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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Jun 9:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike2 2:29:03 33.72(4:25) 54.27(2:45) 257
  run/hike4 1:35:17 7.83(12:11) 12.59(7:34) 647
  planking1 5:15
  Total7 4:09:35 41.55 66.87 904
averages - weight:139lbs

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Sunday Jun 9 #

9 AM

run/hike 23:11 intensity: (39 @1) + (1:22 @2) + (21:10 @3) 2.02 mi (11:28 / mi) +134ft 10:47 / mi
ahr:136 max:148

And another outing in Nickerson before we head home. Got it done. :-)

Saturday Jun 8 #

1 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:07:39 intensity: (58:09 @1) + (9:30 @2) 14.68 mi (4:36 / mi) +201ft 4:33 / mi
ahr:95 max:127

With Gail and Charlie, on the bike path heading north. Lots of road crossings and other bikers, but no collisions. :-)

5 PM

planking 5:15 [3]

30 pushups along the way. I thought the lower altitude might make this easier, more oxygen, but that didn’t seem to help.

Friday Jun 7 #

11 AM

run/hike 25:00 intensity: (46 @1) + (18:21 @2) + (5:53 @3) 2.02 mi (12:24 / mi) +57ft 12:05 / mi
ahr:124 max:141

Nickerson State Park (visiting Dave and Barb). Followed by some mellow biking, some intense mini-golf (a clear win for the ladies), too much ice cream, and some more mellow biking. Plus lots more food. :-)

Wednesday Jun 5 #

11 AM

run/hike 26:12 intensity: (58 @1) + (14:25 @2) + (10:49 @3) 2.14 mi (12:13 / mi) +266ft 10:56 / mi
ahr:126 max:142 weight:139lbs

North Mountain to Gunn, down to culvert, and return. Managed OK.

Tuesday Jun 4 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:21:24 intensity: (1:09:56 @1) + (11:28 @2) 19.04 mi (4:17 / mi) +56ft 4:16 / mi
ahr:97 max:106 weight:139lbs

With Gail, to the south, mid-morning, so certainly more pleasant than going in the afternoon would have been.

Gail mentioned in her log that we had to squeeze around the trucks parked in the driveway, as we were having some tree work done.

The (much) longer version of that story --

It was maybe 4 weeks ago that it started to seem like we must have offended the gods in some way, because shit just started to happen:

1. The windshield on Gail's car got nailed by a stone resulting in a crack about 15" long. That took up an afternoon getting it fixed in Northampton, but insurance paid for it and it was really just a hassle.

2. The next day I was mowing what lawn we have and the blade hit a root, the engine stopped, and it hasn't yet restarted. Tried watching youtube repair videos, but they were out of my competence zone. The nearest place that repared eletric mowers like mine was Keene, so I took it up there. The diagnosis delivered a couple of days later was a blown motor. They would order a new one and put it in, might be looking at a couple of weeks. The expected date to be done was yesterday. I called this afternoon. No sign of the new motor. Not much interest in trying to do anything that might expedite its arrival. The grass is getting rather tall.

3. The next day, well since it happened at 3:30 am it was really two days later, early Sunday morning, a young man driving north on our street, perhaps asleep, perhaps drunk, perhaps just having a lapse as my mom would say, whatever, he just missed the roadway by a few degrees. He wiped out our neighbor's mailbox. Then he wiped out the bottom half of the telephone pole. Then, well it would have been better if he had missed the roadway by a degree or two less, because then he would have sailed right up our driveway and perhaps run out of speed by the time the u-turn came.

But he was a little too far to the right. He trashed a few shrubs, no big deal, but then tried to bury what was left of the right front corner of his car into the slope on the uphill side of the driveway, more precisely just below the aboveground part of a nice maple, gouging out a good hole there and doing a number on the roots.

And then, and this is why I think he may have been going a bit too fast, he got redirected by that collision back onto the path of our driveway, which was good I suppose, while at the same time getting rotated 180 degrees and sliding another 30 yards up the driveway on the roof of the car. Seriously.

After an event like this the first question usually is (and ought to be), Was anyone hurt? And in this case, though it might have been uncomfortable being suspended upside down for a while, the seat belt and a single airbag in the blue 2009 Honda Civic having done their jobs, the only thing that might have been hurt was his dignity. Someone called 911, he got extricated, his mom came and picked him up, a tow truck extricated the car. Which I know was blue not just because that's what it said in the police report, but also because a large part of the front bumper was still in the bushes and there was blue paint on the driveway that had previously been part of the car's roof.

What's the big deal, you might ask, not your problem. True, our power never went out, I slept through the whole thing, I only realized that something had happened when I went out about 7:30 and there was a flotilla of power company trucks and a couple of police cars. The repairs -- bringing in a new power pole and transferring all the wires -- were done about 1 pm.

Except the area around the bottom of our driveway looked rather battered. And the tree didn't look too stable. What to do?

I saw my neighbor the next day. He had already ordered a new mailbox, plus he'd found out the name of the driver's insurance company and filed a claim for the $150 it was going to cost him. I should do the same.

A bunch of effort has gone into that over following weeks. The insurance company seemed to realize it had to pay something. I was hoping they would just send a claims adjuster who would come and look at the damage (to the tree, to the shrubs, to the grassy area by the road, the gouges in the driveway) and offer some number of dollars in exchange for me signing some form absolving them of any liability now and forever. But they wanted me to submit a claim through their online process. I got a local tree company to come give an estimate to remove the tree and what was left of several shrubs, and after about a week of much back and forth with a claims agent, $1,200 was wired to my bank account. Relatively easy-peasy. This is good. But my claim for a modest $400 to restore the grass to something acceptable and clean up the various car parts and busted glass scattered around, well, they wouldn't approve that one, wanted it broken down into so much for labor and so much for various supplies. And that one is still in limbo. Even though there was some improvement recently, the big piece of bumper seems to have been claimed by someone else -- you know, one man's trash is another man's treasure -- so it is no longer my problem. And today the tree guys came and took care of that part of the problem.

4. I thought that maybe the gods had gone to pick on someone else, until Sunday evening, went out on the deck to fire up the gas grill to cook a piece of fish for dinner, and the grill wasn't working. We spent a while trying to figure out what was wrong, no luck. Gail said she'd do some research online line the next day. And yesterday she did that, and figured out what she needed to do, and did it, and, yay, our luck definitely was changing. In the afternoon she drove up to Northfield to deliver some paintings for a show that is coming up, and on the way home....

5. She called, flat tire, even having Kenny's magic gizmo in the car had only bought her another 6 or 8 miles, the air was leaking out so fast. The car was over in South Deerfield. We called up AAA, they showed up about 5:15 and the young fellow was reasonably efficient about getting the bad tire off and getting the donut on. Meanwhile I'd called the tire place in Greenfield. Talked to Tony. Tony says get it here before 6 (normal closing hour) and we'll take care of you. I got it there about 5:45. At 6:15 I was back home, tire patched, minimal cost, zero hassle. Thank you, Tony.

Maybe now our luck has changed. Though there is still the matter of the mower. I'm hoping to get it back sometime this month.


The pole must have slowed him down, but not much.

His aim was just a little too far right.

But for those two last bushes, he might have had enough momentum to make it back down to the road, doing another 180 in the process, ending up wheels down, and just kept on driving. Will never know....

Monday Jun 3 #

2 PM

run/hike 20:54 intensity: (2:13 @1) + (18:41 @2) 1.64 mi (12:43 / mi) +190ft 11:28 / mi
ahr:116 max:130 weight:139lbs

North Mountain Road. OK (based on the usual criteria, no apparent damage done).

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