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Training Log Archive: roar

In the 7 days ending Oct 23, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (road)5 4:57:01 30.32(9:48) 48.79(6:05) 354
  O-training1 1:37:04 9.89(9:49) 15.92(6:06) 24036 /42c85%
  Cycling3 1:36:31
  Strength4 56:00
  Floor Hockey1 40:00
  Orienteering1 34:35 3.04(11:22) 4.9(7:03) 3511 /20c55%
  Running (off-road)1 20:37 1.41(14:36) 2.27(9:04) 15
  Total10 10:41:48 44.67 71.88 64547 /62c75%
  [1-5]10 10:31:37
averages - sleep:8.5

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Sunday Oct 23, 2016 #

11 AM

Running (road) 15:23 [2] 1.63 km (9:26 / km) +20m 8:54 / km
shoes: Inov 8 Oroc 2016 2

Warm up to the start. Very much needed to warm up and it seemed to take a lot shorter than anticipated, which turne d out to be a good thing as I left it a bit late. Knee feeling a bit weak but not really worried about it.

Orienteering race 34:35 [4] **** 4.9 km (7:03 / km) +35m 6:49 / km
spiked:11/20c shoes: Inov 8 Oroc 2016 2

Oktoberracet Analysis (This is private for now).
With the start of winter training coming I'm thinking a bit more about how to improve my orienteering. It won't "just happen" by running more races, though that in itself should help. The first thing, I feel, is to do more analysis and keep it together in a better way for me to check back on. On AP I have kind of been doing a write up of the races but being undercritical of myself leaving out detail to keep it short enough to be read by people. In reality this training log is supposed to be for me so that makes no sense. The plan is to have a more detailed analysis spreadsheet on google drive and have summaries on AP with nice hyperlinks.

Running (road) 5:04 [2] 0.72 km (7:02 / km) +11m 6:33 / km
shoes: Inov 8 Oroc 2016 2

Easy cool down with Gina. Just did a quick short lap to move the legs a bit before getting too cold.
10 PM

Strength 4:00 [1]

calves + knee. Tried doing some of the calves with no hands to balance.

Saturday Oct 22, 2016 #

Strength 4:00 [1]

calves + knee. Tried doing some of the calves with no hands to balance.
9 AM

Cycling 18:54 [1]
shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

6.426km 47m

Running (road) 1:58:24 [2] 19.43 km (6:06 / km) +162m 5:51 / km
shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

Long and easy with Linne in Nåsten. Smaller group this week more like 8 and the tempo seemed a bit faster at the start. Again johanna led the way and i feel like I'm getting to know the place a bit. Included the nicest trail in Nåsten supposedly.

Thursday Oct 20, 2016 #

9 PM

Strength 20:00 [1]

Resting the calf today as it is pretty tight again. All of the road running doesn't really agree with it, although there probably is a more fundamental issue that I haven't gotten to the bottom of.
Instead I did some strength work. Just took the parts of gympa I find hard and did those as that seemed to make sense.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2016 #

5 PM

Cycling 18:44 intensity: (5:29 @0) + (12:51 @1) + (24 @2)
ahr:111 max:136 shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

6.694km 46.5m
Wet ground again. Avoided the train though so that was good. Especially as I was only just in time as it was. On Gina's HRM and Garmin so some data for this.

Running (road) warm up/down 14:06 intensity: (15 @0) + (11:53 @1) + (1:58 @2) 2.46 km (5:44 / km) +25m 5:27 / km
ahr:122 max:142 shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

Warm up over to the start. I spent most of this trying to get my headtorch set up as I hadn't had time to put it on before we started. Felt really warm and thus decided to go gloveless and jacketless for the run.

O-training 1:37:04 intensity: (11 @0) + (1:11 @1) + (19:07 @2) + (1:04:02 @3) + (12:33 @4) **** 15.92 km (6:06 / km) +240m 5:40 / km
ahr:154 max:172 spiked:36/42c shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

A very fun training designed by Albin. Basically since we still shouldn't use the forests we used the urban forests with some transport legs. The idea was to take it easy enough on the transport parts and try to orienteer with high intensity in the blown up short orienteering parts, resulting in 42 controls! Blue an white tapes for controls were super hard to see as well. Big group to start with and all stayed pretty together early on, though I think there was a breakaway with Thierry but I don't really know. Had help from the king of the night himself for the first blown up part but then took a brave route to 13 and never really found it. Knew I was close but left it to stay with the group. The group then disintegrated through the next blown up part and I was left leading while Albin and one other guy got away. After the shortner from 22 there were 4 of us left through the Sunnersta loop. This was super tough. That hill is not nothing. Saw that Albin wasn't too far ahead here. Nice bits of route choice going to 28 and everyonr trying to do the oing was fun. Pontus disappeared after this bit and I took the lead for 32 and 33. Didn't do 34 great so was slightly behind but then got 35 a bit better so was first of the three into the last loop, but not by much. Older guy didn't do it so it turned in a little race with me and OK Rodhen guy. That was fun. I missed 37 so he got ahead but I got back past him when he read the map at 40 and held the lead to the end.

Really fun and solid endurance training.

Running (road) warm up/down 4:44 intensity: (1:29 @1) + (3:15 @2) 0.71 km (6:41 / km) +13m 6:07 / km
ahr:133 max:140 shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

Cool down. Was going to be back to the club house with OK Rodhen guy but the guy we had been running with near the end had got his car stuck in a ditch. Ended up doing some strength training and getting a bit cold while we walked around and assessed the situation. Managed to get it out after a bit and then he drove us back which I was glad for at that point.

Cycling 22:19 intensity: (4:16 @0) + (18:03 @1)
ahr:112 max:128 shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

6.621km 19m
Cycle home. One of the few times I have been cold. Largely due to not having a warm shower after I had been cold at the end of the running.
10 PM


That was a serious training. Not in a good way when I got home. Managed to eat something but now bed is in order

Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 #

5 PM

Cycling 18:31 [2]
shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

6.618km 45.5
Felt like I was flying today. Then I got stuck at the stupid level crossing. Wasn't too long a wait. Ground was wet too but not raining.

Running (road) 16:30 [2] 2.47 km (6:41 / km) +16m 6:28 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Warm up down to Eriksberg for the start of intervals, chatting with Ken. Then some drills and strides. Legs certainly noticing yesterday and Sunday but seeming fairly decent all the same.

Running (road) intervals 54:22 intensity: (24:22 @2) + (30:00 @4) 11.09 km (4:54 / km) +29m 4:50 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

3x(10x60s 30s rest) 4:30 rest
At least that's what the watches were programmed to. The 4:30 rest added to a 30 rest gave 5. Started out well, pacing myself for 30 minutes of interval effort. Some people were monstering and others seemed as sensible as me.
First set was mostly done at the back of the group of guys and staying ahead of Johanna with a straggler or two dropping and being passed by me depending on the interval. Mostly around 3:20-3:30 pace with variations in climb etc.
Nice long rest and the second set started downhill and probably a bit fast at 3:10 for the second of them. Got back into the rhythm then although I really suffered on number 6 for no apparent reason. People started to get all excited then on the 8th and others died. Another nice long rest after this set and got some energy back. A number of people were leaving it at two, fair enough. But with about a minute to go I realised it was just me for the 3rd set.
Well solo it was. Went out for 5 and back for 5. More consistent pacing, but also a little slower. A blister was starting to develop on my left foot which was annoying but didn't affect me much.

Solid session. Enjoyed it quite a bit and felt good about myself afterwards.

Running (road) 12:29 [2] 2.08 km (6:01 / km) +26m 5:40 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Cool down back to KG. Foot a bit sore from the blister but nothing too serious. Had to take the streets at the end as it was fierce dark. Did manage to take the wrong one but not an issue really. Plenty of praise for doing the 3rd set when I got back to the changing rooms which was nice.

Cycling 18:03 [1]
shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

6.525km 18.6
Had a black cat that was insistent on crossing my path whatever I tried to do as I was leaving KG. Then I really noticed the serious amount of leaves on the ground, combined with the wet made me a little worried for grip down the hill. Warm out though.

Monday Oct 17, 2016 #

10 AM


Nice weekend! Not planning it seemed to work out well...
Pretty intense week on the cards

Monday - Run to gympa run, gympa, innebandy. Toying with the idea of this half marathon training but to quote (after translation) the proposed training "pace starting a 4 min/k with the opportunity to increase" it seems unlikely I'd last 21k
Tuesday - Intervals - 3x (10x60s, 30s rest), 5mins rest
Wednesday - Still out of the forest. This week it's the moose rally. Should be interesting. 15k on the cards. Sections of high speed orienteering with slower transport legs in between.
Thursday - easy 40 mins
Friday - rest
Saturday - Long run ~2 hours hopefully not solo
Sunday - Oktoberracet middle distance
5 PM

Running (road) 35:22 [2] 5.89 km (6:01 / km) +39m 5:49 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Run to Hågadalsskolan. Decided to mix it up and run to gympa. Worked out pretty well I thought and it was quite pleasant. Should remember to download my podcast in advance next time though. I'm never sure about running through the graveyard. It's a lovely graveyard and all but sometimes I feel like I should be running through it. Stadskogen is lovely.

Running (off-road) 20:37 [2] 2.27 km (9:04 / km) +15m 8:47 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

I was a tiny bit late so did the loop backwards and met up with everyone. Then drills and strides. Dark at first but then the floodlights were turned on during the 2nd last stride.

Running (road) 20:37 [3] 2.33 km (8:52 / km) +15m 8:35 / km

6 PM

Strength 28:00 [1]
shoes: Addidas indoor

Rockgympa. Oh god my abs, and my arms, hmm and my legs.
7 PM

Floor Hockey 40:00 [2]

4v4 today so some subbing. Solid high intensity games and everyone was playing well. Very good fun.
9 PM


Took the bus home, well two buses. I missed the first one by about 1 minute. Getting that one would significantly improve how nice getting the bus home is. As it was I ended up doing an extra 10 mins of walking.

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