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Training Log Archive: Lizzie

In the 7 days ending Sep 3, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:18:37 16.96(11:43) 27.3(7:17) 140
  Running6 2:41:00 16.4(9:49) 26.4(6:06) 230
  Biking1 25:00 5.59(4:28) 9.0(2:47) 150
  Total6 6:24:37 38.96(9:52) 62.7(6:08) 520

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Monday Sep 3, 2018 #

(rest day)

Briefly thought of going to strength training, just for the social side and a lie on the mat. But opted for lying on the sofa instead.
Training for the day was biking up the hill home from the train station. Plenty hard enough for today.

Sunday Sep 2, 2018 #

10 AM

Running warm up/down 11:30 [2] 2.3 km (5:00 / km)

Orienteering 43:30 [3] 5.8 km (7:30 / km) +140m 6:42 / km

World Cup Relay

Hadn't thought to run today, and instead was lined up to work/volunteer at quarantine. But then the French coach asked if I would like to fill the last spot on a composite team, and I thought 'why not?! what would be more fun than a 4th hard race in tough terrain in 3 days?!'
So I ended up doing both. Working quarantine was good fun! I'm hoping that I can get on the quarantine team for WOC next year, then deny the top girls access to quarantine on account of forged ID's, not meeting dress regulations, being drunk, etc. etc. All the classic bouncer tricks ;)

anyway, I ended up running 3rd leg on a team with Kirsi Nurmi and Florence Hanauer. Went out in 13th position, but was alone the whole course (correction, I got passed by Russia, but I didn't see them at all!). Focus was on having a clean race and not worrying about how tired I felt, hoping all the others felt just as tired.
Didn't understand the circle around 2 and faffed about a minute there, but otherwise just some scrappiness. Enjoyed the course much more than either the pursuit or the long.
Caught sight of Latvia across the felled stuff on the last loop but then had a couple of hiccups so missed the chance to take them in.

Saturday Sep 1, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 23:37 [4] 3.5 km (6:45 / km)

Prologue. Had some idea of what to expect after running lørdagskappen on the neighbouring terrain earlier this year, and knew there'd be some vague as compass legs dropping into slopes, followed by short controls in the slope.
Not wrong.
First control was potentially a bit bingo, being a marsh in otherwise featureless green stuff. I didn't get it cleanly, but was happy to get it alrightish. #2 was said compass leg across the vague stuff, ending in a reentrant on the slope. I was well on track, but got distracted right near the circle...I saw one of the little animal statues that we were warned about in the bulletin (I don't know why these were in the middle of the forest, but whatever). Anyway, i mistook it for being a backpack, and something in my brain figured it must be a control minder's backpack - so the control must be very near!!
Yes. I know how stupid that thinking is. Thank you.
So once i realised there was no control, just a fake badger, i read my map and found my actual control.
From there to the finish was OK, although it took 2 controls after to get into some kind of flow.
Got called into the finish 1.47 behind the lead, which was "a very good run" for me apparently ;) ...then I found out it was Kine I was 1.47 behind... ahahaha ouch. ;)

Running warm up/down 27:00 [2] 4.5 km (6:00 / km)

5 PM

Orienteering 45:30 [5] 7.0 km (6:30 / km)

Chasing start.
Started in the middle of a group that contained places 30-45ish, all withing 1minute. Right from the get-go it was simply a matter of chasing whichever back was in front of me, and hope that whoever it was at the front of the line was navigating a decent route! I had control over where we were, but was definitely just hanging on for dear life for the whole first map until the spectator run through. Ingjerd was at the front of our group, although Charlotte and one or two others managed to sneak a gap on us on the way back to the arena, when my line turned into a slow procession down a rock face.
After the run-through, our little pack consisted of Ingjerd, Ausrine, Ursula, 2 x swissies (Paula and Lisa). Mid leg to #10 though, Ingjerd headed off left through the forest, which was my preferred option. However, I somehow got stuck in behind those on the right hand option...through more of the rough open. We had a little pause when Paula got a stick in her eye, but she kept going alright. The group split as we navigated into #10 - I headed onto my own, but then hesitated thinking I'd got things wrong. Turned out I was 100% right, but lost time in the hesitation. I came into #10 with just the 2 swiss for company - Ausrine and Ingjerd having got ahead, and Ursula dropped behind (I think). I should maybe then have remembered that Paula got a stick in her eye, as she was leading us on #11. We went a bit left from what was perhaps best, but I was happy enough with the choice as it cut out some climb! Annoyed though to see some chasers closing in as we got to #11. They caught us at #12 as we farted around too high on the slope, and it was back to being a pack of 6 or7 on the routechoice back to 13. Again, the swiss and I opted for more rough open than was perhaps wise, losing some time.
From here to the finish, I honestly have no idea who was catching and who was being caught. But we ended up with about 7 of us racing to the penultimate control. I think I was in the lead of the group up until 20m from the control, when I hesitated and dropped to 4-5th in the pack. From there it was frantic to the last control...we all missed the nicely cut path into the field and ended up cutting through 10m of absolute crap. So then who lead into the sprint was just a matter of who didn't fall over in the crap! I ended up 2nd to back of our group. Not cos I fell over, but because I couldn't bring myself to literally run over those who fell. Anyway, I had a mean sprint finish with Lisa Holer, and overtook her right at the end. I was pretty damn stoked with my sprint...but despite being clearly ahead, we are equal in the official results. Apparently the don't go to photo finish for 38th place...bummer.

All in all, not a fan of this format. Way too much of a running race. If it's impossible to do some kind of fair forking system, then first-to-the-line racing should be limited to relays.

Running warm up/down 15:00 [3] 2.5 km (6:00 / km)

Friday Aug 31, 2018 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:26:00 [4] 11.0 km (7:49 / km)

Was convinced to run the long distance at world cup, after earlier thinking i would save my limited energy supplies for the prologue and chasing start middle.
I was left wondering about this decision after making a monumental mess of #2, dropping over 5minutes so early in the course. In short, my compass work was terrible, and although I noticed and attempted to correct, it continued to be terrible and I made a big parallel mistake. Once I figured what I'd done, I swapped to my reserve compass and spent the next 5minutes cursing my obviously 'broken' primary compass. ;)
Motivation was hard to pick up after that mistake, and I was annoyed the arena was at the other end of the map. DNFing would require almost as much energy as completing the race.
So I continued on, but not really attacking the terrain or course, which meant I bled time. I took the direct route on the longest leg, which was not best, and which I knew wasn't best soon after I started it. Problem was that I read the control at the end of the leg as being quite far down the hill, and thought that the left option starting on the track involved too much extra climb. But on closer inspection, the control was damn near on top of the hill. Whoops.
Soon after, Anna Narhi caught me up, and I decided that actually, I have the speed to match her. So we sparred each other from 9 through to the finish. She got me a bit on the long leg home.
So overall pretty disappointing. But ah well, considering I wasn't going to start, I can't say my head was completely in it.

Went and bought a new compass after. But haven't used it yet, partly cos I need to get used to it, and partly cos I know damn well there's nothing wrong with my other one ;)

Running warm up/down 25:00 [2] 3.5 km (7:09 / km)

Thursday Aug 30, 2018 #

6 PM

Running 30:00 [2] 4.4 km (6:49 / km)

Jog with Tara from Høiås. Estimated the loop to be 30mins, and got it right down to the second. Woo! Then we had to faff and fill in time until everyone else finished their much longer training sessions.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2018 #

(rest day)

Almost had to fight my colleague to change the radio stn at work. That would be loggable as training, right?
Luckily, something in my face must have said not to mess with me after making me listen to love ballads for 5hrs straight. So fight averted and music changed ;)

(Jokes, it was a very amicable change of station. Honest.)

Tuesday Aug 28, 2018 #

6 PM

Running warm up/down 17:00 [1] 2.6 km (6:32 / km) +50m 5:58 / km

Running 35:30 [4] 6.6 km (5:23 / km) +180m 4:44 / km

Club intervals. 3 x 4min, 3 x 2min, 6 x 30s.

Good tussle with Jo and Lone. Iliana didn't join today, but Jo kindly smashed me on the graveyard hill each time, so it felt much the same anyway.

Biking 25:00 [1] 9.0 km (2:47 / km) +150m 2:34 / km

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