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Training Log Archive: Joshosh

In the 7 days ending Oct 8, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 2:59:40 15.76(11:24) 25.36(7:05) 57048 /55c87%
  Running (Trails)1 1:13:55 7.41(9:59) 11.92(6:12) 272
  Running (Road)4 57:29 5.47(10:30) 8.81(6:32) 89
  Running (Grass)2 30:00 1.86(16:06) 3.0(10:00)
  Sprint Orienteering1 22:28 2.75(8:10) 4.43(5:04) 58
  Total11 6:03:32 33.25(10:56) 53.51(6:48) 98948 /55c87%

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Saturday Oct 8, 2016 #

10 AM

Running (Grass) warm up/down 15:00 [2] 1.5 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 Ice-Tec

Gentle warm up jog around the arena, to the last control etc. Trying to calm some nerves
11 AM

Orienteering race 49:15 [4] 7.32 km (6:44 / km) +86m 6:21 / km
spiked:13/16c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 Ice-Tec

25manna 2016
Kungens Kurva
LS-37 (2)
Leg - 5(1)

SR =
RI =

Overnight boat from Turku meant getting up at 0530am (Finnish time) for breakfast and then on to the buses. We got to the field and were pretty much set up at 7am (Swedish time) with mass start at 9am. This was my first experience of a major Swedish relay so big thanks to the LS-37 guys for letting me join in with them. It's pretty tough to spot me but if you really focus I'm there.

Team Snap

Found the little kid on leg 4 who was handing over to me and then tried to fight through the crowd of people to the start kite. No problems to the first control and was picking the features well. 2 and 3 were ok too, knew where I was on the legs but maybe a the left option to 2 would have been easier with less climb. Pretty straight to 4. Then to 5 I was worried about messing it up for the team with a mistake going straight so played it safe and went the tracks route. Little confusion heading into the control seeing guys heading to the other forking. To 6 I used the track to get near the control again. 7 I found the earlier gaffle on the knolls but knew where I was so no big mistake and then across the re-entrant to 8. Looked at all 3 options to 9 and decided to just go pretty much up and over. 10 was a wobble, went a hill top or 2 too far but realised and came back, 50sec mistake. 11, 12 and 13 were fine. Then 14 I was a bit off line and when I got to the hill didnt see the control under a fir tree. Then across the open to 15 and 16. Sprint finish and found the map to hand over.

Started as the first LS-37(2) runner and finished as the first, despite being 3rd fastest for us on the leg.

Petri 44:14
Joni 47:00
Josh 49:22
Kimmo 55:34

25manna Route

First time orienteering near Stockholm and it's very different from the stuff near Lahti. Lots more point features in comparison and more detailed/crowded map. Was a good bit back on Roar and Magic today.

Good things are the orienteering, for me not on a 1:4000 map, was mostly good. I am fitter than I was a month ago, but still not fit and a bit pudgy, and moving in the right direction. And most importantly the hip didnt really give any trouble through the race despite pushing pretty hard. Its not quite 100% right but it's closer than before so being smart with it now

The LS-37(1) had a solid finish in 38th, down a few places on last year, and LS-37(2) finished in 172nd, which is up from our start number of 301. Impressive work by Magic to finish 2nd overall with Koovee and by Nick to come 3rd with Lidingo.


Got a jersey for the day so I looked part of the team.

Kit photo

12 PM

Running (Grass) 15:00 [3] 1.5 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 Ice-Tec

Light cool down after to find Riina and Markku. She missed me on the run-in so I can only assume I was like this

Just about made the boat back, it was touch and go for a while. But when we got on board we hit up the buffet......The Finns love some free alcohol and a bowl of ice-cream with sauce!

Chatted with some RaVa and LS-37 members about "club options" around here.....they seem interested.......they clearly haven't done much research about me!

Friday Oct 7, 2016 #

10 AM

(rest day)

Meeting All-in at 15:35 to start the trip to Turku and on to Stockholm

Thursday Oct 6, 2016 #

12 PM

Running (Road) 10:18 [3] 1.74 km (5:55 / km) +6m 5:49 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri10

Jog out to the Hiihtokeskus for training. Chilly start so wore the sleeveless jacket.
1 PM

Orienteering 52:08 [3] *** 8.2 km (6:21 / km) +248m 5:31 / km
spiked:23/25c shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri10


Found an old Yökuppi from October 2011. Found during the course that the map is very out of date (5 years) which lead to some areas of confusion and hesitations. Wobbly on the way to 7. Lots of kids out in pairs doing some orienteering too, i guess with the local schools or something. The finish of this course was pretty much the start of the sprint course from August 2014 so just rolled through and used it as a map flip.

Training Part 1

Couldnt take the other, possibly better, route to 2 due to construction works. Fluffed the route to 9. Thought i could get under the bridge i crossed on the way to 4, turns out I couldnt (+90sec). Had spotted and disregarded the other option, which I later had to take, and avoid a new building. Maybe the wider right route would have been better as the forest was pretty green and rough.

Training Part 2
2 PM

Running (Road) 10:21 [3] 1.81 km (5:43 / km) +15m 5:29 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri10

Back home after a few stretches below the ski-jumps.

Todays date is kind of cool, its the same forwards and backwards
6 PM

Running (Road) 26:19 [3] 3.31 km (7:57 / km) +29m 7:37 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri10

Evening jog with Riina up to Radiomäki and around the track checking that she is running ok since Im an expert on running posture. Then down to kauppakeskus on the way home. We found some controls, A4 laminated pages with a letter on them, for schools orienteering.
11 PM


Ireland get the win tonight and somehow Finland who were 2-1 up in Iceland managed to lose 3-2 conceding on 92 and 95 (1 minute after the 4 added minutes) sounds like controversy but my Finnish isnt good enough to understand it. Looks like maybe the ball was kicked out of the keepers hand on the line.

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016 #

7 PM

Orienteering 45:02 [3] *** 4.79 km (9:24 / km) +144m 8:10 / km
spiked:6/7c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 Ice-Tec

B-rata : 3.9km : 7c

SR = 1.229
RI = 0.237

Back to some tough and technical terrain near Karkola. Hirppa gave me a tracker for some live online GPS tracking but turns out the maps werent uploaded so couldnt be done. Still cool they have this kit!

Got a bit of a shock when I got the map about the length of the first leg and had decided tonight to "try be a Finn", so that meant try go straight. Over the hill tops in the centre hill to 1 and then spotted the big crag before climbing. Used the boulders and re-entrant in the green to guide me to 2. Nailed the first 75% of the leg to 3, came straight out where i wanted to but got jumpy after I lost the tiny track on the rock ended up turning too early, then got more confused by an extra track a bit before the control. Binned 4 mins here. Relocated off the small crag on the form-line hill of bare-rock. Decided the track to 4 was best and then on a bearing, needed to get back in the game. To 5 it was pure compass and then to 6 I was one of few, from who I saw, that went straight, marsh was wet but not wesht cork wet! Bit slow into 7 as was a bit nervous since it was a tricky site and the same to the finish, it was quite difficult to see but saw Tatu heading for it so just tracked him.

Annoying to blow 3 so bad as it was going well, but got back on track after that.

On the plus side I was moving faster tonight when compared to the Iltarastit in Surmajärvi last month. Hopefully that means two things, getting stronger and getting more confident and better at this game.

Markku finishing
Torches in the night

Near the start

Surmajärvi route

Better result and higher points from this race compared to 2 weeks ago and this was tougher. Hoped I would have placed higher. But the processes were mostly good tonight


Tuesday Oct 4, 2016 #

10 AM

Running (Trails) 1:13:55 [3] 11.92 km (6:12 / km) +272m 5:34 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri10

Hyvää korvapuustipäivää! Didn't realise this was a thing but I'm glad it exists!!!

GPS seems to have been going crazy for the first 2.3km where its all over the place. Found a ~1mile lap on trails at Radiomäki, theres also a running track here which is free to use. Will have to investigate further when im fit enough to set foot on a track again. Saw a few squirrels collecting for the winter, I didnt hang around though as I was wearing 2XU shorts and was a bit worried they'd start eyeing me up.......

Started to get bored just doing big loops, although I did have Radio City to keep me company, so I jogged passed the ISKU areena and around some of the trails at the Hiihtokeskus. They were testing out the snow machines here.

Snow Machines

Now off to Helsinki for the afternoon!
9 PM


Nice evening in Helsinki, pretty chilly though! Had 2 slices of pizza. Where in this case palaa means slice/portion but the same word, spelled and pronounced exactly the same, also means on fire or return.....such an easy language to get a grasp of. Dropped Antti back to his school accomodation where they had a big pile of benches......from the 1952 Olympic Stadium....and I saw a sea plane (type thing) for the first time not in a movie.



Monday Oct 3, 2016 #

12 PM

Running (Road) 6:12 [3] 1.16 km (5:20 / km) +19m 4:56 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri-10

Out to Laune

Sprint Orienteering (Corridor) 22:28 [3] *** 4.43 km (5:04 / km) +58m 4:46 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri-10


Just drew a corridor type training around Laune. Only had a black pen so this is what I was running off. Like an ArtAttack but just to try obscure everything not between the lines

Old School

and then this is the drawn version in PurplePen, but no printer so had to go old school.


Good fun and probably a good exercise for map contact

Running (Road) 4:19 [3] 0.78 km (5:31 / km) +20m 4:53 / km
shoes: Asics Gel Noosa Tri-10

Back for lunch. Pretty warm out today

8 PM


Few interesting, difficult to resolve/do anything about and unusual points raised in the write up about JEC

Sunday Oct 2, 2016 #

11 AM

Orienteering 33:15 [3] *** 5.04 km (6:36 / km) +92m 6:03 / km
spiked:6/7c shoes: Inov8 Oroc 280 Ice-Tec

Lahden Taimi
B-rata : 4.1km : 7c

SR = 1.229
RI = 0.026


Quite tired after travelling and this felt like an early morning start. We struggled to find the place, not the best signposting to an event. Today we got the updated map, they must've read my AP and didnt want the same issues, like tripadvisor!

Fun course, nice long leg to 2 into some green but it was pretty straight forward. In the re-entrant but didnt spot the kite at 3 and was too high to 4. Green was slow to 6 aswell but not terrible.

The juoksujärjestykset is out for 25manna. I got leg 5 on the B-team with Hirppa. Same leg as Liszka too (A team), one of the Hungarian guys we stayed with for a JWOC. 6.1km should be fun! Quite excited about it.

Finish kite today was in a cool place.




Found some training stuff that the Finns maybe used when they were like Rocky and taking on the Russians!!

Rocky Style

Registered for the Yökuppi on wednesday night too. Tricky terrain of Surmajärvi

Good confident win by Spurs today too!

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