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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Feb 8:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  hike with Gail2 2:20:38 8.06(17:27) 12.97(10:50) 615
  orienteering2 1:36:26 5.67(17:00) 9.13(10:34) 995
  run/hike1 24:15 2.01(12:05) 3.23(7:30) 292
  treadmill1 19:20 2.0(9:40) 3.22(6:00)
  Total6 4:40:39 17.74(15:49) 28.55(9:50) 1902
averages - weight:139lbs

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Saturday Feb 8 #

12 PM

orienteering 1:02:40 [3] 3.52 mi (17:48 / mi) +718ft 14:55 / mi

Road trip with Julia and Phil heading south in search of bare ground, successfully found at Hurd SP in Connecticut, coincidentally site of the 4th of the WCOC/HVO winter series. Not a bit of snow or ice to be seen there, the sun was out, and the temperature was a balmy 35F. By the time we got there it had already been a fine outing, and we hadn't even done any O' yet.

That was to come. We all planned to do the same course, the middle of the three on offer, a Green, 4.8 km, set up by George and Lyn, so there was clearly something at stake, certainly the possibility of a scalp. Only one possible scalp though, Julia being the only person with good enough credentials to be a scalpee.

So we did the course, nicely staggered starts so we were all on our own. All got around without any serious problems, all pretty close in time, me getting a scalp by a narrow margin. At some point Julia will figure our O' in New England forests, and she'll no longer be going places she's never been but Phil and I have many times, and then that will be the end of scalps. But until then.... :-)

As for my run. navigation gets an A+ again, no mistakes. Physically also an A+, though one might question that. But no falls or even stumbles. And as far as how fast I was moving, well, the question is not how fast compared to what I used to do, or how fast compared to what I might maybe be able to do in the future, but what is possible right now. Yup, A+ it is. Doesn't mean I did feel pretty tired out there most of the time. But that's they way O' has always felt....

Only place I would give myself a lower grade, though I'm not sure what grade is appropriate, is for the 30 seconds or so I spent looking for my glasses after a branch had flicked them off on the way to #14. Seems like I should get a really bad grade for losing them, but a pretty good grade for finding them before too long.

A really fun outing in all respects. So nice to have Julia in the valley (and not doing track so she can go orienteering).


Route gadget

Friday Feb 7 #


Map from Tuesday's outing. Contours are really good (says the mapmaker, but the credit goes to the lidar and Eddie). Runnability hasn't changed much, except the area in the 100 yards or so north of #7, where it seemed there were a lot of trees down. And also the open area around #1, used for the finish for the first two days of the 5-Day, and then also the Billygoat. They haven't mowed it for some time, and the briers are flourishing.

Thursday Feb 6 #

4 PM

treadmill 19:20 [3] 2.0 mi (9:40 / mi)

Actually ran the whole time, and without struggling. 9:50, 9:30.

Progress. When I started to do a little running three months ago, just doing a minute was hard. So this is real good.

Wednesday Feb 5 #

2 PM

hike with Gail 1:10:36 [1] 4.04 mi (17:28 / mi) +215ft 16:38 / mi

Jackson Hill Road.

Tuesday Feb 4 #

12 PM

orienteering 33:46 [3] 2.15 mi (15:42 / mi) +277ft 14:00 / mi

Brown course at Earls Trails from last May. Went with now lavender-tressed Julia. She did the Green course, which was more than I wanted/needed, plus I had Phil's time from a couple of days ago (37:10) as a target. :-)

A+ for navigation. Only had one instance of being off my line and corrected immediately. The virtue of using a compass properly and frequently, a skill that seems seldom used or appreciated.

B for physical effort. Would have been an A+ except I fell once, not supposed to do that. Was going down the steep but short hill on the way to #2, being careful, when my feet went right out from under me and I was on my back before I knew it. Must have been ice under the leaves. A rather hard landing, but at least it felt jarring more so than damaging. Didn't notice it during the rest of the course, which is a good sign, but it feels a little sore now.

Otherwise the effort was good, though I seemed to run out of gas about halfway. Right about where the course changed from going down to going up. But at least I am managing to run some.

Julia is planning a second training this evening, rollerblading at the mall. I think I'll show some common sense and pass.

Monday Feb 3 #

1 PM

hike with Gail 1:10:02 [1] 4.02 mi (17:25 / mi) +400ft 15:55 / mi

Pine Nook Road.

Sunday Feb 2 #

3 PM

run/hike 24:15 [3] 2.01 mi (12:05 / mi) +292ft 10:37 / mi

One loop of the Mt. Warner trail, clockwise. Excellent mid-winter conditions, just a few spots with frost heaves and even fewer with a little mud/ice.

Focused pretty much the whole time on picking my feet up, figured that was the best way to avoid tripping on a root (of which there are many). No falls, no close calls.

Went about as I expected. Walked a few times on the longer uphill and the whole thing was reasonably hard work, but I got around at an acceptable pace. Slowly getting a little better.

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