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Training Log Archive: roar

In the 7 days ending May 20:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  O-training4 4:48:10 23.61(12:12) 38.0(7:35) 48456 /69c81%90.0
  Running (road)4 3:22:56 21.75(9:20) 35.01(5:48) 14743.0
  Strength2 1:12:19 0.01 0.015.7
  Running (off-road)1 1:01:33 5.98(10:18) 9.62(6:24) 897.5
  Total10 10:24:58 51.35 82.64 72056 /69c81%146.2
  [1-5]10 9:45:02
averages - sleep:7.9 weight:79.8kg

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Sunday May 20 #

9 AM

O-training 1:38:50 intensity: (1:00:50 @2) + (38:00 @4) **** 14.1 km (7:01 / km) +142m 6:40 / km
spiked:18/19c shoes: VJ Bold 8

Skattungbyn long.
Last visit to my training ground for the weekend. This time with an actual 1:12500 map. Different starting place with smaller group, Albin, Johanna & Jakob. Started together at an easy enough pace and were pretty together until 3. Small micro route choices towards 4 and Jakob got ahead a bit and I was just behind Albin. Litte more confident than him down to 5 and kept more height to 6 so was slightly ahead. Went kind of left for 7. Not sure how good it was but faster than Albin, maybe the same as Jakob but never saw them again anyway and I knew I was the only one looking to do the majority of the course. Felt tired heading to 8, some tough climbs but kind of got a second wind by 9/10. 12/13 area wasn't as physical as I had thought it was going to be. Went around for 14 avoiding climb. Tried to squeeze the pace a bit on the roads here so used them a decent amount on the leg, though felt it climbing to 14. Nice and clean for the rest and the big tough climbs were mostly done. Again tried to push the pace a bit on 18/19 as the forest opened up a bit. On 94 mins at 19 and was a bit undecided about what I'd do. Had said 100 mins beforehand so decided to stick to that and pressed on down the road. Happy with this run.

Pretty much straight into the lake afterwards at a run. Much warmer than the river and was perfect for cooling down. Nice lunch on the pier before driving home. Top weekend.

Saturday May 19 #

10 AM

O-training 1:05:50 [2] **** 8.55 km (7:42 / km) +130m 7:09 / km
spiked:14/23c shoes: VJ Bold 8

No races on the cards for me this weekend. The areas didn't look super amazing and the other option was Skattungbyn, the EOC 2012 area.
First was a control pick. Planned, thinking the map was 1:10, but it was 1:15. Tough to read the detail in an truly beautiful forest. Actually tough underfoot in some ways, with kind of soft lichen/moss, not very well attached on top of rockyish ground. First 6 controls were good but had some relatively dire moments after that. Caught Johanna and couldn't get away as I kept missing in the circle and without kites it took time to work out what was happening. Bit annoyed about that and at 19 I stopped and let her go away to be by myself and reset the brain. That worked well and I got the last few well.
Lovely morning and had a quick dip in the bloody cold river afterwards.
4 PM

Running (road) warm up/down 7:19 [1] 1.19 km (6:10 / km) +1m 6:08 / km
shoes: VJ Bold 8

Warm up before "intervals". Misjudged the time a bit foolishly and this was quite a bit shorter than I intended. Warm.

O-training intervals 1:02:44 intensity: (10:00 @1) + (20:00 @3) + (32:44 @4) 7.59 km (8:16 / km) +134m 7:36 / km
spiked:13/15c shoes: VJ Bold 8

O-intervals in Skattungbyn.
Again a 1:15 map, but planned thinking it was 1:10. Pretty massive group to start and some nice gaffling on number 1 meant it split up. Might have been better to take the road for my 1st. Felt like I was out the back by 2, though there were flashes of people. One NTNUI guy & Victor just in front leaving 3 and worked to try to close the gap. Then on the rest a big crowd came from a weird angle because they had messed up 4.
They wanted to catch up (good luck) and went pretty quickly. I hung on with the same gaffle as Mats for 5,6. Legs wouldn't get me up the hill to 7 though and he ran away. Got rightly confused on the 8th (around is maybe legit?) and met up with a Stora Tuna guy punching it. Straight would be better for 10 but I was in climb avoidance mode. David appeared at 10 which was a surprise. Worked hard to try to run up the hills at the end of this.
David left straight away but I wanted some effect of intervals. Waited a bit for Stora Tuna guy and then some recovery. Nice forest towards 11 and good to have a similar speed, if slightly faster person to work off. Gaffled 11 but I was on point and got ahead. Held that for the interval then with some nice confident oing.
Hard work with long intervals but a decent session I think.

Running (road) warm up/down 6:41 [1] 1.09 km (6:09 / km)
shoes: VJ Bold 8

Jog back to the cars with the Stora Tuna guy from intervals.
River still very cold, and also cooler in the evening.

Friday May 18 #

10 PM

O-training 1:00:46 intensity: (30:00 @2) + (30:46 @3) ***** 7.76 km (7:50 / km) +78m 7:27 / km
spiked:11/12c shoes: VJ Bold 8

Up north in Mora. Bit of a drive (~4 hours) but hung around a bit extra in order to wait for it to get dark. It never really did that to a huge extent but did a bit of dusk training. Started with a corridor in some dense green. It opened up a bit but the veg on the map was all wrong which didn't help. I did ok but got a bit off at one point and was slow enough.
Then there were two loops. I ran the first at a bit higher tempo and it went well. Nice control entries & exit. Even if the veg was wrong I was feeling the terrain ok. Heavy enough going even though it looked lovely. Loop two I went a bit slower and only did half before jogging back to the car getting a pretty nice round hour in.

Thursday May 17 #

8 AM

slept:8.0 weight:79kg

6 PM

Running (road) 49:37 intensity: (17:14 @0) + (30:42 @1) + (22 @2) + (1:19 @3) 8.87 km (5:36 / km) +39m 5:28 / km
ahr:103 max:161 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Ran over to Röbo to watch Blodomloppet and give a few cheers. I had also intended to take pictures but managed to mess that up big time somehow. I was a bit late for the fastest guys, took some selfies instead of Fay and just fumbled my phone, nearly dropping it when Kate when past. Got my act together for Gina though which was more important I suppose. Tagged on some extras between the first and second wave and then some lopoy bits to bring it up to 50 going home. Bit windier today and had the pleasure of running across a bridge into a cloud of floating seed. Hate to have pollen allergies.
7 PM

Strength 40:27 [1]

At home doing some strength. Usual part 1 program. Then added in some form exercises and it took a while really. Probably longer than it should but I was experiementing so no worries.

Wednesday May 16 #

8 AM

slept:7.5 weight:80.2kg

5 PM

Running (road) intervals 1:34:11 intensity: (1:03 @0) + (48:54 @1) + (8:20 @2) + (9:18 @3) + (20:46 @4) + (5:50 @5) 17.0 km (5:32 / km) +26m 5:30 / km
ahr:146 max:176 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Track Wednesday. 5x 1200m @ 4:48, 2:30r, 2x 1000m @3:50, 2:00r, 2x 400m @max, 400m jog r
Due to Blodomloppet tomorrow I reckoned Gränby would be busy/closed so went to Österängens. Perfect 15 min warm up, though not the nicest route. Like 4 different football trainings on there though and they had moved the goals onto the track so no dice. Headed up towards Gränby instead but got started on the session.

First 1200 I did from GPS distance, uphill into a headwind. Didn't get the pacing right as a result but ok. The first recovery was then a bit long because I was trying to work out if I could run on the track. There were people building gazebos in the outer lanes and they reckoned it was grand so went for it. Some guy showed up in a jeep on the second rep and parked it across lanes 1-4 so which was a bit of a pain. He told me the track was closed but it was grand, just watch out for moving lorries :)
Super warm so removed singlet, then 4 bang on pace intervals. Getting harder as they went but felt I could do a few more.
Then the 2x1000. Again bang on pace but I had to work hard enough for them. Felt I was able to breath much better than last week, so I guess the inhaler helped.
Final 2x400m was pretty suffer. Fairly serious lactic build up. Tried to focus on form and pushing through the second 200. Went ok.

Then started my jog home. Watch died ~half way back so extra distance and time added

Tuesday May 15 #

8 AM

slept:7.5 weight:80.3kg

Going to bed later and waking up later just really doesn't work that well for me.
6 PM

Running (off-road) 1:01:33 intensity: (56 @0) + (50:45 @1) + (6:30 @2) + (3:07 @3) + (15 @4) 9.62 km (6:24 / km) +89m 6:07 / km
ahr:136 max:163 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Was going shopping in Stenhagen so stopped by the other side of Nåsten from where I usually get to run and did a decent loop. Thinking about form a bit today and towards the end I started feeling like I was moving well again, which I haven't really felt since IOC. Fell a load of times though, whatever that was about (3, and one badly stubbed toe leading to spic save). Of course the first one was into a massive mud hole so ruined my band new hittaut map and my white singlet was apparently a bad choice.
Made a route selection mistake, thinking I had to cut a bit more off that I did really. Fell twice on this cut section and got back to the car 8 minutes too early. The positive though, I saw a great grey owl which is pretty rare. It was huge, I thought it was a deer first but then it was flying so I thought perhaps a capercaillie. Came out from the trees and perched looking directly at me then and it was pretty clearly identifiable. As Per Forsberg would say, "great to see!"

Monday May 14 #

8 AM

slept:8.5 weight:79.7kg

Long day yesterday so took a bit of a lie in this morning :)
Decent week, getting back into the swing of things a bit and working hard. Really important I remember my inhaler though for those tough sessions to get the most out of them. Up to Mora this weekend for some Jukola training in relevant terrain and using the EOC long map from when EOC was in Sweden (2012?)

Mon- 45-50mins easy + gympa
Tues- 60mins easy
Weds- Track (5 x 1200 in 4’48” w/ 2’30” rec, 2 x 1000 in 3’50” w/2’ rec, 2 x 400 AUG w/ 400 jog rec)
Thurs- 50mins easy
Fri- Jukola training - night-o
Sat- Jukola training - am controls out? - pm o-intervals
Sun- Jukola training - long run on EOC map
5 PM

Running (road) 45:08 intensity: (5:43 @0) + (17:35 @1) + (5:34 @2) + (6:30 @3) + (9:46 @4) 6.87 km (6:34 / km) +81m 6:12 / km
ahr:139 max:168 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Some easy running from Hågadalens skolan. I had hoped it would be open earlyish but no luck so first loop was with my bag. Did a nice loop around the edge of the grass and then back via Kung Björns. Then met up with the group to do the usual lap + drills. I've felt my form hasn't been great yesterday so it was nice to get a bit of drills in for that. Legs tight enough from Sunday really.
6 PM

Strength 31:52 intensity: (15:00 @0) + (16:52 @1) 0.01 km (0.0 kph)
ahr:109 max:133

Gympa. Very hot an sweaty today. First set of planks I felt like I was having a terrible time but seemed to get stronger for the second set somehow?

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