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Training Log Archive: roar

In the 7 days ending Jun 2:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running (off-road)2 4:14:31 13.18(19:19) 21.21(12:00) 130759.1
  Running (road)2 1:27:09 9.35(9:19) 15.05(5:48) 7031.4
  Other1 1:02:521.0
  O-training1 50:26 4.24(11:54) 6.82(7:23) 5914.7
  Hill Walk1 37:12 1.58(23:30) 2.55(14:36) 761.6
  Swimming1 26:19 0.23(1:52:20) 0.38(1:09:48)0.3
  Total7 8:38:29 28.59 46.01 1512108.1
  [1-5]7 6:32:31

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Sunday Jun 2 #

9 AM

Running (off-road) 1:02:12 intensity: (8 @0) + (1:44 @1) + (18:07 @2) + (27:18 @3) + (8:34 @4) + (6:21 @5) 7.3 km (8:32 / km) +306m 7:03 / km
ahr:140 max:178 shoes: Saucony Kinvara 14 - 2024 - BG

Registered for Penyal d'Ifach yesterday but an hour later when Gina tried it was full so solo job it was. Not too early, but wasn't exactly early to bed either, and pre breakfast with just an energy jelly thing. Little bit of a warm up along the pier got more intense than planned when a seagull started swooping at me and then headed up towards the hill. Gave the segment a bit of a go on the way up. Nice path with zig zags on the first bit and easy to get past people. Kept the pace sensible. Then through the tunnel I had to lean over and the breathing got hard and legs got tired and it was hard after that. Path more technical but still very runnable until the hairpin when it kicked up and had a few sections with chains/cables. Not busy but a few people around and had to skip by them, only getting a little stuck once. Struggled on the last bit though but a very fun little climb for great views of the town & coast.

Took the downhill more easy, taking photos and getting more stuck behind people. Did the extra view point which was great as well. Then Gina & fam were on sunny cafe patio having breakfast so joined for that and when they went home to get some done up for the wedding I went for a swim in the sea. Top class morning.

Saturday Jun 1 #

4 PM

Hill Walk 37:12 intensity: (22:55 @0) + (12:59 @1) + (1:18 @2) 2.55 km (14:36 / km) +76m 12:42 / km
ahr:89 max:117 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

Bit of a late one at karaoke last night so late morning and then drive up to Calpe. Tight for time to meet up with Gina's cousin's so the initially planned family walk up Penyal d'Ifach was abandoned. Of course my enthusiasm for meeting Gina's cousin's was much lower than going up a 300m rocky outcrop hill beside the sea, and managed to convince Gina to come for a quick walk since we could go fast and light. Got as far as the visitor centre only to discover you needed a pass to get up and there were none left for today. Came back a slightly different way with some good sea views then.

Running (road) 35:00 intensity: (1:09 @1) + (19:40 @2) + (14:11 @3) 6.17 km (5:40 / km) +22m 5:34 / km
ahr:125 max:143 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

Gina still had to get ready so I had enough time for a sneaky run. Nice lap of the salt lake with Flamingos, Stilts & Shellducks before a coastal out and back. Have to say I like this town more than Torrevieja, much cooler views and coastal features. Warm out but not crazy hot.

Friday May 31 #

9 AM

O-training 50:26 intensity: (11 @1) + (12:49 @2) + (34:29 @3) + (2:57 @4) 6.82 km (7:23 / km) +59m 7:05 / km
ahr:134 max:155 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

Guardamar N control pick

Second half of a control pick I only did the first half of in December. Hard to keep concentration with the quad DOMS. Every now and then I'd forget about them and then run down a hill and completely lose my train of thought. Really struggled with orienteering in negative features as a result. In runners made me feel a bit of a pleb too, especially combined with the singlet but wearing 3/4 o-pants & socks somehow. I didn't bring trail shoes on this trip cause I thought I'd at most use them once, but would have been twice, maybe even 3 depending on hike tomorrow so feels like the wrong call now!

Thursday May 30 #

10 AM

Running (road) 52:09 intensity: (8 @1) + (2:25 @2) + (23:51 @3) + (25:44 @4) + (1 @5) 8.88 km (5:53 / km) +49m 5:43 / km
ahr:147 max:171 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

While everyone else in the house was having their morning standups, went for a run to La Mata and back. Took the road out to take the seafront fun way back. Lovely day, hot but not too hot. Quads are in an absolute state with DOMS. Took a minute to get going and then was mostly ok until the downhill into La Mata which might have been entertaining to see. Sea front section is fun, mostly runnable but a few small bits of rock hopping. Knew about the DOMS here too. Then back along the top of the cliffs and a jump in the sea to finish. Hamstring feeling good, but back a bit tight and breathing not great.
8 PM

Other 1:02:52 intensity: (52:42 @0) + (10:09 @1) + (1 @2)
ahr:82 max:112 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

Padel with Gina + her brother & sister. Good craic. More playable than tennis when you don't play a lot.

Wednesday May 29 #

8 AM

Swimming 26:19 intensity: (22:56 @0) + (3:23 @1) 0.38 km (1:09:48 / km)
ahr:86 max:108

In Torrevieja now for a few days. Morning easy swim in the sea with Gina's sister. Fairly casual, saw a few fish. Nice way to start a day.

Tuesday May 28 #

9 AM

Running (off-road) 3:12:19 intensity: (27:17 @0) + (54:55 @1) + (46:06 @2) + (57:11 @3) + (6:50 @4) 13.91 km (13:49 / km) +1001m 10:10 / km
ahr:116 max:155 shoes: On Cloudrunner Wide '14

Klein Mythen with Shea

Early train & bus (0730) to Brinni where we had made a nice looking point to point run. Started up Klein Mythen first, fairly direct route and took the less used path straight up the screen field. I was feeling really weird here, getting head rushes and feeling a bit dizzy which wasn't super fun with a bit of exposure but a sit down and some water at the gap seemed to help. Declined the small out & back peak which looked like a pure scramble and headed for the first top. Had a choice to go round and back or over and tried the over. Got steeper and steeper until we had to do a sequence of ~4 bouldering moves, but with a sheer drop behind. Seamus walked up it, I got 2 done and then the 3rd I just couldn't figure out. Seamus has thought about it so little he didn't even remember what he'd done and couldn't see it from above. After 2-3 goes I just said no and opted for the around, bit annoying because we were about 3 mins from the top and then the around was an extra ~15 and time was always going to be tight. Absolutely worth the summit though, a few chamois with kids and a nice scramble up the other side for a good top and a bit to eat.

Pretty great ridge then to get off the summit and down to the gap. Wearing the road shoes told a bit here where it was a bit more muddy in the trees but got the job done, and then a very nice traverse under Grosser Mythen. Checked the time at the gap then and there wasn't lots, but enough to start up Grosser Mythen. Went up for 15 mins which was maybe 40% of the summit, then turned and ran down. Worked out nicely with bang on 1000m climb. Descent was a bit slower than we thought then, kind of slippy path for a lot of it. Some very cute calves were on the path which did slow us down, and there was one horrible section where there was like the remnants of a concrete road through a field of long grass and it was wet and off camber so was just a nightmare. Shea went over on his ankle a bit at some point but we made it to the bus with 5 mins to spare in the end.

Then bus back to Zurich, very quick snack in Shea's and straight onto the train to the airport.

Monday May 27 #

(rest day)

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