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In the 7 days ending Sep 28, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  trail running5 3:18:18 5.2 8.37
  orienteering3 2:15:15 10.87(12:26) 17.5(7:44)
  nautilus2 1:20:00
  biking1 1:16:40 21.4(3:35) 34.44(2:14)
  yoga1 1
  Total6 8:10:14 37.47 60.31
  [1-5]6 8:10:13
averages - weight:137lbs

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Sunday Sep 28, 2008 #

orienteering 1:04:23 [3] 6.8 km (9:28 / km)
shoes: integrators 2006

So the plan for today was similar to yesterday, except just to execute 100% of the time and not 90-95%.

And the results? Better, maybe even much better. Still missed about 20-30 seconds at maybe 4 points, but was always under control, always knew where I was, always had a plan, always simplified the navigation, and almost always executed well. Despite legs that were totally dead, like yesterday, the mind was on the ball.

Not quite perfect, but very satisfying. And a great forest (especially for summer vegetation conditions) and a wonderful map. Thanks Mark.

So here's my course, Green Y (M60), 6.8 km. Haven't drawn my routes in yet.

And here is my route. A few comments --

1. A scary control to start on, but right on it.
3. A left swing to avoid the green. Couple of short marsh crossings were quite bad, made me want to avoid marshes thereafter.
5. First miss, just a little careless, control was so easy.
6. Safe route.
8. Easy running but not an easy approach. Careful on the bearing, had a very precise picture of the terrain before the control, right on.
9. Trails were too much out of the way. In control all the way and moving well.
10. Approach using the elongated knoll. Just about to stop to really read the map carefully when I saw the control 30 meters in front of me.
11. Reading the map well, knoll-knoll-knoll then drop to the control.
12. Ran around, then careless on the approach.
13. Right swing offered more white woods, little marsh or green. In control.
15. Woods were real nice until the last 100 meters, then visibility closed in. A little off to the right but not much.
16. Only bit of mental laziness. didn't really read map carefully at the end. Across the narrow marsh, knoll, knoll, and then not sure. Saw a control ahead but it was up high, knew it wasn't mine. Probably stood still for 15 seconds being sure, then went right and saw it.

Really wonderful terrain.

trail running 10:00 [2]

A little before and after.


Another good day for Gail. Last night she thought it likely that she wouldn't go out today. This morning, well, maybe she'd start, but probably just do a little and then come in. We started about the same time, and when I finished I didn't see her, so I asked the results crew if she had downloaded. Nope, they said. Good, I said, and they seemed a bit surprised as usually you hope that your spouse is already in. But I was hoping that she was feeling good enough to do the whole course. Which she was. She came in about 15 minutes later, once again beaming, 5.2 km in 84 minutes, just walking all the way.

And told the following story. She'd had my #5, but going the other direction, so after she punched she needed to head east out to the road and then south. Just as she punched, so did Eddie Bergeron, very fast she said, also very fast leaving, just a flash and he was gone, but WTF, heading northeast, did he know something she didn't?

But she followed her plan, walking out to the road and then heading south. And much to her surprise, a little ways up the road, here comes Eddie again, still very fast, zooms by her again.

Eddie it seems had not meant to do his WTF route to get out to the road. But he was careless with his compass, and when he popped out through the bit of green forest, he could see the road right in front of him, just this narrow marsh in the way. WTF, he was almost there, a moment later, WTF, he was in up to his neck. Got across, pulled himself out, took off up the road in pursuit of Gail, by now well up the road.... :-)

A side benefit of the weekend is that it raises the possibility of more future O' trips, like maybe Europe next summer?


In case you didn't see, this is what all the fishermen were after...

In this case, it was catch and release, and the fish went back in as soon as the photo was taken.

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 #


So a change is clearly needed for today. How about -- let's have a plan for each leg. How about -- let's remember that there are things like attack points and handrails. How about -- let's try to know where I am and where I'm going 100% of the time.

And let's try to avoid the euphoria of just heading off in the general direction of the next point and winging it, and then inevitable consequences. Reminds me of the joke that seems to characterize my orienteering currently -- The pilot radios back to the passengers: I've got bad news and good news for you. The bad news is there's a terrible storm out there, and we have no idea where we are or where we're going. The good news is, we're making good time.

We shall see.


OK, so first things first. Highlight of the day without question was seeing Gail finish the Brown course in a decent time on a wet, slippery, hilly course, a couple mistakes to be sure, it's the first orienteering for her in probably two years, and it looks like she might have been 3rd in F60. Hooray!


Next, in M21 and F21, seems like Canada whomped the USA (again). It would be nice to see a big rally tomorrow, but, seeing as how we last won the BK Cup in 1982 (when Gail was on the winning team!), I would not care to wager on it....

Results for M21 and F21 are in the discussion thread on the BK Cup.

orienteering 41:09 [3] 4.1 mi (10:02 / mi)
shoes: integrators 2006

And finally, my run today. An improvement, for sure, but still a couple of brain farts. But progress nevertheless.

I'll post more later, plus the map, but we are heading off for dinner and maybe a beer or two, and then maybe raise a little hell, or whatever. Until then, I'll just say that before the start, besides reminding myself to have a plan, etc, etc., I was also, as I contemplated the gloomy day, the steady rain, and the task at hand, reminded of the following -- just think, I said to myself thinking back to 3 weeks ago, it could be Pawtuckaway (a really tough forest in NH), it could be raining a whole lot harder, and it could be dark. And that kept me smiling while I waited to go....


So, my run today. I think I'll play a little game. I haven't looked at the map since I ran other than a few seconds looking at where Gail's Brown course. The game is to see how well I remember things, which will indicate how much I was paying attention. So I'll write the commentary, and then go add the map segments. We'll see....

#1. Around the pond, headed up the hill SW, over a little spur, up past the top of a reentrant, turned right a little, climbing straight up, past a little knoll on the left, first plan was to head right up to the top of the ridge, then turn left and over the long knoll to the saddle, but cut the corner a little when the terrain became clear. Score on a scale of 1 to 10: 10

#2. SE, dropping a little, past a depression on the right, across a flattish area, heading for a ridge that had several knolls on it, plus a sharp drop-off on the right side. Over one knoll on the right side, then another a little left, then another back a little right, then down the hill almost to the bottom to the little reentrant. Score: 10

#3. Still SE, a little swing to the right to avoid climbing some of a cross-spur, then through some meandering terrain, not quite sure exactly where I was, hit the cross trail, right where it was depressed a bit, high ground ahead on the right. So I was a little right of the line, up the hill, a little right of E, across the north-facing slope to the control. Score: 9

#4. Just right of north, generally downhill, along the left side of a spur, picked up a vague trail. Came out at the bigger trail by the SW corner of the marsh. Along the west edge, around the corner, and then a little right of north over the high ground and down to the control on a left-sloping spur. Score: quite a bit of hesitation, but still 10

#5. East, drop down to the lowlands, cross the stream, along the bottom of the ridge, east than more south. Cross the trail, climb a little too soon so have to traverse a bit to get on the main hill, then up and over the top and down to the control. Score: 8

#6. Down the hill SE, cross the trail, through the saddle and down a little more, pick up the small trail, past the first immediate reentrant on the left, another 100 meters, up the next reentrant and then turn right and up to the point. Score: 10+

#7. Due north, high ground, a couple rolls, down a slope, cross a small trail, across some flat terrain, cross a bigger trail, figure I'm pretty close to the line, also figure it will be easier to tell if I go a little farther. Keep going, small depression, see where I am, down, along bottom of a hillside going up on the left, and then just right of north to the control. Score 8 (too much uncertainty)

#8. People around, left too quickly, didn't read map well, heading NW to flattish area with boundary. Went down a bit, rough woods, not reading map any more, reached flattish area heading WNW, no sign of boundary, didn't see that I was farther south in flat area with lots of green. Reached the end of that, saw trail, hmmm. Found out from Charlie where we are. Head north, through some thick stuff, up to more open forest, then down a reentrant to the control. Yikes. Score: 0, just exactly what I was trying to avoid.

#9. Back up the hill, due west across the flats to the sharp spur heading down, SW, past a depression on the left, angled right along the contour to large trail, then straight across it, up over broad knoll and down, a little right of S to control. Score: 10+ (totally in control)

10. Up a little left of north, through a shallow saddle, down across the large trail, across the marsh very careful on the compass, a little left of north, the control popped up right in front of me, nice. Score: 10 (plus lucky).

11. NW, short leg, pit, across the trail, on compass but not reading the surrounding terrain idiot!), saw control off to the left, not mine, on well, relocated, went back and got mine. Score: 0-

12. Safe route, back to the trail, to the start of the clearing, and then back into the woods to the right. Score: 10

13. Back out to the trail, to the last control. And then the finish.

Overall, most of the course was very good, but two times still just winging it. Damn.

Guess as to climb -- 150 meters (98 advertised).

So now I'll go post the map and insert above. Note that all the white woods have a yellow tinge. Very little actual yellow on the map....

And how'd I do? Pretty good. And I figure I climbed 160 meters. So certainly paying attention better. Just need to do it the whole time tomorrow.

trail running 20:00 [2]

10 minutes warm-up, 10 minutes afterwards running back to get the car.

Friday Sep 26, 2008 #

orienteering 13:02 [3] 1.8 km (7:14 / km)
shoes: integrators 2006

First sprint at the North Americans, not good, not bad. Ran ok, found the points ok, but seemed to keep getting tangled up in bits of bad vegetation. Not terribly satisfying.

orienteering 16:41 [3] 2.3 km (7:15 / km)
shoes: integrators 2006

Second sprint. Just terrible. Missed the 3rd point, climbed too high, then really missed the 6th, bunch of overgrown clearings, took almost 3 minutes on a leg of 100 meters. Sad.

Don't know what is going on between the ears but it is not good.

Or, trying to think positively, maybe it was just another day in my normal manic-depressive cycle.

trail running 15:00 [3]

A little warm-up before the sprints.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008 #

nautilus 40:00 [1]

Last night's run really zapped me -- lots of lower GI distress plus sore hip plus dehydration plus didn't sleep well. Better today. Have a late afternoon run scheduled with Phil, probably not such a smart thing to do....


It's good to see that at least one company in Corporate America has recognized the need for us to HTFU and is doing something about it. Wonder if we can get Nothing But Tears as a sponsor.

trail running 49:38 [3] 5.2 mi (9:33 / mi)

Pocumtuck Ridge trail with Phil, sort of. He ran most of the way out/up about 20-30 yards ahead of me, trying to send the message (I assume) that I should pick the pace up, sort like the guy who drives very close behind you to send the message that you are driving too slowly, and all he accomplishes is pissing you off.

But I tried. Not to run faster, because I was running as fast as I cared to given a tight hamstring that I didn't want to do any damage to by running aggressively. Rather, tried not to get pissed off, though at some point I was grading his antisocial behavior on a scale of 1 to 10 and he was very close to double digits.

But things pass. And at the turn-around point he waited and we ran part of the way back together, until he could no longer keep the brakes on and was soon out of sight. But by then I was feeling more mellow and just glad that the run was about over and done with. And glad for the company, sporadic as it might have been, it certainly got me out the door.

26:02 out/up, perfectly respectable time, 23:36 back/down, slow.

Legs are sore but not terrible, gut is recovering. the G was at a temporary low of 135, got my monthly credit-card statement and we seem to have caught the short-term low in the Estonian kroon just right (not a big deal, but everything helps), well, life could be a lot worse.

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008 #

yoga 1 [0]

So I went to yoga class early this morning despite (or maybe because of?) all the snide remarks. And I seemed to have survived. Though it was disappointing to find that the ratio was nowhere close to 20:1, more like about 6:4 (M:F), plus 0:1 for the instructor. Old as I may be getting, I have yet to find that I've tired of looking at pretty women....

And my self-consciousness was solidly under control despite not being able to hide away in a dark corner of the room -- first because I knew a couple of folks there, and one is as much a klutz as I am, second because my general conditioning is better than it might be due to the nautilus workouts I've been doing for the last 9 months so I wasn't inflexible and lacking balance and totally weak (just 2 out of 3), and third because at some point early on when we were on our bellies I took my glasses off for comfort reasons and then pretty soon my mind assumed that since I couldn't see much of what anyone else was doing, clearly no one else could see much of what I was doing. So no worries.

And I enjoyed it. The hour went by quickly, a little sad when it was over, just the way you want. I certainly could have done better about emptying my mind out, but maybe that will come.

And I really need it. Will have to see if I can make a habit of it.


Finished reading Siddhartha, it got handed to me on the plane ride home, I think Barb probably read it in under an hour, all 120 pages, took me over a week of very concerted effort to make it to the finish, usually no more than 4 or 5 pages at a time was all my attention span could handle.

Now I'm certainly glad I don't have to write a paper on it, or take a test, but it was good to read. Got me thinking more about my own life, where it's been, where it's going. Not that anything is figured out, especially as to the couple of great scary unknowns, growing old and death, two losing battles where the figuring out has to do with how much you fight (in vain) and how much you accept, and where my guess is that this never comes close to getting figured out, in my case at least.

In meantime, you take pleasure out of small bits of progress. And twice in the past couple of weeks I have spoken up when something quite trivial bothered me, when it took all my courage to do so, since for as long as I can remember I have held my tongue in such situations, letting the proverbial molehill become a mountain, at least as how it affected my psyche. And the process was very stressful but also positive. We shall see if I can continue.

trail running 1:43:40 [3]

Tuesday late afternoon Mt. Toby run, even though now it's more an evening run, last 30-40 minutes with the lights on. Average energy, usual left butt/hamstring soreness towards the end. Entertained (I hope) the group with tales from Estonia for the first 45 minutes, then we turned uphill seriously and I had not much more to say....

Good to get out. Start of training for the next rogaine (whenever and wherever that might be)?

Rob, Donna, and Rick --

Monday Sep 22, 2008 #

nautilus 40:00 [1]

Also inquired about the yoga class at the gym. Tomorrow morning at 7:15, see if I can get there -- have get up early enough and also overcome my self-consciousness.

biking 1:16:40 [3] 21.4 mi (3:35 / mi)

Lower Road - Upper Road in Deerfield.

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