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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Apr 7, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  road running2 1:31:18 8.67(10:32) 13.95(6:33) 1890
  part trail, part road2 1:27:49 9.63(9:07) 15.5(5:40) 1175
  trail running1 1:11:36 6.69(10:42) 10.77(6:39) 1073
  orienteering1 1:00:09 3.85(15:37) 6.2(9:42) 1083
  Total6 5:10:52 28.84(10:47) 46.41(6:42) 5220
averages - rhr:51 weight:139.6lbs

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Saturday Apr 7, 2012 #

orienteering 1:00:09 [3] 6.2 km (9:42 / km) +1083ft 7:40 / km
rhr:51 weight:139lbs shoes: x-talon 212 #2

WCOC local meet at Sessions, courtesy of George and Lyn. Glorious day, upper 50s, sunny, breezy.

Red course, 6.2 km beeline, took the map without the trails on it. Didn't really seem to make much difference, no real mistakes, just a few extra seconds before I spotted the rock at #4 that was a pretty minimal rock, and the distinct tree at #13 that looked pretty much like every other tree. :-)

Legs felt pretty dead, from yesterday's hills I assume, but put out a decent enough effort.

No 305, left it at the office and not worth the trouble to go fetch it.

Friday Apr 6, 2012 #

road running 53:07 [3] 5.1 mi (10:25 / mi) +1312ft 8:22 / mi
rhr:50 weight:139.5lbs shoes: pegasus #2

Mt. Washington training. Forgot my 305, so no tracks to complain about.... :-)

Three trips up South Sugarloaf on the road. No way to avoid it being work, but trying to keep the effort under control. 10:14, 10:16, and 10:13 going up, 7:31, 7:27, and 7:26 back down. Didn't feel too bad, helped by a beatiful day for running and a day off yesterday.

Quite a few people out, including a busload and a half from Mt. Holyoke College, the group was descending my first time up and seemed to have as many if not more men than women (and I think it is still a women's college).

Car Talk for entertainment. I figured out the puzzler, which I usually can't, though the odds are better if it has nothing to do with cars, as was the case this time.

And then a short Freakonomics item about how women only get 7% of the patents issued, and research showed that women were less competitive in mixed gender situations and more compeitive when just among other women. Or something like that, I probably should listen to it again. Does that have orienteering implications? And what about all the guys from the rest of the Five Colleges infiltrating the Mt. Holyoke field trip, is it bad for the women's prospects?

Wednesday Apr 4, 2012 #

1 PM

part trail, part road 44:25 intensity: (59 @1) + (8:41 @2) + (34:45 @3) 4.77 mi (9:19 / mi) +594ft 8:20 / mi
ahr:137 max:154 rhr:51 weight:140.5lbs shoes: pegasus #2

Was planning to run for an hour, but the state cop just had a lot of questions, so I was late getting going and this was all I had time for.

Entertainment from Freakonomics, mostly about whether the media is biased, mostly disappointing/annoying because I didn't think much of their research choices -- what data to collect and how to interpret it.

Redeemed slightly by a very short segment on how to tell if employees are grouchy or not, The first two ways proposed by "experts" (and two is all that I remember) were (1) a lot of Dilbert cartoons indicated an unhappy workforce, and (2) in the employee parking lot, if the cars are mostly parked nose out, indicating a wish to get away as fast as possible at the end of the day, then that too was a sign of an unhappy workforce.

I knew without having to return to the office that there are no Dilbert cartoons posted, and all the cars are parked nose in. :-)

And then just enough time to buy a packet of beet seeds for the expanded container garden planned for this year.

Tuesday Apr 3, 2012 #

12 PM

road running 38:11 intensity: (48 @1) + (1:47 @2) + (31:19 @3) + (4:17 @4) 3.57 mi (10:42 / mi) +577ft 9:17 / mi
ahr:144 max:160 weight:139.5lbs shoes: pegasus #2

Nice run with JJ on the ridge. Beautiful day, good conversation.

Only downside was his mother brought me a big container of delicious chocolate chip cookies, raising havoc with my diet, and forcing me into a generous act of sharing with all the ladies, just for my own preservation.

Monday Apr 2, 2012 #

1 PM

part trail, part road 43:24 intensity: (56 @1) + (6:13 @2) + (36:09 @3) + (6 @4) 4.86 mi (8:56 / mi) +581ft 8:01 / mi
ahr:137 max:159 rhr:51 shoes: pegasus #2

Nothing special outing, but reasonably pleasant. Sunny, 50s, quite windy.

Enjoyed a Freakonomics show, partly about wine, and doea it really taste better if you know you paid a lot for it, and partly about food, more specifically about a dead mouse found in a salad and people's reaction to it. All very interesting/amusing, and certainly made the time pass quickly.

Sunday Apr 1, 2012 #

1 PM

trail running 1:11:36 intensity: (24 @1) + (46 @2) + (1:04:47 @3) + (5:30 @4) + (9 @5) 6.69 mi (10:42 / mi) +1073ft 9:17 / mi
ahr:144 max:162 weight:139.5lbs shoes: pegasus #2

Trails up on Mt. Toby from home, first time in quite a while. Things are remarkably dry for early April, usually would be quite muddy now with ice and frost pockets, but then we missed winter.

In retrospect, thinking back to the WCOC meet at Ansonia last Sunday, I think that was a day when I had very good legs. It happens seldom enough that it's important to make notice of the event, otherwise the running always seems to just be a slog. Which is what today felt like.

And again today the 305 showed why you don't want to put to much faith in its navigation ability -- 14:42 for my fifth mile, the first half of which was gently down, the second half gently up. I guess I was going someplace between 9 and 10-minute pace. And it you look at the map and compare it with my third mile, there is clearly some sort of time or distance warp going on.

The track looks fine. I guess the electrons were just taking a nap.

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