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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Nov 21:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running6 7:30:18 41.55(10:50) 66.87(6:44)
  walk trot1 42:05 3.0(14:02) 4.83(8:43)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 8:22:23 48.55(10:21) 78.13(6:26)

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Saturday Nov 21 #

6 AM

walk trot tempo (beagle hound dogs ) 42:05 [3] 3.0 mi (14:02 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Gortex

2 Beagle/Hound Dogs (being the famed dog expert I am I do not know for sure) ran up to me at 1.25 miles to go and followed me until .1 from the house. They had dog tags. I was hoping by leading them back in direction they came they would go home or their 'parents' would be out looking for them...but it was 6:30 am at the time. Big water line break in neighborhood so that may have kept them from turning into neighborhood as I headed for home last couple of blocks, dodging around gigantic puddle from leak couple hundred yards further into the neighborhood. Not a dog lover but hope they went home.

Easy day.

PM Less load of arm/leg bands; floor core; lite stretching; standing leg swirls/kicks 30 minutes.
8 AM

golf (Kickingbird ) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Skecher Golf Cream

Temperature actually cooled a little since this morning. Overcast grey gloomy day. One group held us up...took extra 30 minutes...felt exhausted when done. Shot 86...played well at first then...didn't.

Friday Nov 20 #

8 AM

running hills (YMCA Trail) 56:19 [4] 5.55 mi (10:09 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mach Black/Red

Really nice with only lite south wind.

5+ min warm up of lite stretching, floor stuff, leg kicks/swirls all easy just to loosen up.

1st loop 2.8M 30:00 10:43 pace
2nd loop 2.75M 26:19 9:24 pace

30 minutes of wiping cars down. Good exercise for arms. Movement in all directions, etc. Leg bands 10 minutes.

Thursday Nov 19 #

7 AM

running hills (Wind wind wind ugh ugh) 1:14:26 [5] 7.0 mi (10:38 / mi)
shoes: Skecher GoRun7

Another windy Thursday. I was mentally prepared for the turn at 5.5 but I also was 'pleased' that the strong side winds did not really affect me as much as I would have expected...when I turned into the wind it was howling...there were 3 or 4 times for a few steps I thought if it kept up I would almost be to a stop but I had a little cadence going in my head that seemed to work for keeping up the pace.

Leg seemed okay. Did about 5 minutes of easy, cautious warm up stretching and other movement type exercises. Able to run in shorts and t shirt. These days I run with about 4 layers less than old days. I accept a little more coolness than I used to and once I get warmed up it is nice not to have pants on or too many upper layers that are dead weight.

1M 13:15
2M 24:05 (10:50)
3M 34:45 (10:40) 2.5 to 5.25 my neighborhood hills
4M 44:40 (9:55)
5M 54:30 (9:50)
6M 1:04:35 (10:05)
7M 1:14:26 (9:51)

Afternoon: Foam roller, lite stretching, floor core, standing leg swirls/kicks; leg/arm bands and free weights. 40 minutes.

Wednesday Nov 18 #

7 AM

running tempo (cooler and steady wind) 1:06:23 [3] 6.0 mi (11:04 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Ride ISO

5 min plus warmup...lite stretching and leg kicks and swirls and some floor stuff but no real core stuff. Wind at back or left side going out and into face or right side coming back...stride felt really smooth but just trotting along as medium rest day...was going to do fartlek stuff again but after the second one at 1.1 mile I got a tug/cramp in left groin. Had to go to walk a few steps then trot a few steps very let up. I was not sure how far I could go but decided to trot along and turn around if things were not going well.

Between 1.5 and 2 I settled into a much quicker pace than I expected, especially for the easy effort of just shuffling along smoothly. At 3 turned back into wind...half mile uphill but able to actually run close to 10 min pace last 2.5 mile even fighting south wind. So far nothing feels tight so hopefully I've dodge another setback.

1M 12:50
2M 24:45 (11:55)
3M 35:40 (11:05)
4M 46:12 (10:32)
5M 56:25 (10:13)
6M 1:06:23 (9:58)

Tired and being cautious even though leg seems ok so I've not done any exercises but stretch calves and hour of yard work sawing off limbs, pruning and picking up debris.

Tuesday Nov 17 #

8 AM

running long (OC Trail 2.5 mile loops) 1:14:45 [5] 7.5 mi (9:58 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Speedgoat 3

5+ min warm up of light stretching, leg kicks and swirls, and floor stuff (no real core stuff...just doing thing to loosen back and joints).

Hurt the whole way...not quite as bad of 'depression-like' dark feelings of intimidation of doing this workout again. I gradually got going on the second lap especially the last mile of it and I ran the third loop/lap a minute faster than I thought I would...just keep speeding up from 1 mile on. Sunny and no wind.

1M 11:15
2M 21:55 (10:40)
3M 32:00 (10:05)
4M 41:50 (9:50)
5M 51:34 (9:44)
6M 1:01:00 (9:26)
7M 1:10:16 (9:16)
7.5 1:14:45 (4:29 last half mile)

Loop 1 26:55 10:46 pace
Loop 2 24:40 9:52 pace
Loop 3 23:10 9:16 pace

Late afternoon and evening: free weights; arm and leg bands, foam roller; floor core, standing leg swirls and kicks. 40 minutes.

Monday Nov 16 #

8 AM

running (sunny beautiful) 1:09:24 [3] 5.5 mi (12:37 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Saucony Triumph ISO 5

No warm up...too pooped to warm up. Shuffled along without pushing...after 1.5 walked about 35-40 yards each half mile.

1M 14:40
2M 27:00 (12:20)
3M 39:30 (12:30)
4M 51:45 (12:15)
5M 1:03:40 (11:55)
5.5 1:09:24 5:44 last half mile

Afternoon: 20 minutes of yard cleanup, limbs. 40 minutes of floor core, foam roller, standing leg kicks/swirls, lite stretching, leg and arm bands and free weights.

Sunday Nov 15 #

6 AM

running long (really really nice ) 1:49:01 [5] 10.0 mi (10:54 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Rincon grey

I saw no way I could run as 'fast' as last week for how I felt both physically and (mostly) emotionally. Was a little flat and really had to play mind games first 4 miles. At 5M I thought I would not be able to speed up much more but rather would just be hanging on, but at each half mile split I was right on 10 min pace (for second half of run) and it continued rest of way until I ended up with a 'quick' run.

I was 9 seconds slower than last week but my first 5 miles was right at a minute slower. As all those stupid (not really) security screens ask you to verify...I AM NOT A ROBOT.

1M 13:55
2M 26:55 (13:00)
3M 39:05 (12:10)
4M 50:05 (11:00)
5M 1:00:44 (10:39)
6M 1:10:44 (10:00)
7M 1:20:44 (10:00)
8M 1:30:22 (9:38)
9M 1:39:47 (9:25)
10M 1:49:01 (9:14)

1st 5 miles 1:00:44 12:09 per mile
2nd 5 Miles 48:17 9:39 per mile 2 1/2 min per mile faster. 9:39 felt like 6:39 pace.

5+ min warm up of all my regular stuff except bands and weights.

The Rincon's have just about pulled back even with Speedgoats again...Both make me feel like I more up on my toes...I always landed heavy on my heels (probably still do) but I do feel I am up on the balls of my feel a little more.

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