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Training Log Archive: roar

In the 7 days ending Nov 12, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running (road)6 5:25:17 37.23(8:44) 59.91(5:26) 38350.8
  O-training2 2:54:15 15.5(11:15) 24.94(6:59) 6810 /12c83%37.9
  Strength2 2:02:04 1.24 2.011.0
  Floor Hockey1 29:252.4
  Total9 10:51:01 53.97 86.86 45110 /12c83%102.0
  [1-5]9 10:21:03
averages - sleep:8.2 weight:80kg

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Sunday Nov 12, 2017 #

8 AM

Running (road) long 1:30:41 intensity: (1:15 @0) + (1:20:36 @1) + (3:46 @2) + (1:29 @3) + (3:35 @4) 16.81 km (5:24 / km) +120m 5:13 / km
ahr:132 max:167 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Up early to be in time for "brunch" in town with people post swimming. Not too tired from the ball but didn't have time for breakfast. Worked out grand, bit of a low around the hour mark for about 2 mins. Went down the river and then back up Ultuna and Stadskogen. Nice loop. Small bit of DOMS from the gym yesterday.

Saturday Nov 11, 2017 #

10 AM

Strength 1:19:10 intensity: (15:41 @0) + (1:00:16 @1) + (3:12 @2) + (1 @3) 2.0 km (1.5 kph)
ahr:116 max:153 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Run to gym
4 treadmill - everything else was busy
5 mins row
Gym stuff, numbers are kgs. Bit lower weight as I haven't done this in a long time:
3x6 step up drives (each leg) 40, 45 45
3x6 cleans 40, 45, 40
3x6 one leg squat lunges 45, 45, 45 these are always tough
6x two leg box jumps
6x one leg box jumps
bosu ball balancing
6 min row
Run home
3 PM

Running (road) 1:00:47 intensity: (20 @0) + (53:55 @1) + (17 @2) + (2:08 @3) + (4:07 @4) 10.72 km (5:40 / km) +72m 5:29 / km
ahr:136 max:166 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Easy evening run. Pretty busy day, going shopping after lunch and then squeezing this in before going to a ball in the evening. Really interesting mist, just hanging in the lowest 5m over the ground so fun views. Had my phone for listening to a podcast and took some pics. Met a friendly cat too which ran with me for a little bit!

Friday Nov 10, 2017 #

11 AM

Running (road) 1:21:15 intensity: (7:03 @0) + (35:37 @1) + (28:46 @2) + (9:38 @3) + (11 @4) 15.58 km (5:13 / km) +77m 5:05 / km
ahr:139 max:163 slept:8.5 weight:79.9kg (sick) shoes: New Balance Vazee

Wasn't that sure how sick I was so headed out for my run. First two miles were grand and then I started to increase the pace. Legs were super happy and wanted to do more but chest was not playing ball. After 2 miles of that I said nope, not worth it and reckoned I'd just finish at a slower pace. That was grand for a while but after about 8 miles I was slowing a lot and the last bit was a struggle. Know how sick I am now anyway I suppose.

Thursday Nov 9, 2017 #

8 AM

slept:8.0 weight:80.3kg (rest day)

Nose blocked up today. Seems I do really have a cold. Should probably tick the ill box.
4 PM


Found my HRM, just before I clicked the purchase new one button on Amazon. Nice. For sure have a cold now.

Wednesday Nov 8, 2017 #

7 AM

Running (road) 29:22 [2] 5.38 km (5:28 / km) +45m 5:14 / km
slept:8.5 weight:79.3kg shoes: New Balance Vazee

Nice early bed last night and feeling quite grand this morning. Small bit of green gunk happened but felt in good shape. Met some random dude who was running at the exact same pace as me after he turned onto my road and had a chat with him about how possible it was to find another way across the railway tracks. Heavy frost so a little slippery in places but that's probably better off path than the super wet situation that we have had recently.

No sign of HRM so it looks like I'll have to buy a new one.
6 PM

O-training 1:02:15 intensity: (32:15 @2) + (30:00 @3) ***** 8.34 km (7:28 / km) +28m 7:20 / km
spiked:10/12c shoes: VJ Bold

November Nights 2

Entered the long course to get to do the start with other people but recognised I probably wasn't going to finish with only an hour planned. Cold out, below 0 but now wind or rain so fairly grand really actually. Did pretty well for the first part, aside from a mistake on 1 where I stopped looking at my compass. Caught it reasonably quickly though. Behind Emil to 2 and few more people kind of started appearing around 3 and it was fun to be in the group. Very on the ball oing wise and happy with that. Let the group go after 9. Little bit less confident after I went my own way at 10 and missed 13 a little. Told myself to get back in the game and good on 14.

Tuesday Nov 7, 2017 #

8 AM

slept:8.5 weight:80.1kg

Oof, an unhappy morning with a sore throat. We'll see how this develops over the course of the day but might be taking a slightly shorter Tisdagsbana :(
6 PM

O-training 1:52:00 [2] *** 16.6 km (6:45 / km) +40m 6:40 / km
shoes: VJ Bold

Tisdagsbana F. Wasn't sure how this was going to be so said I'd just hang in and probably take the 12k cut off. Forgot to start my GPS again after pausing for a pee before the start. :( Felt good at the start, few marshes were absolutely horrific. Little bit of ice on top that you just broke through and stabbed your shins. Ugh.
Stayed near the front mostly though took a swing with Mr. no compass Rasmuss and then was a bit further back, behind Lisa who then got head head stuck in a tree. Helped her a little but then there was a good 400m of suffer catch up, but then missed the 12 turn off as a result. When someone made a mistake the speed really increased for some reason. Kinda got through the Rödmossen bit ok but then heading south I was starting to feel it a bit. No one really seemed to know where we were so the speed wasn't too high. When we hit the track at the north of the open though boom it was hammer time. Hung in a bit but fell off the back with Victor. Ran back with him then, but skipped the hills part. Caught back up with the front group as a result.

Happy with that given I maybe wasn't 100%, hung on longer than any time last year I think.

Monday Nov 6, 2017 #

5 AM

Running (road) 33:16 [2] 6.13 km (5:26 / km) +6m 5:24 / km
slept:7.5 weight:80.4kg shoes: New Balance Vazee

Easy morning run before sunrise. Did some bad maths while thinking about Saturday and got the timing slightly wrong. Felt good though.
10 AM


Decent week. Feeling good so "back" in business. Should be about 80-85k this week.

Mon- AM 30mins easy PM running + gympa + innebandy
Tues- Tisdagsbana 15km (woop woop!)
Weds- AM 30mins easy PM 50-60mins O
Thurs- rest
Fri- 10mile progression (first 2 easy, ~5:15-3:50, last 1 easy)
Sat- AM half gym PM 60 mins easy
Sun- 85-95mins easy
5 PM

Running (road) 29:56 [2] 5.29 km (5:39 / km) +63m 5:20 / km
shoes: New Balance Vazee

Easy run to gympa. Extended it slightly with a longer loop through Stabby but still had to do an extra lap of the school. Feeling a bit weird, like I had just eaten a massive lasagne and the cold air was catching in my throat a little/

Strength 42:54 [1]

Gympa, barefoot these days. Really felt the not having been in the gym recently, in that I was quite fresh! New program and program was a bit different and fun.

Floor Hockey 29:25 intensity: (5:39 @0) + (23:46 @1)
ahr:120 max:143 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Symptomatic of my orienteering on Saturday, so close and yet so far. Got someone else's HR apparently. I might need to buy myself a new one.

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