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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Sep 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running4 5:22:43 29.4(10:59) 47.31(6:49)
  walk trot3 3:19:51 15.0(13:19) 24.14(8:17)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 8:52:34 48.4(11:00) 77.89(6:50)

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Saturday Sep 26 #

6 AM

walk trot (nice breeze almost fall!) 48:52 [3] 3.5 mi (13:58 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Gortex

Pooped and slightly more stiff/sore than 'normal' so decided to cut from 4 to 3 but then altered to 3.5. Walked awhile before first trotting...probably over half mile...gradually increased from stumbled shuffle stride for 100-150 yards to quicker trotting by halfway.

1M 16:00
2M 30:25 (14:25)
3M 43:10 (13:45)
3.5 48:52 (5:42 last half mile)

No warmup. One of those days too everything bad (see above) to even warm up. I stopped 3 times to stretch calves starting at 1.75M. That helped a lot.
8 AM

golf (Kickingbird ) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Skecher Golf Cream

Windy...played rotten.

Friday Sep 25 #

8 AM

running (Okie wind returns poop) 1:01:34 [4] 5.55 mi (11:06 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mach Black/Red

Left ham just fine. Right calf of course tweaky so cautious start not knowing how much I would walk versus trot along. Still not sure after 1 mile...I was walking about 30 yards every quarter mile...I intended to increase that to every half mile after 2 miles but when I got to 2.5 I just kept going so no walking after 2 miles. Wind mostly into face second half...I have never been crazy about the Hoka Mach whatevers except for walking and walk trotting but they felt okay today...nothing special...not Speedgoat or Rincon level at all, but ok.

5 min warmup of light stretching and foam roller including softball on right calf to work on knot area. Standing leg kicks/swirls. No floor stuff.

1M 12:55
2M 24:55 (12:00)
3M 35:55 (11:00...turned into wind at 2.75...quarter mile uphill into wind)
4M 46:10 (10:15 only side wind)
5M 56:20 (10:10...mostly into wind)
5.5 1:01:34 (5:14 last half mile)

Mid evening 15 minutes of light exercise: leg bands only, a little floor core and foam roller.

Thursday Sep 24 #

8 AM

running long (another stunning day) 1:14:00 [5] 6.85 mi (10:48 / mi)
shoes: Skecher GoRun7

The Skechers felt great today. I noticed about 5 yesterday just the teeny tiniest little tightness in left ham...right after doing my 'preventative' exercises and stretches so it had to be that...I had been done running for over 7 hours by then...I ran okay today but two stops at 3 and 6.3 were specifically to do a extra cautious stretch...and both times it relaxed the leg. Walked a few times at the beginning 10 to 20 steps just to work into the run...I was borderlining it the second half but was careful to hold back also.

I really did not warm up except for lite stretching of the calves only.

1M 13:00
2M 24:30 (11:30)
3M 35:00 (10:30)
4M 45:45 (10:45) splits probably off slightly
5M 55:30 (9:45)
6M 1:05:30 (10:00)
6.85 1:14:00 (8:30 last .85)

Evening....only arm/free weights 15 lb'ers pumping to simulate arm movement running; floor core; leg/arm bands; standing leg kicks/swirls, lite stretching. 40 minutes. Wind 16mph but this was a wide open run...nothing to block the massive redwood Finlander forests to knock 16 mph wind down to .000111 mph.

Wednesday Sep 23 #

8 AM

walk trot (cloudy misty at times ) 1:16:06 [3] 6.0 mi (12:41 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Ride ISO

Able to handle a bit more mileage in the cooler weather.

1M 14:45
2M 28:15 (13:30)
3M 40:30 (12:15)
4M 53:30 (13:00...hilly)
5M 1:05:00 (11:30)
6M 1:16:06 (11:06)

Well I walked and trotted along...settled into trotting about 2/10th of each quarter mile. Last 2 miles about doubled that. Felt easy...within myself, so I'm working everything but not straining.

10 min warm up: leg kicks/swirls, lite stretching, foam roller, floor core of sit ups, planks, bridges...just enough to loosen and warm up.

Afternoon: 40 minutes everything. Free weights, floor core of sit ups, bridges, planks, leg lifts...all sides; leg and arm bands, foam roller and standing leg kicks/swirls all sides/directions.

Tuesday Sep 22 #

8 AM

running long (overcast misty at times) 1:15:02 [5] 7.0 mi (10:43 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Speedgoat 3

Started quicker. My calf was a tad bit stiff/tight...emphasis on the tad bit part...more like shin splint but whatever. I didn't need to run faster anyway as I was as tired as I needed to be when I finishe.

1M 13:00
2M 23:45 (10:45)
3M 34:40 (10:55)
4M 45:10 (10:30)
5M 55:20 (10:10)
6M 1:05:05 (9:45)
7M 1:15:02 (9:58...think dodging traffic cost me 10 seconds...waiting for car too close to dart out in front of twice).

10 min warm up of lite stretching, standing leg kicks/swirls, floor core (less of everything) and foam roller.

Monday Sep 21 #

8 AM

walk trot (fall is a month early!!!) 1:14:53 [3] 5.5 mi (13:37 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Gortex

Just shuffled along never straining or going quick. Not quite as easy as a couple of these a week or so ago, but still nice to just walk and trot well within yourself and yet getting a workout and be tired in a good way afterwards and still be able to call it a rest day.

10 minutes of warm up...lite stretching, a little floor core, leg kicks and swirls all directions and foam roller calves.

1M 15:30
2M 29:30 (14:00)
3M 43:25 (13:55)
4M 56:00 (13:35)
5M 1:08:35 (12:35)
5.5 1:14:53 (6:18 last half mile)

Evening: 45 minutes of all the stuff: foam roller; leg kicks and swirls, lite stretching, softball on right calf; floor core...sit ups, planks, bridges, leg lifts all sides/directions; free weights 15, 20, 35, 40, 50.

Sunday Sep 20 #

6 AM

running long (holy moly I made it) 1:52:07 [5] 10.0 mi (11:13 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Rincon grey

I was not sure if I could go 10 or if I did would I have to just walk trot and average 12 or 13. A ten miler is still good for you even if all walking but of course I want to keep building on my summer I was going along quicker at first but I was walking slightly less...I did not stop after 3. I was going to stop every mile but when I got to 4 I just kept going. As usual I speeded up very slowly at first, then about 3 began to go a little quicker and then at 4.5 I dropped down into mid 10's.

It was cool and no wind. Just unbelievable weather in a otherwise crappy year.

1M 14:40 (Under 15! in the dark!)
2M 27:50 (13:10)
3M 40:20 (12:30)
4M 51:40 (11:20)
5M 1:02 (10:20)
6M 1:12:30 (10:30)
7M 1:23:05 (10:35)
8M 1:32:55 (9:50)
9M 1:42:30 (9:35)
10M 1:52:07 (9:37)

Fastest 10 all year and maybe 2 or 3 years...calf held up well. There was one 'flash twitch' at just before 8 and I thought I might have to shut it down but it was only one step and there was no pain...just 'something' and then it was over and when I finished calf was normal. In fact last half mile my left outer ham just barely tightened , if you can call it that and so there I was stride by stride thinking 'right calf, left thigh' they balanced things out in my mind and I coasted in.

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