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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Feb 15:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running5 5:09:59 27.5(11:16) 44.26(7:00)
  walk trot2 1:54:51 7.6(15:07) 12.23(9:23)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 7:14:50 39.1(11:07) 62.92(6:55)

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Saturday Feb 15 #

9 AM

walk trot (big rest day tired) 49:36 [3] 3.1 mi (16:00 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 460

1M 16:40
2M 33:00 (? 16:20)
3M 48:10 (15:10)
3.1 49:36

The 6 miler in light of what I had done Sun-Wed was too much. I should have done a medium day Thursday then done a 5 miler hard like I had been doing. Not a big deal.

Friday Feb 14 #

9 AM

walk trot (A true walk/trot day cold) 1:05:15 [3] 4.5 mi (14:30 / mi)
shoes: LunarGlide8

My energy battery was dead, my right knee slightly puffy/stiff in a non-painful way and when I did my first shuffling it was probably slower than my fast paced walking...I just did 20 steps or so and worked up from there...longest I went was maybe a third of a mile last half mile but mostly probably 75 yards or less for 2/3's of the workout. Sunny but still in 20's when I started. No wind.

1M 17:00
2M 32:00 (15:00)
3M 46:20 (14:20)
4M 59:00 (13:40_
4.5 1:05:15

Thursday Feb 13 #

10 AM

running (sunny cold ) 1:07:25 [3] 6.0 mi (11:14 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mach Black/Red

I upped the 5.5 to 6 was about 15 WC...I had not paid attention to forecast so this was a surprise...I'm dressing with less layers this winter.

1M 13:05
2M 24:50 (11:45)
3M 36:00 (11:10)
4M 46:40 (10:40)
5M 57:15 (10:35)
6M 1:07:25 (10:10)

Post workout note: within hour after I finished just moving around my right knee felt a little puffy which then translates into stiff, although that word by itself is too strong...most of my aches/pains/everywhere but especially legs are due to stiffness from working out...stretching calves and hams mostly but other areas also, back, quads, that side of upper leg muscle/tendon IT and it relieves much if not all the stiffness.

I had not done a full rest day since Sat...Mon finished quick although I started slow and even at quick finish I was not going 100%, Tues was 5.5 at good pace, Wed did my easy start walk/trot but even though they were all short 25-45 yards I did do 19 fartlek surges and then yesterday did 6 miles in pretty cold weather...I've earned back to back easy days.

The two races I ran last year are starting to creep up to within about 2 months now...the 10K more fun run than race and then the Memorial Marathon 5k. It's 50/50 if I'll run them again simply due to at my age that's the attitude I have now.

I also added and tried other exercises for core and back...I'm at maximum output and in the scheme of things I do not see more than 20% chance and probably way less than that I'll ever get in shape to actually 'race' a marathon...either I'll never run one or it'll be to jog one at 11 min pace or slower just just finish...right now I doubt I could break 13 minute pace if I walk jogged it.

Wednesday Feb 12 #

10 AM

running (cloudy cool rest day) 53:49 [3] 4.5 mi (11:58 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Gortex

1M 14:00
2M 26:30 (12:30)
3M 38:10 (11:40)
4M 49:05 (10:55)
4.5 53:49 (4:44 last half mile)

19 surges from just cross street up to about 45 strides...averaged close to 40 yards...I'm guessing did at least 700 yards of the fartlek strides...I was tired so I kept them much shorter...but still put some quickness in the workout.

Stopped walking after first half mile...going slow until about .75 then started the surges...did not intend to do 19...but held back on pace and was going to do shorter ones...but when you are going only about 35-40 yards easy to add on.

Tuesday Feb 11 #

10 AM

running (YMCA Trail) 55:47 [3] 5.5 mi (10:09 / mi)
shoes: Nike Pegasus 34

Got pretty nice...cloudy and cool but it warmed up just enough to feel ok. No real wind.

1M 11:35
2M 22:22 (10:47)
3M 32:15 (9:53)
4M 41:45 (9:30)
5M 51:20 (9:35)
5.5 56:47 (4:27 last half)

Monday Feb 10 #

8 AM

golf (Kickingbird ) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Skecher Golf Cream

32 when started but there was a real chill in the air...cloudy.
2 PM

running (some walking sprinkles) 47:35 [3] 4.0 mi (11:54 / mi)
shoes: Adidas Duramo 9

Grey, cool, sprinkly although it stopped at some time and it was only extremely light sparse sprinkles at the beginning. Slow start, as I had on tights and wind pants...probably cost me 5 minutes a mile at least :).

1M 14:00
2M 26:45 (12:45...barely speeding up..!)
Most of walking was first half mile, 15 to 20 steps at most then back to shuffling while I warmed up. Rest day but if I only push a little second half then it still gives me rest. I did walk at 1.2 and intended to stop at least once more but I didn't.
3M 38:00 (11:15)
4M 47:35 (9:35)

This is a good rest day but last week with same effort ran 2 minutes faster...I believe it was warmer and had less on. I don't mind overdressing on rest days...'weight training' with the extra layers and I get a good sweat and it holds me back.

Sunday Feb 9 #

6 AM

running long (Sir you are rocking it) 1:25:23 [3] 7.5 mi (11:23 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Ride ISO

Saw 2 girls and a guy at about 7.15 I saw them again (4 mile square) so I had run 2.1 to their 1.9. The guy called out...'Sir you are rockin' it' and he said it like he meant it. So if you drop the Sir off...that is impressive...with the Sir on means for an ole geezer I was alive and moving and he was impressed by that. :) or :(

From .5 to 2 miles into strong breeze...of course from 3.75 on I had only tailwind or side wind that did not hurt me.

1M 14:10.
2M 26:25 (12:15) way slower due to wind
3M 32? missed the split
4M 48:30 (22:05 for 2 miles)
5M 1:00+ this one did not make sense I was tired but had tailwind?
6M 1:11:11
7M 1:21:00 (10:11)
7.5 1:25:23 (4:23 last half mile)

13 fartlek surges...9 of them into the wind...ugh...from 1.25 to 2.5.

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