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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Sep 22:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike7 11:15:58 163.79(4:08) 263.59(2:34) 6089
  Total7 11:15:58 163.79(4:08) 263.59(2:34) 6089
averages - weight:135.5lbs

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Sunday Sep 22 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 2:28:53 intensity: (25:22 @1) + (1:58:04 @2) + (5:27 @3) 29.03 mi (5:08 / mi) +2359ft 4:46 / mi
ahr:112 max:137 weight:135lbs

Up in the hills with Phil. Starting point was The Creamery in Cummington, hence also the finishing point, so it seemed only proper, given that we had parked two cars there for quite a while, to purchase a bit of refreshment afterwards. The ice cream went down really easily....

It was almost underserved, one might argue, given the minimal effort expended, though perhaps the fact that we reached, well, almost reached, the second-highest summit in Hampshire Country is a mitigating factor. And that ascent was not without its challenges, the first being yours truly's inability to recognize the access road as we breezed by it and leading us up a rather steep and gravelly driveway. What can I say? Phil's orienteering abilities must be rubbing off on me (as well as on JJ apparently).

For the rest of the ride the emphasis was on going slowly and enjoying the countryside. And part of the latter included winding our way down an abandoned section of route 9, not much more than a goat track at times, and being surprised to see a younger fellow walking towards us wearing nothing more than his boots. Though I'd guess he heard us coming, because some piece of clothing, or maybe a towel, was being artfully held in the interest of modesty. We did not chat him up.

A very fine outing!

The summit is over there under the golf ball. This is as close as we were going to get. But we didn't get arrested, or shot, or even barked at.

Saturday Sep 21 #

4 PM

biking - dark blue bike 58:05 intensity: (1:46 @1) + (52:25 @2) + (3:54 @3) 15.26 mi (3:48 / mi) +233ft 3:45 / mi
ahr:118 max:147 weight:136lbs

Mostly easy effort. Went for a walk with Gail before the ride, was a pleasant surprise how much better the legs felt (on the walk) than if it's done right after the ride.

Friday Sep 20 #

2 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:18:40 intensity: (3:30 @1) + (1:12:04 @2) + (3:06 @3) 19.7 mi (4:00 / mi) +275ft 3:56 / mi
ahr:112 max:138 weight:136lbs

Easy pace. But legs were still tired on the walk up South Sugarloaf with Gail that followed. Plus out all morning wandering around the north end of Quabbin.

But have to take advantage of the good weather.

This guy doesn't appear to have any leg muscles that might get tired....

Thursday Sep 19 #

2 PM

biking - dark blue bike 2:05:57 intensity: (1:24 @1) + (1:35:21 @2) + (28:43 @3) + (29 @4) 29.81 mi (4:14 / mi) +1418ft 4:03 / mi
ahr:122 max:154 weight:136lbs

Another perfect day, best to take advantage of it.

Over to the lower hills on the west side of the valley, starting that section with Mountain Road, the section that cuts across a low ridge and ends up at the Northampton Reservoir. I'd been this way once before. There's one nasty section, rocks and erosion, but not too long, and last time I'd made it up, much to my surprise.

This time I thought I was going to make, and then suddenly I didn't, and I was off the bike with a distinct lack of grace. Also, fortunately, a distinct lack of damage to either the bike or me. Got back on, but before I really had things under control I was off again, this time with more grace than the first time but still glad, like the first time, that no one was watching.

Besides that it was pure pleasure, though even that section was fun in a strange way, failure sometimes being good for the soul. Legs felt pretty good.

Took a slight detour to inspect the progress of the Conway highway garage. Walter is the project manager for the town. Looked like they've just about finished blasting a bunch of bedrock, so pretty soon they'll be able to start actually building something. We've talked about the project a number fo times, nice to actually see the site.

I think today gets me over 3K miles for the year. Ought to make 4K, but no way I'm going to make over 5K like the last couple of years. Five weeks with no riding. Of course, if I had an e-bike and put it at level 3....

Wednesday Sep 18 #

9 AM

biking - dark blue bike 2:00:44 intensity: (45 @1) + (1:00:45 @2) + (57:10 @3) + (2:04 @4) 32.48 mi (3:43 / mi) +940ft 3:37 / mi
ahr:129 max:154 weight:135.5lbs

Bernardston to Brattleboro and back, north on Rt. 5, back on 142. Both have minimal traffic because the interstate is going the same way.

Nice day, almost a little chilly, about 60. Breeze from the NE, usual variability, probably with me a little more than against me, though I thought it might be more so -- 142 is mostly through farmland, but the wind there was more cross than I expected. But the first couple of miles heading back from Brattleboro and the last couple of miles on route 10 were really sweet.

Legs dead the rest of the day, certainly noticeable on the walk with Gail up a good hill in Bernardston.

Tuesday Sep 17 #

8 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:01:04 intensity: (51 @1) + (26:57 @2) + (32:45 @3) + (31 @4) 16.28 mi (3:45 / mi) +401ft 3:40 / mi
ahr:128 max:156 weight:135lbs

Only time available to ride was early, so I waited until the temperature hit 50 and then headed out. Perfect morning, sunny with a light breeze from the north, and the legs were not so bad.

Monday Sep 16 #

3 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:22:35 intensity: (1:11 @1) + (1:05:09 @2) + (16:15 @3) 21.23 mi (3:53 / mi) +463ft 3:49 / mi
ahr:121 max:141 weight:135lbs

Legs were dragging. But the weather was perfect.

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