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Training Log Archive: Grandpa Jameson

In the 7 days ending May 20:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Cycling-Mixed Terrain4 10:24:06 86.44 139.11 2715
  Cycling-Road3 6:05:29 106.69(17.5/h) 171.7(28.2/h) 6452
  Running2 1:07:26 8.02(8:24) 12.91(5:13) 453
  Strength/Core1 30:00
  Total10 18:07:01 201.15 323.72 9620
averages - sleep:7.8

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Sunday May 20 #

1 PM

Cycling-Road 1:58:40 [3] 32.78 mi (16.6 mph) +2037ft
ahr:128 max:157

mellow spinner with maggie after a fun morning with the fam. maggie's dad is staying with us for a bit and he's more than happy to hang out with Fi so maggie and i can ride a bit together... and Fi napped the whole time we were gone. pretty sweet.

body and legs were tired for first 75' and then I felt really good.

Saturday May 19 #

8 AM

Cycling-Mixed Terrain 5:21:39 [3] +98ft
ahr:160 max:183

the race went ok... I got 2nd, and stoked on that for sure, but a bit of a rough day. I just had nothing from the get go. super flat and sluggish legs... i didn't let that stop me though. I kinda faked it and just sucked it up but I never felt good. It's mind blowing how much better I felt at the last race after doing intervals on weds & thrus, riding 100 miles on friday, and then racing. I had all the power in the world that day and could easily shut anything down. Today I did my best and still kind of controlled the race but didn't have what it took to get the win.

at about 50' in we were already down to 15 so I attacked and split things up and we were down to 6. Shortly after a guy on the front lead us of course briefly and group was back up to 10. Just after the mile 25 aid station I started to feel worse so I downed a bunch of cals and got back in the game. A few miles later i was on the front on a climb and slowly increased my effort and cracked the group. We were now down to 4. We worked together well for the next 10+ miles. At mile 45 we started a 20 mile climb. It was pretty mellow with some good kickers. One guy wasn't doing his fair share of the work and was getting gapped on the steeper parts of the climb. So I was fourth wheel and saw him starting to get gapped I attacked and blew him off the back. We were down to 3. Around mile 55 the eventual winner (a strong dude that got 16th at DK a in 2016) put in a hard steady effort. I latched on and barely was hanging on. At the last race this guy was a non factor me. I could gap him or bring him back at will. Not today. I just didn't have the legs. He went hard around mile 65 over the top of the climb and got a little gap on me and then he took some gnarly chances on the twisty, steep descent. I held back a bit and he got a minute on my on the 3 mile descent.... He was still riding hard and i chased... for the next 30 rolling miles into a strong headwind.... and he beat me by less that 2'. I just couldn't bring him back... nothing extra in the legs but still stoked to hang on for the 2nd.

why i was flat today? my TSB was 17 this morning. I think my steady state/ftp is rock solid and it was today... i just didn't have the VO2 efforts in me like usual.

Friday May 18 #


good sleep. looking forward to racing tomorrow... especially with how gnarly the past couple of weeks of work have been.
11 AM

Cycling-Road 1:51:26 [3] 32.87 mi (17.7 mph) +774ft
ahr:130 max:156

mellow pre race spinner with maggie. legs kinda sluggish. we'll see what they have in them tomorrow.

Thursday May 17 #


long night working with Cisco again and then up at 530 with a call about VPN issues. when it rains it pours!!! no worries though. feeling rested and good.
9 AM

Running 35:26 [3] 4.02 mi (8:49 / mi) +221ft 8:23 / mi
shoes: Hoka Speed Instinct (Blu)

mellow jog with the pups. late start. warm. their limit.
12 PM

Cycling-Mixed Terrain 1:29:46 [3] 25.4 mi (17.0 mph) +843ft
ahr:144 max:166

mellow spin on the dirt. chatfield & waterton. windy heading out. ok legs.

Wednesday May 16 #


up late working and up early for more of the same....
7 AM

Cycling-Mixed Terrain 2:06:33 [3] 36.1 mi (17.1 mph) +1164ft
ahr:146 max:164

mellow moring spinner on the highline canal. just taking it easy. think i have my DK tire set up dialed.
2 PM

Running 32:00 [3] 4.0 mi (8:00 / mi) +232ft 7:35 / mi
shoes: Hoka Speed Instinct (Blu)

mellow hood lap in the heat.... basically just working on my tan.

Tuesday May 15 #


great sleep. feeling normal.

got a bit more rest than I wanted yesteerday. work got a way from me and had a bunch of work getting done on my bike and tested a bunch of tires for fit. missed strength and then was going to jog with the pups but ran out of time for the too.... no worries.
8 AM

Cycling-Road 2:15:23 [3] 41.04 mi (18.2 mph) +3641ft
ahr:161 max:184

back at it today and legs feeling good. 3 x 16' up deer creek around FTP.

3 x 16': 307,307,306

felt solid throughout.

ap: 226
np: 260
mp: 510
1813 kJ
1 PM

Strength/Core 30:00 [3]

quick race week strength sessions.

2 x myrtl - mini leg blaster - 20 x step ups - 10 x push ups - sumo walk

10 x squat #95
5e x single leg kb deadlift #35
10 x kbs #35
10 x box jumps 24"
10 x push ups
10 x weighted sit up #25
10 x toes to post
10 x face down back ext
1' plank

Monday May 14 #


more good sleep. cold/scratchy throat 98.5% gone. one more day should do it.

home depot trip yesterday and a bunch of yard work in the afterwork. it's coming along. can't wait until we close and the real work begins.
7 AM

Cycling-Mixed Terrain 1:26:08 [3] 24.94 mi (17.4 mph) +610ft
ahr:133 max:155

mellow monday morning spin. really liking getting out in the morning and just getting it down.. especially with how nuts and unpredictable work has been the last couple of weeks.

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