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Training Log Archive: cedarcreek

In the 11 days ending Jul 25, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mapping1 2:00:00 2.8(42:55) 4.5(26:40) 239
  ARDF 2m1 1:12:09 2.39(30:14) 3.84(18:47) 128
  ARDF Setting2 1:08:15 3.12(21:51) 5.03(13:35) 138
  Cycling1 15:00
  Swimming1 10:00 0.16(1:04:22) 0.25(40:00)
  AMT or Elliptical Trainer1 10:00
  Walking1 10:00
  Total5 5:05:24 8.46 13.62 505
  [1-5]5 4:55:24

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Saturday Jul 23, 2011 #

9 AM

ARDF 2m race 1:12:09 [4] *** 3.84 km (18:47 / km) +128m 16:06 / km
shoes: Nike Trail (Blue)

2m ARDF at Stanbery Park, set by k4bri. Dick and Marji also competed.

My order was 42531. Some very challenging transmitter placements. One was placed more-or-less at the focal point of a gooseneck stream bend (with earth bank as reflector), and it was very hard to figure out. I approached it directly in the major lobe, and I was getting signals so strong I thought I should be seeing a transmitter.

5 was another very hard one---Once I was in the circle it still took about ten minutes to find it. I saw Dick there, and I think he arrived one cycle before me. So with two people, it still took ten minutes---crazy.

I didn't take a mapboard or even a grease pencil, so I did everything by memory---I did okay. My biggest mistake was thinking 1 was NE of the spur when in fact it was to the SW. That probably cost me at least 10 minutes.

It was a good, hot day, and I really felt it. I was at the far end of the course,, basically at the lowest point, and I thought to myself, "You better take it easy." When I finished I drank 1L of ice cold water, and a glass of cool water. I didn't feel better until I finished all of that.

It was a really fun course on a humid day with a lot of really complicated ARDF.

I need to dig out a camelbak or something. I really could have used it today.

{Edit---The "Stanbery Park Trail" shown on Google Maps (click blue globe, above) has almost no connection with reality.}
11 AM

ARDF Setting 25:00 [1] 2.03 km (12:21 / km) +87m 10:10 / km
shoes: Nike Trail (Blue)

Walked out to pick up the two most distant transmitters. After all that water, I was a little waterlogged at first, but after a few minutes I was fine.

I had heard a few bits of thunder in what looked like a sky filled with smallish cumulus clouds, but almost exactly at noon there was some louder thunder and then raindrops. It was a wonderful cool shower to be out in (luckily I had a hat to keep rain off my glasses). Lasted a good 30 or 45 minutes, and then no rain. The temperature was actually civilized until about 2pm, and then at 2:30 it was back to crazy hot.

I gotta cut the grass. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm going to wait as late as possible. I should do a J-J, and go see a movie right now...

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011 #

9 PM

Swimming 10:00 [4] 0.25 km (40:00 / km)

10 x 25m swimming.

Outdoor pool closed due to a quick little pop-up thunderstorm, so I missed the warm outdoor pool and had to swim inside. Very cold at first, but a few laps and I didn't even notice.

Felt smoother than my first time, but I still lost coordination a few times. Really sucked air after a few of these, where I went too fast.

Cycling 15:00 [3]

Again felt really dead---Apparently I'm not slouching in the pool. Stopped 5 min early 'cause it was getting late.

AMT or Elliptical Trainer 10:00 [3]

Quick elliptical. Last 3 minutes were hard---legs loading up---even at my normal slow pace.

Walking 10:00 [1]

Cool down.

A couple things.

I went to two GIS offices today---first was a strike out, second a home run (if the data works---it should). But no mapping---rain passing through when I had time. No biggie---I can probably spend a few hours after work a few nights in the next few days.

Nine (1): I'm a big fan of 8 1/2, one of the strangest and best movies you'll ever see. When I heard that this was a Chicago (the musical/movie) style remake, I had to see it. I missed it in the theater, and I heard it was really just an excuse to get all these beautiful actresses on stage in sexy clothing, which, oddly for me, made me not so eager to see it. But it was at the library, and I grabbed it. It's about as good as you could hope for, considering it's attempting to remake what a lot of people consider Fellini's masterpiece. It's more linear and much more accessible (Just that it is in English is such an amazing difference.) And even considering that it's about a film director struggling to make a movie and also struggling in his various relationships with all the women in his life, the sexy costumes didn't seem trashy and actually seemed well and tastefully done. The one thing Nine doesn't show as well as 8 1/2 is the director's mental state. In 8 1/2 you can tell he's struggling to make a movie and he doesn't know what to do, and deals and arrangements are falling apart, and you believe it. In Nine, it's much more, "I'm struggling to make a movie! I don't know what to do!"

Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 #

3 PM

Mapping 2:00:00 intensity: (1:30:00 @1) + (30:00 @3) *** 4.5 km (26:40 / km) +239m 21:04 / km
shoes: Nike Trail (Blue)

Mapping at an undisclosed location. I am so bad at mapping. The biggest frustration today was the mapboard that I set up at home and couldn't easily change. Lots of good practice. I'm hoping something usable comes out of it.

Hot day. When I finished, my clothes were as wet as if I just got out of a pool.

Sunday Jul 17, 2011 #

9 AM

ARDF Setting 43:15 intensity: (10:00 @0) + (33:15 @2) *** 3.0 km (14:25 / km) +51m 13:17 / km
shoes: Nike Trail (Blue)

Shortish ARDF for Dick, Brian, Marji, and Addison. Addison won. Brian recorded 6km with his Garmin, so shortish perhaps isn't accurate.

Addison: 21354, 1:14:55
Dick: 21354, 1:22:37
Brian: 24531, 1:32:47
Marji, 42, 44:40

Marji got back early, so she and I did some bearing drawing exercises and then she compared the signal pattern when the signal is direct to the signal when you are far away from the transmitter and deep in a valley with no direct signal. Then Marji and Brian found 1 during control pickup.

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