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Training Log Archive: Bags

In the 7 days ending Feb 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running4 4:34:54 25.0(11:00) 40.23(6:50)
  walk trot3 3:00:10 11.5(15:40) 18.51(9:44)
  golf 1 10:00 4.0(2:30) 6.44(1:33)
  Total8 7:45:04 40.5(11:29) 65.18(7:08)

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Saturday Feb 25 #

7 AM

walk trot (chill in the air grey sky) 49:38 [3] 3.0 mi (16:33 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Hoka ATR Challenger5 Dark Blue

5 min of foam roller, back bridges and 20 crunch SU and leg lifts.

Almost wind...gloomy grey skies and a chill in the air that seemed colder than it should for the temperature.

Yesterday spent all afternoon do home rehab on calf...again it is not bad I can run fine but would like to get rid of knot. Tried concentrating the percussion gun on the spot...for much longer 2 or 3 minutes just in that area more than once and it seemed to work out some of the knot. Plus ice, heat, massage, elevated legs once for about 3 minutes.
1 PM

golf (Hefner North) 10:00 [3] 4.0 mi (2:30 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Torrent 2 (4 golf)

Chill in the air wore me was low 40's but felt much colder than that. Geezeritis.

Friday Feb 24 #

9 AM

running hills (Grey and cold but ok) 1:16:34 [4] 7.0 mi (10:56 / mi)
shoes: Bondi 7 Lite Blue

Less warm arm stuff at all and no side work or 'stomach down' floor core just back bridges and 20 crunch SU, leg bands, standing leg drills but less reps, foam roller and floor/chair leg lifts...35 min.

Feeling pooped...conditions almost same as yesterday...maybe 2 or 3 degrees warmer...WC 14 so about the same N wind about 15mph...once I was past 1.5M no head winds and wind at side non factor today. Right calf had a tweaky tightness or 'spot of bother' . No pain and it did not increase. Can feel a 'pecan size' knot in right calf that I cannot seem to ice, heat, rub or power gun massager out but I seem to be able to run...usually it works it way out but I'll be sure to 'keep at it'.

1st 3.5M... 41:10.... 11:46 pace.
2nd 3.5M.. 35:24.... 10:07 pace...did not expect to run faster than
10:30 pace for how heavy legs felt at turn around...all bundled up...'Charley Browning it'.

Thursday Feb 23 #

9 AM

running tempo (cold with NW wind ) 1:03:17 [4] 6.0 mi (10:33 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Speedgoat4

40 min warm up: foam roller, leg lifts floor/chair; floor core with the usual partial SU and PU, arm and leg bands. Will hopefully do the standing leg drills later. This is the most weight training I've done in awhile as little and pitiful as it is...same with the mini-PUps half of which are knee partial PU but I feel they have given me a little burst of upper body strength that is helping me run a bit quicker.

Today was 40 degrees colder and with WC added about 50 degrees colder than yesterday. It was 70 at 2am 30 hours or so ago.

1st 3M... 34:10... 11:23 pace
2nd 3M> 29:07... 9:42 pace...last mile about 9:17. Right calf had a tiny tweaky pain and did not affect pace. Need to ice/heat and foam roller today post run.

Early afternoon: more back bridges and situps (just a few), standing leg drills, squats (no weights used) and some lite stretching of calves. 15 minutes.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

8 AM

walk trot (Walk + 8 x about 40 yards) 1:05:52 [3] 4.5 mi (14:38 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Hoka ATR 5 Gore Tex BLK

Warm up 40+ min: 45lb barbell about 5 min of various type of reps...floor core with 45 crunch SU, 22 partial PU, foam roller, leg lifts chair/floor, leg and arm bands. Forgot to do the standing leg drills. Will try to do them later.

Windy again...20+ mph steady...At least I had it at my back last 1.5M today. Walking really quick (for me) but began to think of trying 4-8 little surges. With 1.5M I had wind at back...sprinted across the 'warm up' for the surges. First four about 30 yards average...working way up from less than that to more...last four were about 50 yards or more...felt good and smooth...

1st 3M: 47:45....15:55 pace walking only
Last 1.5M: 18:07... 12:05 pace with the 8 surges when not walking.

Standing leg drills and more foam roller. Swung clubs and chipped in backyard. 60's...wind had dropped. It was actually 70 from 11 to about 2 during the night. 10 min.

Tuesday Feb 21 #

10 AM

running tempo (Into tough wind 2nd half) 1:03:52 [4] 6.0 mi (10:39 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Rincon 3 Orange/Green

50+ min warm up. No weights. Foam roller (extra work on calves), leg lifts floor/chair, floor core including 20 partial PU, 45 crunch SU, etc; standing leg drills, arm and leg bands.

Had trouble with Rincon's fitting right foot today. At first the shoe felt loose...but then when I retied at 1/3M it was too tight so had to stop a half mile later and loosen it...immediately it felt too loose again so one last stop just past 1.5M and finally it felt ok. Wind was at back going was going into it second half...the wind was much stronger than I expected...not Okieland hurricane force but it took strength to run into it.

For second time in past couple of weeks I got out as late as I've run (10am) in awhile.

1st 3M: 33:40... 11:13 pace.
2nd 3M: 30:12.. 10:04 pace...last mile about 9:35...

Monday Feb 20 #

9 AM

walk trot tempo (cloudy mid 50's n shorts) 1:04:40 [3] 4.0 mi (16:10 / mi)
(rest day) shoes: Hoka Mach 4

30 min warm up. No weights. Reduced drills. Arm and leg bands; foam roller, floor/chair leg lifts, reduced core, no standing drills. 30 min. Hope to do a few more drills later. ? ## Did nothing substantial...I was more tired from this 4M walk than I should have been.

Sunday Feb 19 #

6 AM

running tempo (Nice mid40 slight S wind) 1:11:11 [3] 6.0 mi (11:52 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Edge Blk/Blue/Orange

10+ min warm up...foam roller...a few floor leg lifts, leg bands and a bit of standing leg drills. Messed up watch just past 1M. Stopped and hit the wrong button so when I restarted it jumped to timing run and the stop...this is very very close if not dead on. Dark first half.

1st 3M: 39:45... 13:15 pace
2nd 3M: 31:26... 10:29 pace...last mile was about 9:15.

Only 1 second between last weeks 5.5M and this weeks 6M (ignoring the 'fixed' timing issue :-).

Afternoon: squats with no weights; floor free weights, foam roller, leg and chair leg lifts, floor core including 24 partial PU, 45 crunch SU; standing leg drills, arm and leg bands. 1 hour.

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