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In the 7 days ending Mar 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walk trot5 5:05:54 24.5(12:29) 39.43(7:45)
  running2 2:19:10 13.35(10:25) 21.49(6:29)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 7:35:04 41.85(10:52) 67.35(6:45)

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Saturday Mar 2 #

9 AM

walk trot (trying to doctor me up) 1:08:13 [3] 5.15 mi (13:15 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Clifton 2

Noticed at 1.7 my watch was not running...messing up this watch a lot lately when I slide on my 15 layers of clothing. Other times I hit the button and it won't start...I hit the button and saw it running but then I had to slide my multiple layers over it and must have bumped the button.

Last 2.45M ran 44:25. Guessed my time to be about 14 min pace as I was really caution at the beginning of run...entire run actually, but REALLY caution of slow trotting for pretty short distance then walking again...was just getting up to .1 or so per trotting session.

Friday Mar 1 #

11 AM

running (OC Track) 1:01:46 [3] 5.85 mi (10:33 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Ice mostly gone except on roofs and grass. Abandoning my wise decision to forego the track I impulsively decided to run 12k/30 laps on track...had a debate on whether to run on and make is 7.5...that turned out moot. My right outer hamstring tightened on 22nd I was debating on cutting back to 10k...even 25 laps versus 24 seemed to become monumental. Decided as I passed 23rd lap to run 6 miles which would be 24 laps and another 60 yards but about 1/3 of way around I stopped...I'm glad I did.

If it was warmer I might have been ok but still cold. Stupid me...I kinda was psyched out by going 3x2.5m loops again but I think the 'sameness' of flat track may have worked against me in the cold...the slight variations of up and down, etc might have allowed me to do 3 loops...

Anyway I'm icing and past week I have right hip, left hip and now right ham...I'm pushing to the edge again...I should be ok with some walk/jog along with ice/heat/electro-cardiogram pulsator thingy, stretching, etc.

My splits were remarkably close to the pace of my 7.5 runs...slow start...but I missed out on the quick finish...the 30 laps was daunting (versus 3 large laps) but actually even at the slow pace the laps seemed to go by 'quicker' than I expected...I was thinking I could run 10 miles in a time trial on track just over 60 minutes if I was feeling good and I was shooting for 15 minutes slower for 2.5 miles less...bad me comparing Geezer Rick to Young Rick...and of course thinking is outlawed and I broke the law.


1M 11:30
2M 21:30 (11:00))
3M 33:06 (10:36)
4M 43:30 (10:24)
5M 53:30 (10:00)

Thursday Feb 28 #

10 AM

walk trot (cold but less icy ) 1:03:31 [3] 5.0 mi (12:42 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 460

A lot less ice...but sidewalks still had too many clear ice patches to chance to trot across most of the side entrances today but there were still some slick spots you had to watch for. About 2.3 or so I stepped in a hole in the grass and went down but the grass is very thick...knee new almost daily medical emergency was my LEFT hip.

I got up out of my office chair after going thru email and talking to a couple of my former work buddies and my left hip felt like it tried to pop out of the joint. At first I figured it was one of those temporary painful but nothing lasting things but a minute later I felt lame...okay I"m lame all the time but as in walking of course...I did my butt tightening lifts and other googled medical stuff and gradually felt better...I did my hopping and jumping around and it seemed ok...went out not knowing about traction...was pretty cold but the trotting along went ok.

Wednesday Feb 27 #

10 AM

walk trot (iced over run on grass) 1:07:26 [3] 5.0 mi (13:29 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Streets and sidewalks thin coat of ice...barely able to walk on it...shuffle-trotted on grass but whenever I came to business or neighborhood entrance I had to slip slide across was my rest day anyway and I may have been pushing some of these days a little too much. I did fall at 3.5 miles and banged knee just a little but it was sore anyway...icing it now but it feels 'normal' stiff where I do all my self-healing stuff.

Friday is next workout where I want to run...I'm lucky to have been able to do 5 at the pace I averaged. Maybe I should have some fancy treadmill but don't know if I could stand running on one.

Tuesday Feb 26 #

10 AM

running (OC Trail 2.5 mile loops) 1:17:24 [3] 7.5 mi (10:19 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ravenna 8

I shuffled along in shorts yesterday afternoon in 60 degree weather. It was supposed to be 49 this morning they had lowered that to 41...3 hours later it was in the 20's. The weather guys are kinda a joke now...the temp dropped from about 31 or 32 when I started to 28...with WC of 16. Big change from yesterday but other parts of country look ten times worse so I'll just be glad we aren't buried in snow...although we may get moisture by tomorrow...NO ICE PLEASE!!!!

I got out of car at Okie Christian and felt like I might run about a 1:24 (1:22:30 is 11 min pace for 7.5). Half mile plus into the run I felt the same way. I ran far faster than I thought possible. For 3 days maybe 4 I've been trying to do some 'air' jump rope (no rope just the hopping as if I was using a rope...if I did I would trip and kill myself of course). Also jumping jacks, one legged hopping on one foot and stride springing.

Not too much but not just a few either. The more I think about it the more it seems it's not just my legs that have no's my feet...maybe that has to do with calves also but anyway I feel jumping will give me the push off I'm kinda felt that way today...

2.5M 28:01 1st loop (about 11:12 pace)
5M 53:36 (25:35 2nd loop or about 10:14 pace)
7.5M 1:17:24 (23:48 last loop or 9:31 pace)

I ran 2 seconds faster than last Thursday...same shoes and same OC was better that day and I had far less clothes on...two layers on legs which the past winter or two has really slowed me down more than it used to.

Monday Feb 25 #

8 AM

golf (Guthrie Aqua Canyon) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Sketcher Golf

Windy again. Nice temp and fairly sunny but...windy.
4 PM

walk trot (breezy sunny warm) 42:08 [3] 3.75 mi (11:14 / mi)
shoes: Adidas Duramo 9

Sunday Feb 24 #

6 AM

walk trot (no wind light 1/2 way!!) 1:04:36 [3] 5.6 mi (11:32 / mi)
shoes: New Balance Trail

It was light about 2.25 miles in...seems like it was 20 minutes earlier than last week...really struggle to run early...just cannot get the leg turn over.

I did run the last 2.5 about 10:15 pace...

13:45 first mile...
32:45 at 2.5...I decided to add half mile on so just ran out another 3:05 which was probably a little long but not 3 was 38:55...pitiful but when I would try to surge could not even go for more than a few steps...sometimes I punched it...nothing happened as far as speeding up. That's why the longer I run the 'faster' my times get.

If I were to run several miles further my pace for 5.5 would be within 15 seconds a mile or less...

Note I clocked off my "add on" 1/2 mile later it was slightly over .6 so raised mileage .1 to 5.6.

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