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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Nov 14:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running6 7:32:33 41.55(10:54) 66.87(6:46)
  walk trot1 40:34 3.0(13:31) 4.83(8:24)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 8:23:07 48.55(10:22) 78.13(6:26)

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Saturday Nov 14 #

7 AM

walk trot (warmer tad humid) 40:34 [3] 3.0 mi (13:31 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Gortex

Just walk n trot as I felt. Good 5 minute easy warm up of a little of everything just to wake up muscles. Rained at midnight some...sunny with some clouds and south breeze that was pretty strong...was glad I was not having to run hard into it...and second half was with breeze at my back.
12 PM

golf (Hefner north) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Skecher Golf

Incredibly windy...making up for a year of super calm weather for Okieland...all in one day unfortunately. Nearly blown over on one shot. Actually shot okay for the 30+ mph times it had to be 40. Shot 87.

Friday Nov 13 #

8 AM

running hills (chilly low/mid 30's) 56:51 [4] 5.55 mi (10:15 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mach Black/Red

Chilly...some sun but not one of those bright days that warms you up a little more...seemed like the cold slowed my getting into a flow until about 2.5 miles or so.

1st loop------ 2.8M-----29:51----- 10:40 pace
2nd loop-----2.75M----27:00----- 9:49 pace

10 min warm up lite stretching, foam roller, very reduced floor core, standing kicks/swirls.

Early evening: foam roller, stand up leg kicks/swirls all directions, lite stretching, floor core and leg bands. 25 min.

Thursday Nov 12 #

7 AM

running hills (tough wind last 1.5 mile) 1:15:01 [5] 7.0 mi (10:43 / mi)
shoes: Skecher GoRun7

Once again it's windy on Thursday...turning at 5.5 into strong wind but not quite as bad as 2 or 3 weeks ago...and I was a little stronger today running into it.

5 min warm up of lite stretching, and a little floor core and leg kicks.

1M 13:10
2M 24:30 (11:20)
3M 35:00 (10:30)
4M 45:15 (10:15)
5M 55:25 (10:10) Hills started 2.75 ended at 5.25)
6M 1:05:25 (10:00) even with half mile into wind
7M 1:15:01 (9:36...) can't believe I could go under 10 at the end!

Afternoon: 35 minutes of standing leg kicks/swirls; lite stretching; free arm weights; leg and arm bands all directions; hip flexor many exercises it can be overwhelming...also usually not doing them that well at first, but I did what I could. Floor core pending.

Wednesday Nov 11 #

8 AM

running tempo (13x30+ fartlek surges) 1:06:55 [3] 6.0 mi (11:09 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Ride ISO

Pretty cold this morning. About 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but bright sun made it feel warm before I got to 2 miles. Had to stuff my gloves in my jacket. Between 1 mile and 4 miles I did 13 surges from about 15 yards up to about 50 yards...averaging about 30 or possibly 35 yards...they were fairly quick but concentrated on just quickness with 'good form' (for me at least). Yesterday was a 'slow quick' workout. Today was a 'fast version of a slow' workout.

Started to do a few more surges but decided since this is supposed to be an easier day I just trot in the last two miles at whatever pace my feet took me.

1M 13:15
2M 25:50 (12:35)
3M 35:00 (9:50)...wind was helping some and had half mile down hill
4M 45:40 (10:40) wind plus half mile uphill slowed me
5M 56:15 (10:35)
6M 1:06:55 (10:40)

Early afternoon: 45 minutes yard cleanup due to storm debris. Snipping up limbs, carrying to front, raking up, etc. Still so much having to just shove around at times to look 'less bad'. But I'm amazed how much there is of a dent in the big piles in the backyard. Probably the equivalent of running a 2:10 marathon.

OKC Memorial Marathon has already moved race to Oct of next year rather than about 3rd weekend of April. I disagree they did not wait another 5 or 6 weeks...on the other hand to be in charge of races or most anything else right now has to be a logical nightmare. It's their race thus so be it.

Evening: 20 minutes of leg bands, reduced floor core, lite stretching, foam roller, standing leg kicks.

Tuesday Nov 10 #

8 AM

running long (OC Trail 2.5 mile loops) 1:16:35 [5] 7.5 mi (10:13 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Speedgoat 3

Cooler today...not bad for Nov except after cold rains of 2 weeks ago, last week was in mid 60's to mid 70's so 45 seemed cold at first. Also moderate NW wind really strained my willpower...especially on the first lap. The pace did not feel like it was below 11 minutes so I'll take that as my positive spin of this workout. I was tired and lethargic until last lap also.

Like that week this was a real mental battle until nearly 5 miles.

1st lap: 27:08 (10:51 pace)
2nd lap: 52:20 (25:12 second loop) second loop 10:05 pace
3rd lap: 1:16:35 (24:15 last loop) 9:44 pace for last loop

10:13 overall.

5 min warm up: rolled on floor, foam roller, a little floor core not much at all, lite stretching and standing leg kicks/swirls all direction.

Late afternoon and evening: 20 min...arm and leg bands, free weights (less reps than normal); pooped after the run...which is par for the course right now. Did about 45 minutes of yard/tree limb cleanup...moving debris from piles in backyard to the front yard where sometime in next whenever the city will begin to pick up the debris...a whole lot of it to be done.

Monday Nov 9 #

8 AM

running (breezy overcast) 1:08:19 [3] 5.5 mi (12:25 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Gortex

Legs none to peppy. Not exactly dead but no extra pep in them either. Took me over 3 miles to get 'going'. Average pace for rest day. 7-8 minutes of warm up of reduced floor core, standing leg kicks swirls, lite stretching.

Late afternoon and evening: arm free weights; leg and arm bands; standing leg kicks/swirls; lite stretching; floor core. 35 minutes.

Sunday Nov 8 #

6 AM

running long (strong south breeze) 1:48:52 [5] 10.0 mi (10:53 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Rincon grey

Fastest 10 mile in long time...under 11 min pace. Too lazy to check old AP logs and see when I've been under 1:50 for ten. 60 degrees so that was perfect temp but...

Strong steady south breeze...mostly constant but there were a few times it did not necessarily gust but the wind let up slightly for a few seconds and then 'returned' to its normal speed...I started to run the course backwards so I would have 2 miles of the last 3 miles with the wind at my back but that also meant running 3 of 4 miles into the wind in the middle so I opted to run the course 'normally'.

1M 14:30
2M 27:00 (12:30) From .5 to 1.5 then 2.5 to 3.5 into wind
3M 38:40 (11:40)
4M 49:15 (10:35) From 3.5 to 7.5 wind mostly helping
5M 59:30 (10:15)
6M 1:09:35 (10:05)
7M 1:19:40 (10:05)
8M 1:29:25 (9:45) From 7.5 to 10 fighting wind.
9M 1:39:08 (9:43)
10M 1:48:52 (9:44)

5 min warm up of a little floor core, foam roller, rolling on floor to loosen back, standing leg swirls/kicks and lite stretching.

Finally in the evening I was able to do some floor core and standing leg kicks/swirls and lite stretching. Not a lot of each. 15 minutes.

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