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In the 7 days ending Apr 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walk trot5 4:13:37 18.9(13:25) 30.42(8:20)
  running5 2:15:02 13.5(10:00) 21.73(6:13)
  golf 2 20:00 8.0(2:30) 12.87(1:33)
  Total12 6:48:39 40.4(10:07) 65.02(6:17)

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Saturday Apr 20 #

8 AM

golf (Kickingbird ) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Sketcher Golf

Ole right ankle sprain aggravated this week...I guess from my hopping and jumping...figures...sore during round even tho last night ice, heat, electro-stimulus stuff...affected golf some.
3 PM

walk trot (ankle sore rest) 21:32 [3] 1.2 mi (17:57 / mi)
shoes: Nike Pegasus 34

I started slow but about .4 or so foot/ankle felt ok as far as being able to walk quicker...

Friday Apr 19 #

9 AM

running warm up/down (OC Track) 5:45 [3] 0.5 mi (11:30 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ravenna 8

My stride felt horrible. I may have to move this to AFTER the 100 mt alternate trot/stride. Right now by far my best 'speed' workout is the trot/stride 95 trot/105 stride out. I gradually smoothed out somewhat by end of first lap but it was still awful at the end.

I tried to do 20 yard burst and it was hugely embarrassing and frustrating. All the work I did for 'lifting power' and thus smoother stride seemed to have been wasted. The best way to describe my stride until I get warmed up and smooth is as if I were suffering a massive pulled muscle, but do not 'feel it or any pain'...but the lame-legged stride failure is occurring as I am unable to make the leg 'pull' forward.

10 AM

running tempo (OC Track) 14:28 [3] 1.5 mi (9:39 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ravenna 8

1/4M 2:29 (really struggled even after the half mile 'warmup')
1/2M 4:55 (2:26)
3/4M 7:19 (2:25)
1M 9:41 (2:22)
1.2M 12:07 (2:26)
1.5M 14:27 (2:20)
11 AM

running (OC Trail 2.5 mile loops) 50:19 [3] 5.0 mi (10:04 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ravenna 8

Cool feeling...strong breeze out of north...once again in 50's before WC and I just have nothing. I busted my gut to do what I did today...not speeding up yet.

26:29 first loop
23:50 2nd loop

1M 11:04 (Half mile into wind)
2M 21:30 (10:26)
3M 31:30 (10:00)
4M 41:14 (10:14) (half mile into wind)
5M 50:19 (8:55)

At about 3.1 some baseball built type guy blew by me...not sure how far he was going...he pulled away from me so easily it was discouraging but it did make me reach was a good place as I was 1/10th of a mile into a half mile stretch straight into strong wind. I probably ran at least 30 seconds faster for 2nd loop and nearly got down to 50 min...I did not have it at all today...form off, no power 'readily available' without busting a gut to reach way down...I'm waiting for that first run where all the jumping, speed burst, 100mt strides, etc kick in.

Thursday Apr 18 #

9 AM

walk trot (tired sluggish rest day) 1:04:18 [3] 5.05 mi (12:44 / mi)
shoes: LunarGlide8

No surges today. Need to rest...trotted along and walked...never tried to really run. Sunny but just slightly chilly (not chilly as compared to Duluth of course...'Okie-chilly' but also warming up to nearly 70 by late afternoon.

This was a good 'workout' far as being a rest day and making sure I rested but also got some value out of the day.

Wednesday Apr 17 #

9 AM

walk trot (with 13 surges) 59:04 [3] 5.1 mi (11:35 / mi)
shoes: Adidas Duramo 9

13 surges from 10 strides up to 35 strides so about 10+ yards to about 40-50 yards...I did about 4 or 5 of these on grass median and I was absolutely flying on the grass...felt like for 30 to 40 yards I was doing 5 min form was definitely better on grass...or at least it FELT better...I'm doing my 100+ jumping jacks and 'air' jump ropes (about 40 JJacks and 60+ J Ropes) and my stretch tube lift stuff...I was doing the stretch tube stuff but I've tripled the leg lift part...

Tuesday Apr 16 #

8 AM

golf (Guthrie International) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Sketcher Golf

Windy...we're having March weather in April...for about 15 years we have. April is the new March and May is the new April.
4 PM

walk trot (surges and walk) 53:05 [3] 3.55 mi (14:57 / mi)
shoes: Nike Zoom Trainer

15-16 baby surges...that is part of my new strategy to put some speed and smoothness into my running stride and pace. I have endurance...not nearly as much as in the past but what I lack is quickness and foot turnover. So I'm doing about 100 or more in a tri-combination of jumping jacks, 'air' jump ropes, and stride springs where I push off. I'm having to curtail the one legged jump in places as it has aggravated an old right ankle sprain.

I walked but I also did 15 to 17 surges of 10 to 30 yards averaging about 20 probably. I think I'll incorporate a new warm up to my track warm up...rather than randomly doing those surges I'm going to do 1-2 laps where I just trot and walk but then do quick surges of short length just to get my legs turning over...I can't run faster until I run faster...even my 100 meter pace really is on the slow side for being that distance so I need to get more quickness to help speed up those 100 meter strides and hopefully in the summer do longer 220 and 440 (I still prefer those distances so I add appropriate steps to convert the track to yards).

I'm using my stretch tubes to work the strength of my legs to reach out and also lift up my legs...

Monday Apr 15 #

10 AM

running tempo (OC Track) 14:21 [3] 1.5 mi (9:34 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Added a lap and you would have thought I added 2 miles...when I went to run the OC trail loop for my 5 miler I felt a little weaker than expected. It was breezy but 'doable' at the beginning but by last lap coming out of last turn the wind was getting to me...

I warmed up as I had talked about doing more of the short little 10-20 yard pickups...I had spent 2 days working my 'lift' muscles but I felt as awkward as ever when I started about 4th or 5th one I smoothed out some but other than running first lap quicker I still took 2 laps for my stride to smooth out.

440 2:18
880 4:44 (2:26)
1320 7:08 (2:24)
1M 9:30 (2:22)
1.25 11:54 (2:24)
1.5 14:21 (2:27)

11 AM

running (OC Trail 2.5 mile loops) 50:09 [3] 5.0 mi (10:02 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Even tho the wind got to me on the track first lap was not too bad, but just as it had picked up while on the track the wind kept getting stronger. It really got me the last half mile.

26:13 (10:29 pace)
23:56 2nd loop (9:34)

1M 10:45
2M 21:13 (10:28)
3M 31:09 (9:56)
4M 41:00 (9:52)
5M 50:09 (9:09)

Sunday Apr 14 #

6 AM

walk trot (Cool but no wind) 55:38 [3] 4.0 mi (13:55 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 880 WB 4

I added up the runners yesterday and there were 56. I was 3rd of 10 in the 10K but there were several young females running 15 to 25K that were running the pace I was for first 10K at least...or close to it. I could let this depress me and jump off a bridge but I choose to accept while slow for racing this still was a good, quick 10K training run for now and I was not feeling real peppy. I'm in shape right now, today to run 15 to 25 seconds faster. Probably only 15 but it's just a range I'm guessing at.

I was going to walk only today, but I decided pretty quickly to do some trotting and play it by ear...ended up doing more than I anticipated without overdoing it. Probably switching up training due to race yesterday and need to return rental SUV tomorrow morning thus interfering with my Mon AM golf...which would be greatly affected by yet another 12 hour soaking leaving the ground still wet for days. So I likely will run my OC trail and track stuff unless I feel poopy tomorrow (as in tired not pooping poopy...haha :).

I trotted along for up to 120 strides then would walk 50 yards or so and do it again...took a couple of miles to work up to this. Then last 1.6 miles I did six 30 to 60 yard surges that were in control but 'fast' for me.

Last night I worked my right leg with stretch tube pulling forward and lifting it...only did the right leg. I use ankle weights to work my legs lightly...knees, quads and hams always using heavier weight for right leg...that works as far as cutting down on the lame feeling but I need to work right leg more and get into enough quick running my form will improve. I was doing that a couple of months ago but doing too much slow 8 min pace 440's, and not enough genuinely quick stuff...which right now is 100mts and still not all that quick.

I may work on doing more of these short burst during week. I press on to see what I can do. No plans to greatly increase my training yet...I do think I might do an extra lap of 100 mt trot/stride so I'm up to 6 laps...thus 12x100...twice a week would be 4 more of them and even that little increase might be the slight extra to help push me up to next level of speed work this summer.

I might try to do another half to 1 mile during the week either on Sunday...what this boils down to is increasing my training as little as a mile or something I have to be careful about due to I approach the same stress less that breaks me down each time.

1m 16:00
2m 30:38 (14:38)
3m 43:30 (13:22)
4M 55:38 (12:08)

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