockman! He needs more chocolate in his life.
So next week is Urban Series launch.

Tuesday Feb 26 #

(rest day)

Catch up day for all sorts of things.

Sunday Feb 24 #

9 AM

rogaine (WSP minigaine) 2:57:43 [3] 14.5 km (12:15 / km)
shoes: grey/white

This was such fun!!! rockman was so wonderful to act as driver and support for me. He was also acting as psychologist and personal trainer. I am a reasonably organised person - but I fail everytime with rogaine prep and it's even worse as I've been on the Admin side enough times and rolled my eyes at what some people have displayed... I'm as guilty as them all (except for the woman who asked me for some Aquium at the Hash house after she'd touched "something".) Weather was fantastic - overcast, sprinkling of rain, cool breeze, about 22C.
So my most obvious failings: left map planning board at the house; expected control descriptions to be on map so didn't take sticky tape; packed far too much in back up so that got hurriedly turfed; had plenty of time until suddenly it was briefing and I hadn't been to the loo for the final application of "lifesaving" powder.
Toilet, retrieved pack, found sticky tape.. and then hooter went - so I was about 2 minutes late leaving the HH, but within 10m I had grit in my shoe so had to sit down and get it out all the while telling Rob V about my nightmare with him in it and a brick wall falling on top of me at the HH in a dust storm! Then I was off.
I had a plan, but was very unsure about what white meant on a rogaine map and what it meant here, with instructions telling us to be very alert for snakes and that the minor paths might be mown or might be waist high grass (that would possibly mean shoulder height for me) so I worked out a VERY conservative route with check points for time, crossings etc. There is a pipeline and canal which cuts the map N-S as well as a major road which cuts the map N-S. So took off for my planned #1 and saw lots of people coming from another control which I'd discounted... so that made my mind up I'd go rogue... and so I did. I actually added in 5 extra controls in before rejoining my original plan. I'd also had a plan of wearing O pants + gaiters over my 3/4 tights in the hope of stripping down when I crossed over the highway and into the urban section - which was an investment of time well worth it.
Had first drink and pineapple at 1 hour; 2nd drink 45 mins later, rest of pineapple 20 mins later, last of small water bottles water with 30 mins to go. No sign of losing the plot.
Had such a wonderful time - seeing lots of people initially then fewer and as time was drawing in seeing people going for last few points. About 10 of us were in a train for the nearest control #21 to the pedestrian crossing back across highway and it was a trot in. What absolutely astounded me was that I added in the 5 extra controls and only had to drop 3 from the urban part and the points gain in doing so was a massive 130. I'm also thrilled that with my very limited exposure to route planning for 3 hours in a mixture of terrain and using a 1:15 map that my timing was so good.
Feet and ankles started to whinge at 2hr mark, but knees good.
I'm sure there were lots of happy people at the end - the HH food was incredible - watermelon, pizzas, chocolate hot cross buns and the most divine apple, pear, rhubarb and cinnamon pastries. I drank nearly 2L after the finish and a further 2L at home while I played with Astrid's train set.
Had quite a bit of cramping up until 7 pm but little or none thereafter (even during the night!)
Decided not to drive home but stay another night... and play trains some more.

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