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Training Log Archive: mehosford

In the 31 days ending Jul 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running20 49:46:01 247.8 398.8 7500
  Yoga10 13:40:00
  Walking5 7:10:00 18.7 30.09 4720
  Strength13 3:32:18
  Biking2 2:10:00
  Total27 76:18:19 266.5 428.89 12220
averages - sleep:6 weight:3603lbs

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Friday Jul 31, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 2:06:17 [3] 12.0 mi (10:31 / mi) +1610ft 9:20 / mi
slept:5.5 weight:10601lbs

Trail. No snakes. Just a Chukar. No falling. Just R-L-R-L for awhile. Weight is recorded as "perceived weight."

Running (Trail) 2:33:00 [3] 13.0 mi (11:46 / mi) +2970ft 9:41 / mi

Terraces start in Millcreek up the Bowman trail to the pass between Gobbler's and Raymond. Saw a moose. Eddie threw up. I didn't. I sang really loud to scare off the moose. It worked.

Thursday Jul 30, 2009 #

Yoga 1:30:00 [3]

Holy Hip Openers

Strength 25:00 [3]

600's thingey with the ball and the lifts and the hauling and the pushing and the curling and the squating 20x each 5x through.

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009 #

Running (Road) 1:30:00 [3] 8.0 mi (11:15 / mi) +420ft 10:43 / mi
slept:6.5 weight:103lbs

6.2 mile road run with Eddie in the 'hood.
Barefoot running - 15x 100 yds w/ 100 yd jog recovery between. ~1.8 miles.
I need a rear-view mirror because I still can't turn my head right or left and look behind me. Ibuprofen in my future.

Strength 7:00 [3]

DOT x 5

Running (Road) 50:00 [3] 5.5 mi (9:05 / mi)

Dog walk turned into dog run. Too nice outside. It's only in the 80s.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009 #

Running 2:19:00 [5]

Mt. Oly Hills. Eddie dropped out after the 2nd hill and stayed by the car for the 3rd. Suunto is recharged, but refuses to log ascent/descent times. Just says "defrag memory" and then returns to the ides of march in 2007. Nice. Hence, it's a fancy stopwatch now. Recorded splits on my leg this time.

Ascent times; Total Times
1) 25:38*; 45:30. This is the only interval that I beat my former time.
2) 27:10; 47:51
3) 26:57; 45:37

1 scoop perpetuum at start.
Nauseous on 2nd descent.
Had a bite of a muffin that I had made to give to Tracy before the 3rd before I felt light-headed and grumpy.
Seemed to help, not so nauseous on the 3rd climb.
If this is my bread and butter, then I'm toast!

Monday Jul 27, 2009 #

Strength 18:00 [3]

4x core exercises at 25 reps each with the green ball that rolls all over the house.

Running (Trail) 2:12:00 [3] 11.0 mi (12:00 / mi) +2500ft 9:52 / mi

Unriveted running up Desolation Trail to pass above Neffs. New trail sections that we buffed out on Saturday are downright luxurious. Aside from stumbling on one section, and a bird relieving itself on my wrist (WTF!?), it was a great solo run with 4WD all the time, Eddiedog.
Hammer pseudofoods experiment - 1 scoop perpetuum at start. 1 scoop recoverite in a sub-par smoothie w/i 1 hr of running. Powder to the people!

Running (Barefoot) 12:00 [4] 1.2 mi (10:00 / mi)

Back to the future barefoot running at Liberty Park. 10x 100m sprint, 10x 100m jog-rest.

Sunday Jul 26, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 2:25:00 [3] 14.0 mi (10:21 / mi)

I know why snakes are deaf. When people like me see them rattling on the side of the trail, we scream bloody murder and blow their little snakey ear drums out. That's what happened on the way up Dry Creek the 2nd time with Sha and Eddie. No more snakes after that. Just right left right left for a couple of hours with Dr. O'G and D.O.G.

Running (Trail) 55:00 [5] 6.0 mi (9:10 / mi)

12 min WU up Dry Creek in the dark. 43 minutes of rivets in the dark before meeting Sha back at DC parking lot. "Rowdy" digger on the downhill unsanctioned by FAA. Perpetuum on board at the start. That stuff can make you fly, just be sure to land on your feet, not your face.

Yoga 1:15:00 [2]

Super hot sunday steamyasana with "football season is upon us and bow down to the Philly Eagles" D'ana.

Strength 13:00 [2]

Da Core Stuff - 3x Through - 40 DB; 25 stab ball curls; 25 roll outs.

Saturday Jul 25, 2009 #

Walking 2:00:00 [3] 5.5 mi (21:49 / mi)
(rest day)

Trail Work for WF100. Desolation Trail. Nothing like manual labor to remind you that most people in this world actually WORK for a living. I just create, delete, lose, and forward emails.

Friday Jul 24, 2009 #

Walking 2:30:00 [3] 7.0 mi (21:26 / mi) +4720ft 13:05 / mi

Steepajawea hiking with Coach to Gobblers Knob from A-basin. Highlight was the company. Honorable mention goes to Eddie for not going arse over teakettle whilst jumping over deadfall in pursuit of chipmonkeys.

Strength 7:20 [3]

DOT cubed. I am not part of the pioneer day festivities, despite what the neighbor kids think.

Yoga 2:30:00 [2]

Handcart day yoga with D'ana and Scott. Hot hot hot. Had to unravel the shoulders because I hunch them up in my suit with the too short arms. Also had to stretch out the achilles from the heels that I wobbled on one day.

Thursday Jul 23, 2009 #

Yoga 1:25:00 [2]
(rest day)

Self guided yoga in the mayflower hotel. So glad I brought my mat! Too bad no coach matt here to keep me from getting lost in the city!

Wednesday Jul 22, 2009 #

Running 1:15:00 [4] 8.0 mi (9:22 / mi)

10 min wu to Washington mall and then 3x 7 min speedie stuff. 10 min cool down back to hotel and then back out with colleagues for 45 min at something like 8 min/mile. Legs feel good even though they are likely not fully recovered. I miss hills!

Strength 15:37 [4]

100's. Rep intervals of 10 or 20. I may be able to cut my time down when I learn how to count!

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009 #

Running (Road) 1:40:00 [3] 11.0 mi (9:05 / mi)

What started out as a relaxing jog through the streets and sights of DC at 4am turned into a harrowing urban disorientation experience. As a kid who did not tour DC with my fellow 4th graders, I don't really know which monument is which. Hence, I ran right off my little running map past the mall, past the white house and on into china town. I then booked it in the wrong direction before asking for help. Legs felt great. No pain, just chagrin at being clueless to where my hotel was!

Strength 2:10 [2]

ATW. Reps = 25. Added 25 armhaulers. Miss my bed!!

Monday Jul 20, 2009 #

Biking 1:10:00 [3]

Mayflower hotel gym in DC. Read the new yorker mag to keep from falling asleep and teetering off of the bike.

Walking (Treadmill) 20:00 [3] 1.7 mi (11:46 / mi)

Almost chewed my arm off on the stationary bike so I moved to the rat wheel for some variety.

Yoga 1:00:00 [1]

Felt good. Nothing really sore. So ready to come home.

Sunday Jul 19, 2009 #

Walking (Trail) 1:20:00 [2] 4.5 mi (17:47 / mi)

Mellow hike with Eddy to flush out the legs. Wore a skirt so as to not be compelled at all to run. Legs felt GOOD. Chomping at the bit to run. I guess that Ultragen really helped. Or else it was chilling the legs after the race in a tub fill of ice water and a glass of sauvignon blanc. Oh so good.

Yoga 1:20:00 [2]

Reminiscent of that classic Prince song, "when doves cry," or something like that because the pigeon pose was a real tearjerker, especially when they had to pry me out of it with the jaws of life.

Saturday Jul 18, 2009 #

Running race (Trail) 7:06:00 [5] 31.2 mi (13:39 / mi)

Karl's Krazy Race. Undoubtedly the hardest race I have ever done. Had Coach on hand to make fun of my hat, keep me moving, and keep me from turning this event into a competitive eating challenge.

Thursday Jul 16, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 1:07:00 [3] 6.0 mi (11:10 / mi)

Super super mellow run with girlfriends on BST. Was supposed to run road, but didn't want to run alone on the pavement when I could run with the ladies and pups.

Running (Track) 7:14 [4] 1.0 mi (7:14 / mi)

Track mile in the 7's. Been running in circles all week, so this felt pretty ok.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009 #

Running tempo (Road) 1:10:00 [4] 8.6 mi (8:08 / mi)

Tempo. Road. 20 min WU with doggie. Drop doggie back off at house and commence to putting pedal to pavement. (40 min). 10 min cool down. 8.6 mile loop around Sugarhood.

Strength 16:00 [2]

ATW. 25 reps each.

Yoga 1:10:00 [2]

Yoga for stiff people! Great class. I think the instructor was channeling john McCain because she kept calling us "friend."

Monday Jul 13, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 2:00:00 [3] 11.0 mi (10:55 / mi)

Mellow run from Burch Hollow to Lambs Pass in Millcreek. Hard to fight the urge to push up the hills. Legs felt good, though lower legs are tight.

Sunday Jul 12, 2009 #

Strength 20:00 [3]

Core exercises. 3 Exercises. 20 reps. 3 times.
DOT cubed = 5x5x5

Running (Track) 50:00 [4] 5.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

TABATA = running on the track. 1/2 mile WU, 8 sprints at 20 secs with 10 sec easy recovery in between. 1/2 mile cool down.
Easy jog with dog around the neighborhood by the track. 3 miles.

Yoga 1:15:00 [2]

Yoga. Focus on feet, calves, and hips. OUCH.

Saturday Jul 11, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 1:51:00 [3] 10.5 mi (10:34 / mi)

Saturday run with Shannon + dogs. Weak up the hills. Not much torque. Kept it easy, walked the steep stuff. Drank well. Wasn't rude to bikers. This is progress.

Friday Jul 10, 2009 #

Running hills (Trail) 1:30:00 [5]

Olympus Hill Repeats a la Coach Hurt.
Hill 1 - 26:29
Descent 1 - 16:57
Hill 2 - 26:13
Descent 2 - 16:25
Total time is actually 90 minutes on the button.
Ooh ooh & I did run the whole way. No fakin' it!! I tried so hard that I faceplanted right outta the gate! It's all part of my "throw off the competition " strategery.

Wednesday Jul 8, 2009 #

Running long (Trail) 3:31:00 [3] 20.0 mi (10:33 / mi)
slept:4.0 weight:105lbs

Big Mtn to somewhere in Sessions Mtns on the WF100 course. Found my sweatshirt from last saturday. This, and Shannon's company for the first hour, were the highlights. Felt pretty tired as well as clumsy. Possible due to intense massage yesterday coupled with minimal sleep. Hungry for last hour of run.
Fluids - 42 oz (2 Nuun tabs). 12 oz/hr and I peed 4 times.
Food - 400 calories. 114 cal/hr. Not enough.
Shoes have had it. They are dismissed.
All in all, a beautiful morning. Tons of lupine, indian paintbrush, and a few shy columbines.

Tuesday Jul 7, 2009 #

Running (Road) 1:00:00 [3] 6.7 mi (8:57 / mi)

Road run in SugarHood. Gotta get up to get down. Felt good. Road shoes feel funny compared to the trail clydesdale hooves.

Running tempo (Track) 6:30 [4] 1.0 mi (6:30 / mi)

1 mile TT on track. Tried to run at AeT, without scaring the kiddie camp that was swerving all over the track. They were so cute, especially when they would stop right in front of me in lane one. Seems like screaming, "coming in hot" behind them didn't work. Just kidding. I made them all cupcakes and told them that were fast and darling. Wait, just kidding on that too.

Strength 7:11 [3]

DOT cubed.

Strength 20:00 [3]

ATW at intervals of 25 reps.

Walking (Road) 1:00:00 [1]

Easy stroll with the Edster.

Monday Jul 6, 2009 #

Biking (Road) 1:00:00 [3]

OK. Let's make this clear. I have one bike at present that I am willing to ride for an hour. It is a beach cruiser. I love it. So I tooled around town for 1 hr on my fire-engine-red-where's-the-beach cruiser. Hope this suffices for active recovery.

Yoga 1:15:00 [2]


Sunday Jul 5, 2009 #

Running long (Trail) 6:30:00 [4] 25.0 mi (15:36 / mi)

Brighton to the Homestead on the WF100 course. Sizzler day with Shannon, Jay, and George. Best snack: homemade muffins. Worst snack: a certain performance bar that does not perform well in the heat unless one enjoys the consistency of oysters. Snack I wish I had: turkey/cheese taquito. Best song: Nautical Wheelers (J. Buffett). Best gear: my UF visor (Go Gators). Worst gear: two leaky water bottles.
Total calories: 1100.
Total fluid: 100 oz (15 oz/hr). Nuun for 1/4 of that.
Breakfast: 3 hrs prior - packet of maple/brwn sugr oatmeal with PB (1T).

Saturday Jul 4, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 1:30:00 [3] 9.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

Big Mtn to Swallow Rocks & back on the WF100 course (miles 34.9 - 39.4). Woulda been an hour run if had turned around when my watch read 30 min or I had not lost my sweatshirt that I stashed (so no one, not even me, could find it). Started on an empty stomach and didn't bring food so as to run through hunger as opposed to my usual strategy: meals on wheels. I guess losing my sweatshirt was the only bad outcome.

Strength 40:00 [3]

DOT drill (4x). ATW at intervals of 25.

Yoga 1:00:00 [2]

Self-guided. Didn't get stuck in any poses so I got that going for me.

Thursday Jul 2, 2009 #

Running (Trail) 1:20:00 [4] 8.6 mi (9:18 / mi)

Warm up on flats (6 min) and then commence to heaving with hill repeats in the rainforest that is the Wasatch this summer. Grandeur trail section 1.1 miles x 2.
1) 09:30
2) 09:26
Then ran down to rattlesnake and back to church fork (4.2 mi) to soak up the unique opportunity of running in the rain in July in the high desert. Joined by pacer/task-master/pastry-chef, Dr. Shannon O'Grady (day job is putting the smack-down on diabetes).

Running warm up/down (Treadmill) 25:00 [3] 3.0 mi (8:20 / mi)

Release the inner hamster on the "rat wheel" to prepare for hill hell and shake out the workies.

Strength 11:00 [4]

Ball sports - 3 times through: 20 dead bug, 20 knee tuck, 20 roll outs. Learned the dead bug from some pilates video I found on you tube where I was instructed to vacuum my back to the floor. Maybe this is why I am always covered in dog hair.

Wednesday Jul 1, 2009 #

Running intervals (Track) 1:00:00 [4] 6.5 mi (9:14 / mi)

Holy nostalgia at the track!! 7 x 0.5 mile intervals with 400 m rest between (1 rest with 800 m). Interval times in minutes = 3:24, 3:15, 3:18, 3:14, 3:21, 3:16, 3:15. Cool down with 1 mile. Now I am at the coffee shop eating cheesecake. Just kidding, about the cake, but not the coffee shop.

Strength 10:00 [3]

DOT cubed. After a glass of wine this drill becomes a lot more challenging.

Running tempo (Trail) 45:00 [3] 5.0 mi (9:00 / mi)

Quickie tempo run with Eddie and Jay on the Pipeline. Flat. Counted footfalls. Feel like I now "know" 90 FF/min.

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