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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Nov 24, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  hike with Gail3 3:59:04 12.02(19:54) 19.34(12:22) 1268
  biking - dark blue bike3 3:37:17 26.93(8:04) 43.35(5:01) 1733
  run/hike2 53:20 4.55(11:43) 7.32(7:17) 386
  Total8 8:29:41 43.5(11:43) 70.01(7:17) 3387
averages - weight:136.7lbs

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Saturday Nov 23, 2019 #

1 PM

hike with Gail 1:18:24 [1] 4.0 mi (19:36 / mi) +410ft 17:52 / mi

Dudleyville Road, no sign of owls.

Friday Nov 22, 2019 #

4 PM

run/hike 31:42 [3] 2.55 mi (12:26 / mi) +288ft 11:14 / mi

Got out after the rain, was getting a little hard to see by the time I finished. Up North Mt. Road, a jeep road that alternates between little bits of up and little bits of flat. I thought about running the flatter sections and walking the ups, but decided it would be more interesting to stick to a minute run, a minute walk. Like those days on the bike when the wind always seems against you, here it seemed that I was mostly running the ups and walking the flats. Which was actually fine, good for both training and character.

Changed to 2'/1' run/walk on the way down. Paying close attention to the footing in the fading light and managed to not even stumble.

Butt issue still there, more or less tolerable.

Thursday Nov 21, 2019 #

10 AM

hike with Gail 1:18:39 [1] 4.02 mi (19:33 / mi) +436ft 17:44 / mi

North Mountain and Sugar trail, again.

12 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:50:42 [2] 9.78 mi (11:19 / mi) +1388ft 9:59 / mi

With Walter and Gary from Gary's house. Roaring Brook road (very hilly, dirt) over to Poplar Hill to do some trails, supposedly not real difficult. They were both on fat bikes, while I had my trusty blue steed.

Once we got over there, the first bit of trail was OK, had to hop off once to get over a rock pile, no complaints. But then we turned onto a different trail, and right away it was bad, and then it seemed to just get even worse. The adjective that kept popping into my mind was ridiculous. The mantras that I kept repeating were "don't do anything stupid" and "remember, you left your ego back at the car."

Rocks all over the place. For the next mile, which took us 27 minutes, I was off the bike as much as on it. Saw Walter crash a couple of times. Kept hearing Gary say, I should be able to make this (section of rocks, or whatever) after he had just failed. I kept totally happily getting off my bike and hike-a-biking past every section that I was the slightest bit doubtful of negotiating.

Did I mention I was actually having a good time? Not crashing seems to be very good for morale.

Eventually that trail section passed. We took a short break to rest from the exertions (just because the mile took 27 minutes doesn't mean it wasn't hard work). And then off to a different, and better, trail, though better doesn't mean good. This wasn't ridiculous, just simply too hard for me. Off the bike a few times here too, but it too passed. And then, after some consultation, we decided we'd had about as much fun as you can stand in a day and it was time to head back to Gary's.

A fine outing! Mainly because I seem to have survived intact.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2019 #

11 AM

run/hike 21:38 [3] 2.0 mi (10:49 / mi) +98ft 10:20 / mi

Upper 30's, light rain. A mile out, a mile back, alternating running and walking, at most 2 minutes of running at a time. Seems a reasonable amount to try and do. Trying to remember how to run.

Tuesday Nov 19, 2019 #

1 PM

biking - dark blue bike 40:00 [2] 5.7 mi (7:01 / mi) +172ft 6:49 / mi

Old roads north of Quabbin (part 1 of track). A lot of rain overnight, so roads were a little soft in places, so a bit harder work. Low 40s, cloudy. And virtually no wind. :-)

2 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:06:35 [2] 11.45 mi (5:49 / mi) +173ft 5:44 / mi

And part 2 of the track. Working a little harder towards the end as the light was starting to fade. But not worried, still had about 15 minutes leeway, and the old roads are all closed to traffic.

Monday Nov 18, 2019 #


My route from yesterday's Green course on RouteGadget.

A few recollections before I forget --

Going up to #1, across to #2, and leaving #10 I was slipping a lot, combination of the slopes and the beech leaves on the ground. In general traction was poor, those were just the worst places. Some proper O' shoes would surely be better than the road running shoes I was wearing.

The mistake at #3 was worse than I had thought. My instincts must be rusty. I was telling myself something was wrong and I'd gone too far long before I acted on them.

As I told Jon afterwards, it took some real balls to put #6 where he did. Not easy to be sure it's the right place. On the other hand, I suppose, also not easy for anyone else to think it's the wrong place. I was getting quite nervous the last 100 meters, even though I knew I must be doing it right.

The most fun was #7 and #8. Reading the shelfs was pretty easy, but you sure didn't want to make a mistake and think you were a shelf higher or lower than you actually were. Distance was trickier to judge, depending on judging what was what as far as rock features and contour squiggles. I did #7 just right, a good plan to lessen the chance for error.

Not so for #8. I was off on where I thought I was when I dropped down to the last shelf, thought I still had 50-75 meters to go when I was already there. Got down to the shelf, looked around and there was a knoll (clue was a cliff on the back side of a small knoll). Better check it out. Did a full loop around it just in case the control as tucked at the south end. Nothing. Back up to where I was. A careful look at the map, ah, there are two knolls, both with cliffs on the back side, control is at the northern one. Looked up, there was the second one right in front of me. Took a few steps, there was the control. Probably could have seen it a minute earlier if I'd been looking around properly. Another skill that is rusty.

I ran a good bit (for me), certainly more than any time is my new running career. On the trail the first half of the way to #1 (and a miserable rocky trail it was). Maybe 80% of the road/trail section going to #7, ditto the road to #9, ditto the road to #10. And all of the road to the finish. Seems my butt is a little better, I can go for a little longer if it is flat/downhill. Uphill I run out of gas very quickly. In the woods, ran occasional little bits when it was flat or gently down and the woods were clean.

And while running I stuck to my rule of never looking at my map and never looking around, just at where my feet were going, since priority one was no falls. Successful on that. And on the last part to the finish, gently downhill, I resisted all urges to run a little faster. My experience too often in the past is that that leads to bad things.

That will be it for O' for this year, but I have done more than I expected, and certainly enjoyed it more than I expected.

9 AM

hike with Gail 1:22:01 [1] 4.0 mi (20:31 / mi) +422ft 18:40 / mi

North Mountain and some on Sugar trail.

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