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In the 1 days ending Feb 2, 2019:

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Saturday Feb 2, 2019 #


Bumble Recap

General: overall, a lot of fun. Different feel with snow on the ground, mass start, but I was excited to see change in fitness since last race. Thought I did ok, with no significant change in fitness (read: still bad), and two major mistakes that cost me >5 minutes each and were avoidable.

With that:

Leg 1: on the road, with the crowd. Stayed near the front to avoid crowds, but not trying to push since I knew it was a long race. Interesting that I went north (with 2 other runners) and I think most people went south initially.
Leg E: also straightforward. Mostly road. No challenge
Leg C: tight little trail w/ snow on edge of creek w/ slippery ground. Made it hard to read the map, and I overshot for a bit. Got lucky in that there were still others there, so easy correction and not much time missed. Thought about going up to the east trail and coming down, but was trying to keep moving.
Leg B: incorrect control in the way. Have to be careful about seeing a control and just assuming its the right one. Again, no significant delay, but bad habit.
Leg A: first departure from other racers; pre-briefing, they said the river was high, but it looked ok, so I tried to skirt the hills (conserve energy). It worked a bit, but I still had to scramble up a steep slope. Made up a little time though.
Leg D: straight forward, close to A; hard to miss.
Leg K: long trail run to get to the window, but then tried to avoid using trails as attack points. Using the re-entrants as guide. Still was getting used to the contours though, so had to take my time.
Leg L: run a bearing. No problems
Leg N: nice longer run. Side hills were tough with the snow, definitely hard on the ankles. Navigation on this leg was nice.
Leg M: angled N to avoid missing it. Should have seen the big contour line. Gave me a second pause to think if it was up or down the hill. Lazy map reading!
Leg O: this was the type of leg that I had trouble with in November, so nice to just run it.
Leg P: first mistake. Angled too far south, and misread contours. Looking back, I was totally off base on my map reading in this window. Trustsed the gut though thtat I was too far south and it helped minimize the damage. Found a dry gully that should have dropped me right on the control, but I don't think was marked, and that cost me some more time too. Only 9 minutes total though , so could be worse (but it's a short control)
Leg R: sped up, easy control. trying to make up time
Leg Q: another mistake. Trying to aim off, but still go more off the map / compass without trails and totally missed it. This one I was just wandering around :( not my best. Finally had to go to the trail and the creek and follow it up, counting re-entrants since I was just missing things. Wishful thinking.
Leg T: some trail, actually paid attention to the lists saying spur, not reentrant (high level stuff)
Leg S: quick
Leg V: this one was why i enjoyed the bumble. Was not sure which way i was going to go, and just started running looking for an easy way across the ravine, to head to the far controls, picking up V on the way back. Never found it, so just kept curving around until I got to V
Leg W: quick and fast, tried to trust memory and run
Leg Y: great handrail with the river; no problem
Leg X: tough controls for me, lucky only a short distance, so can use bearing. More difficult terrain, need to pay attention to difference in forest/fields more
Leg U: Better window! eended with a run. Good to get back on tract.
Leg I: wondering if going for H first would have been better, following the river and doubling back. All in all, thought this window went fairly well. Happy with my navigation to I, finding creeks/gullies, no trails really at all, and using the ridge to find I.
Leg J: straightforward, using the reentrants.
Leg H: nice running.
Leg G: avoided the trail, since it wouldn't have saved me the hill. Used the tracks on this one when i got close (probably would have been fine, right?)
Leg F: quick and easy, nice scramble down the hill though. lots of slip and sliding.
127: I took the trail. Looking back, maybe a mistake? as it was muddy and still had a steep slope to climb. was looking up ahead of me, and was oging to try to make up some lost time
Finish: up the hill. Whats with all these finishes ending on hills? brutal!

Overall, improved navigation, trying to push myself to avoid trails, which is good. Fitness still major issue, already a problem in window 1. :( will keep working!

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