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Training Log Archive: Lizzie

In the 7 days ending Feb 18, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running6 5:04:05 30.57(9:57) 49.2(6:11) 580
  Orienteering2 1:46:14 9.02(11:46) 14.52(7:19) 450
  Football1 1:40:00 4.85(20:38) 7.8(12:49)
  Strength and Conditioning3 1:25:00
  Ellipse2 1:01:00 7.86(7:46) 12.65(4:49)
  Total9 10:56:19 52.3 84.17 1030

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Monday Feb 18, 2019 #

7 AM


f****** construction site starting up with their rock excavating at 7am again. I have no problem with waking up at 7, but starting my day with a couple of solid hours hydraulic jack-hammer...
Got out before the explosives started up. When they get them right along the strike of the bedrock it feels like the house is about to come down.
5 PM

Strength and Conditioning 55:00 [1]

Running warm up/down 10:30 [2] 2.0 km (5:15 / km)

7 PM

Football 1:40:00 [2] 7.8 km (12:49 / km)

Warm up, strength, 8x1min shuttle runs, passing and ball control, short-pitch matches.

Got a full on shoulder straight to the chin. Teeth clashed together really nastily but luckily my tongue escaped unscathed and after 10mins I could attest that no teeth were missing or wobbly. (Sorry mum, if you're reading. Dangerous sport, I know)

Sunday Feb 17, 2019 #

10 AM

Running 2:03:00 [3] 17.8 km (6:55 / km) +480m 6:05 / km

Lovely long run down Iddefjord with Eveliina and Idun. Had some fun finding the tracks at some points, but it's not a proper run if you don't lose the track at least once! Not nearly as much ice down that way, but still glad I had my dobbed shoes.

Saturday Feb 16, 2019 #

10 AM

Running warm up/down 35:00 [2] 5.7 km (6:08 / km) +100m 5:39 / km

Orienteering 57:57 [4] 7.82 km (7:25 / km) +250m 6:23 / km


Day Cup down in Sweden. A balmy 5 degrees, but with a wind chill factor that must have put things back down in the negatives. Still, first time running without a jacket and gloves since coming back.
Had a good start to the course. Clean (aside from the usual standing on the same cliff as the control and not seeing the flag), and good route choices. Surprised to catch both Hedda and Bodil at #4, and lost them on the longer leg to 6. Got a bit scrappy with the entry through the green to #6, and made a needless 30s mistake going to the wrong hill at 7, when i suspect just having my head up a bit more would have meant I saw the flag and avoided the mistake. Ironically I was too busy reading my map and trying not to go to the wrong hill though...
OK to 9, where I took a heavy fall on the bare rock. I think that led to my dodgy direction to #10. Again I suspect I'd have seen the flag with my head up and looking around, but I was expecting the water pit to be far far less obvious than it eventually was. Bodil caught me back up here and passed with a "oh, did you make a mistake?!" to which i could only reply "no I'm still making a mistake!". A 1.5min mistake as it turned out.
Scrappy 11, but then took another dodgy exit direction on the short leg to 12, meaning I went to the L of the hill and a difficult entry to the control, rather than to the R and a simple entry. Lost another minute here.
Another dodgy bit of compass work (seriously!), 2/3 of the way through the leg to 13, which ironically gave me a very easy entry to the control. Then a straight routechoice to the last control. Took a fall on my arse on one slope and couldn't stop myself from sliding off a small cliff, but luckily it was just water and mud I fell into at the bottom! A final hesitation on the final control, again standing on the cliff and not seeing the flag below. Maybe I need to take a periscope out with me to see these flags?

All in all, a very good first half of the course. I was 3minutes in the lead at one point. Which I don't think has ever happened while I've been here! Unfortunately though I threw away that lead through my mistakes on the two short legs. Disappointing as it's usually the short legs I am most secure on. Almost salvaged the win on the last leg, but nope. 2nd to Mariann.

Friday Feb 15, 2019 #

10 AM

Ellipse 31:00 [2] 6.5 km (4:46 / km)

Strength and Conditioning 15:00 [1]

4 PM

Running 43:30 [2] 7.0 km (6:13 / km)

Høiåsmarka with Kine and Ida. Ice level now down to 'icey, but not AF'

GPS route looked like an outline of Trump's hair. Gave me a giggle.

Thursday Feb 14, 2019 #

(rest day)

Had the option of going for a jog when I got home from work, but was tired and had a high level of CBF toward running on icey tracks in dobbed shoes. Rest seems like a good idea anyway :)

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019 #

11 AM

Ellipse 30:00 [2] 6.15 km (4:53 / km)

Working from home today, but there's a building/excavation site across the road from my house. The digger starts at 7am every morning, and the dynamiting starts at 8am. Presumably there was a maildrop/consultation done with the neighbourhood about it, but must have been while I was in NZ. In between is a mixture of drilling and jack hammering.
So really, not much working getting done from home today. Bailed and went training instead.

Strength and Conditioning 15:00 [2]

6 PM

Running warm up/down 28:00 [2] 4.6 km (6:05 / km)

Running intervals 23:45 [4] 6.4 km (3:43 / km)

6x1000m and a bonus 400m track intervals

3:59, 3:44, 3:45, 3:42, 3:43, 3:40

Felt alright. Tucked in behind Jo on the first few, but then she and Jim kept getting faster and I stayed steady! Kept a feel on my hamstring and decided 6 was enough, started a bonus one to keep Idun company, but legs had had enough.
Was feeling happy with these splits, but I just looked up a similar session from 2015 and found out I was about 10s per km faster then...ah well. A lot has happened since then.

Running 8:20 [1] 0.7 km (11:54 / km)


Tuesday Feb 12, 2019 #

9 AM

Running 32:00 [2] 5.0 km (6:24 / km)

WU, WD and jogging between the two courses. Roads were icey AF, paths were icey as, bare rock was icey in patches, and the forest was pleasantly nice :)

Orienteering 24:20 [3] 3.4 km (7:09 / km) +100m 6:14 / km

Middle Distance #1. Concentration wasn't where it should have been, and the 1:7500 scale constantly tripped me up. Was getting slowly into the swing of it by the second half of the course. Found a bonus old flag on a cliff. My control was on the cliff next to it, which I found about a minute later. Ha.

Orienteering 23:57 [3] 3.3 km (7:15 / km) +100m 6:18 / km

Course #2. Much better with direction, and just in general than the first course. Still getting tripped by the 1:7500 though. Only mistake was the last control, just not accurate enough on the slope/expecting a bigger rock. I'm gonna say my concentration slipped after seeing/hearing Olav earlier in the leg ;)

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