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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Nov 11, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike7 9:40:12 147.34(3:56) 237.12(2:27) 2230
  Total7 9:40:12 147.34(3:56) 237.12(2:27) 2230
averages - weight:139.2lbs

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Sunday Nov 11, 2018 #

9 AM

biking - dark blue bike 51:42 intensity: (40 @1) + (27:27 @2) + (23:35 @3) 12.62 mi (4:06 / mi) +142ft 4:03 / mi
ahr:127 max:145 weight:139lbs

North along the river and back. About 35, sunny, WNW 10-15. Not all that pleasant, but could have been a lot worse.

In the contest between how many cars I would see and how many icy patches I would have to ride across, the cars won 2 to 1.

Saturday Nov 10, 2018 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:56:49 intensity: (2:57 @1) + (40:13 @2) + (1:13:39 @3) 28.31 mi (4:08 / mi) +545ft 4:03 / mi
ahr:130 max:150

On my way home from the Cape and decided on a ride in the Plymouth area. It had rained a bunch overnight and was supposed to clear out in the morning and get increasingly windy. Seemed like 11 might be a good starting point, the rain gone, the wind not as bad as it would be later.

At 11 I was sitting in my car thinking about whether there was a plan B, or C, or D. It was raining, it was windy, it just wasn't real nice out. I dialed up some weather forecasts, but it seemed much the same elsewhere between Plymouth and Sunderland. Eventually I managed to get up the necessary resolve, get changed, and get out the (car) door.

The first bit was a quick trip through Plymouth, past some big statue, past a very unimpressive Plymouth Rock. Then out of town to the south, eventually into Miles Standish State Park (though whenever I hear the name Miles Standish, I can't help but think of Kilometres Deboutish). Up and down all the time, because that's what the terrain is like.

Then west into cranberry bog country, zillions of them, pretty, but also pretty annoying because there was no shelter from the wind. And eventually turning to the northeast, back to where I started.

Some rain, a lot of wind. Was getting low blood sugar starting about mile 22, so I stopped and had a chocolate milk and a Cliff Bar. Did the trick.

Though my Garmin could have used a boost too. It ran out of oomph about half a mile from the end.

Friday Nov 9, 2018 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:40:52 intensity: (11 @1) + (57:38 @2) + (43:03 @3) 26.24 mi (3:51 / mi) +333ft 3:48 / mi
ahr:127 max:143

Last day of the conference. I didn't see anything on the morning's schedule that was appealing, and after a bit of pondering decided I didn't need to be there until about 1:30. :-)

Off reasonably early, out to Chatham and to the NWR at the SE corner of Cape Cod. Took a nice walk down the beach and past some tidal pools. And then, because it was quite windy, decided to see what the rail trail was like, thinking it might be a bit sheltered.

Which it was, which was a plus. As was the overall outing, essentially 13 miles out and then back the same way. Almost no one out. Lots of oak leaves swirling around, nice to have a bike that handles pretty much anything.

One thing I hadn't expected was how many "level crossings" there were, meaning where the trail crosses roads. There was one over (over route 6, the main Cape artery), and one under, by way of a big culvert. For the rest you had to worry about the cross traffic.

For entertainment I kept count on the way back -- 21 times there were Stop signs, and at 11 of those there were also signs telling you to get off your bike and walk across. Seemed like a lot. But at least the road traffic was (very) light, so at each one I'd approach, listen, and look but forget the stop part except in a couple of cases where someone actually was coming. So not so bad. And actually, there were several cases where cars saw me and they stopped. Don't know if that's the usual custom, but I was impressed.

And then back to "work," A couple of sessions that were fine, plus the annual meeting that I skipped out on partway through, even though I was Sunderland's official voting delegate, because it was going to run way late and there was a session about evaluating your superintendent where I thought I might learn something. Which I did.

Home tomorrow, but probably will fit in another nature stop and another bike ride before I get there. Nice to have a look at different places.

Thursday Nov 8, 2018 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:06:19 intensity: (17 @1) + (43:35 @2) + (22:27 @3) 17.4 mi (3:49 / mi) +253ft 3:46 / mi
ahr:128 max:145

In the vicinity of Hyannis, along the coast for a few miles heading west, and then back. Another nice day, though a little cooler than yesterday, about 50. Still rode in just shorts and one shirt, was a little chilly but OK.

Had a major problem getting going. Dropped the chain off to the inside of the small chain ring and it got jammed. It's happened before and I've gotten good at fixing it quickly, but this time whatever I did just got it more jammed. At some point another biker showed up, did I need any help. Not that he knew what to do, but he did offer moral support.

Finally figured it out, got the chain back where it was supposed to be, and then made a little adjustment in one place that I think will stop this from happening again. We'll see.

The ride itself was fine, and once again hustling along rather well. Maybe just having shorts on has something to do with it.


And another day of conferencing, though I skip out on the meals and the speeches, hence the chance to do some biking and some birding. Sound mind in a sound body, right? Certainly good for my morale.

Did go to three sessions, learned something at each, so that is not so bad. One about ways to make things more efficient, certainly ought to be possible even though we are dealing with educating children and not making widgets, as folks are quick to say.

The second was about the new state system for measuring how schools are doing. Well, we have to deal with it so might as well understand it.

And the third about purchasing, and the myriad of state rules, and the bad things that can happen if you don't follow them very very precisely. Also something good to know a little about but no need to know a lot.

Black skimmers (juveniles) --

Wednesday Nov 7, 2018 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:40:27 intensity: (34 @1) + (39:10 @2) + (1:00:43 @3) 27.01 mi (3:43 / mi) +301ft 3:41 / mi
ahr:131 max:149 weight:139.5lbs

On my way to Hyannis for a three-day conference for members of school committees in Massachusetts -- thinking, hopefully, that I will learn something useful -- so I left early enough to have time for a ride on the way. And a fine ride it was.

Mostly back roads in Lakeville and surrounding towns, a little south of I-495. Flattish but not flat, and there is a big difference. Lots of very little ups and downs, rarely more than 20 or 30 feet vertically, made it a lot more fun than when it's dead flat and you put it in a gear and just grind away.

And a beautiful day, sunny, about 60 so rode in shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. There was some wind, SW to W, 5-10, but somehow it didn't bother me today. Not that I didn't notice it, but psychologically I was mellow. Just enjoying myself as the miles zipped by. The legs just felt good.

And then off to Hyannis, went to a couple of sessions, one on how to do a search for a new superintendent (which we might have to do in a few months), the other on strategic plans and their pluses and minuses. Not really all that interested in the latter, but nothing else being offered at that time slot was more interesting and I figured I might learn something. Which perhaps I did.

Then I passed on the dinner (bad food and listening to speeches) and went off in search for an alternative. Found a place that was just perfect, Common Ground Cafe, had a large salad and a delicious sandwich. Could not have been better.

Will be early to bed. But first I have to plan a route for a ride for tomorrow. I'll have sufficient time in the middle of the day (skipping a couple of sessions I have no interest in, plus the luncheon). Got to keep my priorities straight. :-)

Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:00:19 intensity: (55 @1) + (26:08 @2) + (32:37 @3) + (39 @4) 15.49 mi (3:54 / mi) +115ft 3:52 / mi
ahr:131 max:152 weight:139lbs

Wet, but not quite wet enough to not go out. Drizzle for the first 40 minutes, then steady rain for the rest. Mid 40s, calm.

Reminded myself a couple of times that rain is not so bad, you won't melt. But two other things do matter. One, keeping your body temperature right, which for today at least was no problem, felt just right.

And two, safety. I can't see as well, nor one assumes can drivers. The road can be slippery, especially where there are wet leaves. And the brakes don't work as well.

Managed most of that by choosing a route with no hills and not much traffic. And then just paying attention.

Was nice to get home when I did, because a few minutes later it was coming down a lot harder. According to the local paper, normal rainfall for the year through this date is about 36 inches. This year so far we've had about 51. Sure seems like there have been a whole lot of days when I've been trying to fit outdoor activities into small windows of opportunity.

Monday Nov 5, 2018 #

8 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:23:44 intensity: (41 @1) + (46:10 @2) + (36:22 @3) + (31 @4) 20.26 mi (4:08 / mi) +541ft 4:02 / mi
ahr:128 max:155 weight:139.5lbs

Looked like rain was coming, so headed out early. Upper 30s, light breeze from the NE. First time wearing the booties, kept the feet nice and warm. Only part getting chilled was my fingers, so the mittens will be the next addition.

Loop around the Montague plains. Didn't have any particular route in mind, just kept deciding at various intersections which way to go. At the end strung it out a bit just to get 20 miles.

As usual, glad to have done it.

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