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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Jan 30:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running5 6:15:28 35.5(10:35) 57.13(6:34)
  walk trot2 1:39:01 7.0(14:09) 11.27(8:47)
  Total7 7:54:29 42.5(11:10) 68.4(6:56)

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Saturday Jan 30 #

8 AM

walk trot tempo (getting better light rain) 58:00 [3] 4.5 mi (12:53 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Hoka ATR 5 Gore Tex BLK

Light rain. Woke up at 3:15 this morning and realized through the heavy sleep fog that I had just bent my right leg and it felt almost normal. When I got up at 5:10 it felt much better than I expected when I went to bed. Thunder every so often and off and on light rain. At less than quarter mile thought I might have to turn around but pressed on and it almost immediately stopped the thunder and I live to tell the tale.

45 min warm up. 42 push ups. 7/7 x 3 (knee/full)First few I had to pull up but then things were back to normal strain and gut busting full up an down. No weights. Foam roller. Leg and arm bands. Floor core with 32 sit ups included; standing leg stuff and lite stretching.

Messed watch up. Had no idea how much trotting I might be able to do or what pace I would be going. First mile quite a bit of walking...not very far but then I did not trot very far either.

I wanted to go 4 and thought about 5...compromised and split the difference. Last mile was around 11:00 and knee feels fine right now. At least 2 days ahead of the pace of recovery I had hoped for.

Afternoon: 14 more push ups 7/7 of each type. Rest of warm up stuff just a lot less, but also did leg lifts with ankle weights.

Friday Jan 29 #

8 AM

walk trot tempo (knee sore sore but....) 41:01 [3] 2.5 mi (16:24 / mi)
(injured) shoes: Hoka ATR 5 Gore Tex BLK

From yesterday afternoon on through this morning the right knee was more stiff and sore than I had hoped. By evening it had gotten more sore not better.

Warm up...30 min. Way less stuff and could/would only bend knee as far as it would freely go, but usually then the amount of movement would improve.

Leg lifts no ankle weights, foam roller, leg and arm bands, floor core with 30 sit ups, etc; standing stuff and lite stretching. Everything cautious with less reps and less movement of right knee joint.

Walking was one of those guess and negotiate workouts. Expectations were 1.2M all the way up to 3M. Early on settled for 2 miles, but rather than turn around at 1M I took my 2.35 loop then added .15 at the last minute and finally last mile knee felt much looser and my pace was much quicker than I expected.

Afternoon: 20 minutes. Just repeated this morning non run stuff. Knee has loosened up a lot but still sore and can only bend about 75% of normal. Shoulder better too.

Thursday Jan 28 #

8 AM

running hills (tripped again crapppppp) 1:11:11 [5] 7.0 mi (10:10 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Rincon grey

I tripped for the first time in months...I think over 6 far as going down...50 yards from the house. Fell hard. Of course I hit my right knee. Just sat on ground about 15 seconds...hobbled in. I was right on pace to be about 5 seconds faster than last week...I'll just count it the same. Cold...high 20's but 17 WC.

Even scraped dime sized mark on right cheek...had gloves on so hands ok in spite of sliding on stupid pebble pavement. Hit right shoulder also.

45 min warm up. Everything full on except free weights. 28 push ups 7/7 x2 knee and full. Leg and arm bands. Foam roller. Floor core and leg lifts with no ankle weights, standing stuff and lite stretching.

1st 3.5M 38:25 10:59 pace
2nd 3.5M 32:46 9:22 pace

The problem with falling is you do not know for sure if you will have any running issues. A light fall might hobble you longer than a heavy fall that does not cause you any training issues (stiff knee or having to trot only).

It is ten minutes later and at least things are already better. When I was younger and tripped and fell hard it was just a matter of bumps and bruises and soreness. Now the concerns are at a much higher defcon level 29.

Wednesday Jan 27 #

7 AM

running tempo (quick mid weed run) 51:39 [4] 5.0 mi (10:20 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mach Black/Red

20 min warm up. 28 push ups 7/7 x 2. 14 of each type. Leg bands, foam roller, just a little floor core and standing stuff and lite stretching. Appt for cable company to come out so had to get out and get back...probably ran well over a minute faster because of that!

1st half/2.5M 28:20 11:20 pace
2nd half 2.5M 23:19 9:20 pace

Afternoon: 50 minutes. Doubled the push ups...28 more 7/7 x 2. Mostly did slightly less than if this had been done in morning. Foam roller. Leg lifts with ankle weights, floor core stuff, standing leg stuff, arm and leg bands.

Tuesday Jan 26 #

9 AM

running long (OC Trail 2.5m loop) 1:13:31 [5] 7.5 mi (9:48 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

30 min warm up. No energy. Took almost as much time to do much less. No weights. Less reps of most things. 30 push ups. 7/8; 7/8 14 knee/16 full; leg and arm bands; foam roller; floor core with 32 sit ups included; standing leg stuff and lite stretching.

Low 30's but a chill in the air. Grey and gloomy. Luckily almost no wind again. Pretty lethargic first half mile and I did not check a split except at the end of each 2.5M loop. Decided 3 times a week in Goats3 was too much. Ran in Clifton 6's and they felt even better...each run that has been the case.

Loop 1. 2.5m. 26:22 10:33 pace
Loop 2. 5.0m. 24:10. 9:40 pace (50:32 -- 5 mile split)
Loop 3. 7.5m. 22:59. 9:12 pace (1:13:31 final time)

Afternoon: 2 sets of push ups: 5/6 + 5/6 10 knee and 12 full 22 total
Brief floor core with 20 more sit ups, etc. 10 minutes.

Monday Jan 25 #

8 AM

running tempo (misty with touch of fog) 52:48 [4] 5.0 mi (10:34 / mi)
shoes: Hoka ATR 5 Gore Tex BLK

Trying to watch the pace somewhat on Monday and Wed as these were rest I'm running them very quickly the second half...the 'rest' is the slow start and limiting to 5 miles. Sat is 100% rest day.

50 min warm up. Everything. 56 push ups...7/7; 8/9; 7/8; 5/5. So 27 knee style and 29 full push ups. Foam roller; arm and leg bands; free weights not a lot of reps but enough that combined with push ups I think I'm a bit stronger and that and bananas and better warm-up have let to quicker runs over all, floor core with 40 sit ups, etc; standing leg stuff and lite stretching.

1st 2.5M 29:11 11:40 per mile
2nd 2.5M 23:37 9:27 per mile

Last mile was 8:58 including quarter mile through soggy thick grass.

Afternoon: 14 more push ups. 7/7. 50 leg lifts each leg with lite ankle weights just to strengthen knees and quads (also helps knees).

Sunday Jan 24 #

6 AM

running long (bizarre pacing ) 2:06:19 [4] 11.0 mi (11:29 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Speedgoat 3

10 min warm up of leg bands, standing leg stuff and foam roller. Almost foggy...just a hint of mist in the air...absolutely no wind. Really nice.

First 1/3 of a mile felt like last week...more bounce in my stride for it being dark and so early...but by 1 mile instead of continuing to smooth out and speed up my stride became heavy footed. At 5 miles averaging 13 min a mile but I didn't feel as tired as the pace indicated so I decided to press on after a momentary debate about packing it in from there which would have made it a 7 mile run. Glad I didn't.

From 5 to 6 just barely broke 12 I wishfully thought it would be nice to average 11 min for last 5 mies. I kept speeding up. Ran last 1.5 mile about 9:06 pace. I cannot recall ever speeding up like that.

2M 26:45 (13:22 average)
5M 1:04:55 (38:10 or just over 12:40 a mile)
6M 1:16:47 ( sign of any significant speed up)
11M 2:06:19 (28:04 last 3 miles 9:16 pace)

First 5M 1:04:55 (12:59 pace). Last 6 miles 1:01:24 (10:16 pace)

Afternoon: 30 push ups: 15 each type 8/8 then 7/7. A little floor core and ankle weights to strengthen knee and quad muscles to stabilize knees.

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